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Chapter 05: Triceraton Wars

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Harry Potter/Ninja Turtles 2003 crossover. Read the first three books first. Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts is marked by the return of the Triwizard Tournament. More complete summary in profile.

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Chapter Five: Triceraton Wars

"We are about to see Triceraton Gladiators history be made, Raz!" yelled Zed.

"That's right, the six off worlders have just taken our beloved Prime Leader Zanramon hostage," said Raz in an excited tone of voice.

"The question is, will they stop and make demands or will they go straight for the kill with a hostile overthrow the regime?" asked Zed.

Leo had his katana at the throat of Zanramon but he seemed to not know how to proceed from there.

"Now, what Leo?" asked Harry.

Leo found he could not think with the racket overhead from the Triceraton Gladiators commentators.

"I can't, I can't think with that racket up over ahead," said Leo attempting to vainly think over the sounds of commentary overhead.

"It's clutch time now Raz, the deciding factor is..." began Zed but he never finished as Raph picked up a Triceraton Blaster and blew up the Commentator's box with the two Triceraton Gladiator commentators inside with one well placed shot.

"Does that help?" asked Raph coolly.

"Actually, yes it does," said Leo before turning to everyone. "Alright listen up, we are leaving right now and we're taking the Prime Leader with us as a hostage."

"Now drop your weapons!" commanded Harry to the Triceraton troops who had pointed their blasters straight at Harry, Ginny, and the Turtles.

"Or your boss is lizard cuttlings," added Raph in a dangerous voice.

Leo waved his Katana in front of the Prime Leader's throat threateningly if to tell him to call off his troops or else.

" as they say," said the Prime Leader in a defeated voice.

The Triceraton Troops growled before throwing their blasters on the ground before Harry, Leo, and Don each picked up a Triceraton Blaster. Then, Harry, Ginny, the Turtles, and the Fugitoid along with Zanramon as a hostage, now held at Triceraton Blaster point by Harry, backed off away from the Triceraton Troops that stalked them menacingly.

"I believe this might not be as easy as we originally intended it," said Don as the minute they turned the corner, the Triceratons picked up their weapons and started blasting laser fire towards the abductors of the Prime Leader in an attempt to free Zanramon from their clutches.

"Order your troops to stand down!" yelled Harry to Zanramon, while waving the Blaster threateningly in front of the Prime Leader's face.

Zanramon was shoved roughly out into the hall, right in front of the laser fire by Harry. The Prime Leader began to wave his hands frantically in an attempt to get his troops to stop.

"Hold your fire and pull back!" ordered Zanramon who then attempted to make a break for it but was pulled back by Raph, Mikey, and Harry. Grunting, the Triceraton Troops obeyed their Prime Leader; even through it was rather reluctantly.

Harry placed the Triceraton Blaster right on the back of the head of Zanramon as they continued to walk through the halls.

"So, Professor, which way to the main laboratory?" asked Don.

Professor Honeycutt thought for a moment, before responding.

"Well there happen to be several paths, due to the Triceraton Homeworld's unique status of in reality being a series of interconnected planetoids," explained Honeycutt. "It's rather a maze, really."

"Show us the fastest way, Spike!" threatened Raph, pulling up Zanramon by the shirt.

"Very well," said Zanramon in a defeated voice, leading the group over towards an air vent where Zanramon pushed a few buttons.

A sucking sound was heard from a vent, as Harry, Ginny, the Turtles, Zanramon, and Professor Honeycutt were all sucked into the vent, going down a slide at hyper speed before landing straight to the floor with a thud that echoed throughout the laboratory. Harry shot Zanramon an indignant look at his choice of travel.

"You wanted fast, didn't you?" asked Zanramon in a cool, calm, and collected voice.

"I've got your fast, right here!" yelled Raph with a Sai in one hand and the Triceraton Blaster in another hand.

"Raph, at another time!" cautioned Leo before turning to the others. "Ginny, Mikey, Harry, help me wield all the doors and hatches shut. Don, help Professor Honeycutt gather up everything he needs to build the Teleportal..."

"Excuse me, Leonardo," interrupted Honeycutt in a confused tone of voice as Ginny, Mikey, and Harry began to wield the doors shut with some equipment left in the Laboratory. "You don't actually expect me to be the Teleportal now, do you?"

"It may be the only solution to our problem," said Leo calmly before turning to Raph. "Raph, you get to guard the hostage."

"Yeah, whatever," said Raph in an indifferent voice while sticking the Triceraton Blaster in the throat of Zanramon, with his finger close to the trigger.

If I build the Teleportal, there is an ever present danger that the technology will fall into the wrong hands," said Professor Honeycutt.

"You can always use the device to transport you and the Teleportal to somewhere that the Triceratons can't follow, like earth," said Leo.

"Yes by all means, help your friends, build the Teleportal," urged Zanramon with a greedy look in his eyes.

"You keep out of this!" snapped Raph.

"The danger will always exist, Professor," said Leo in a calm voice.

"Yeah, what's to stop them from ripping you apart piece by piece and downloading the data from your robotic brain," said Don in a matter of fact tone of voice.

"Slags!" cursed the Prime Leader slapping himself for his own stupidity. "Why didn't I think of that?"

"Nice one, Don," said Harry sarcastically.

"Yes, I believe there is only one choice now," said Honeycutt regrettably before grabbing the Triceraton Blaster from Harry and putting it to his robotic head. "I have to now blast myself into scrap metal."

"No Professor, wait I didn't mean..." began Don in horror before trailing off unable to finish his sentence due to the unnerving sight of Honeycutt sticking a Triceraton Blaster straight at his head and preparing to pull the trigger.

"Please, Professor, you're our only chance to get home," pleaded Leo.

"All right, but I know I am going to regret this," said Honeycutt in a quiet voice. "Still, if it looks like I am about to be captured, will you swear that you will destroy me?"

"It won't come to that Professor," said Leo in a calm voice.

"But if it does, will you swear it," said Honeycutt before adding, "On your honor."

Leo exchanged looks around before answering.

"I swear," said Leo in a reluctant voice, really hoping it would not come to him having to take the action the Fugitoid suggested.

"You, my horn headed friend, need to find us a way out of here," said Harry in a cool dangerous voice to Zanramon while holding up a Triceraton Blaster in a threatening manner and aiming straight for the head of the Prime Leader.

"Hmm let me think," said Zanramon slowly stalling for time as he backed slowly towards a control panel before reaching his hand behind his back and pressing a red button that opened up link of Communication between the lab and a security outpost. "Yes, I believe you six offworlders, along with Professor Honeycutt will have to make your getaway on my...personal space cruiser."

In the security outpost, Commander Mozar and a half a dozen Triceraton troops eavesdropped intently, waiting for more subtle instructions from Zanramon.

"It's in my private space hanger," finished Zanramon for the benefit of any Triceraton soldiers that may be listening.

"You heard the Prime Leader," growled Mozar. "Move a Strike Team into position. We need to recapture that Fugitoid for the Republic!"

"Well, let's not waste time, lead us there right now," commanded Leo.

"Now!" yelled Raph, Triceraton Blaster stuck right in the side of the head of Zanramon.

Zanramon leaded the group through the only exit that was not welded shut, towards his private space hanger. He hoped his troops would manage to find their way to that location.

Harry, Ginny, the Turtles, Honeycutt, and an extremely reluctant Zanramon walked onto a hovering flatbed. Don pulled a lever, causing the flatbed to rise off the ground, going towards the location of the Prime Leader's personal space cruiser. In the shadows, a group of Triceraton soldiers, lead by Commander Mozar was waiting to attack.

"Ready, aim, fire!" yelled Mozar as the Triceratons began shooting at the hovering flatbed.

"It's an ambush!" yelled Leo, ducking the shots of Triceraton fire before pulling out the Blaster he swiped and began shooting back along with Harry and Don. The Triceratons backed off slightly before Raph turned to Zanramon with an angry look upon his face.

"Tell your troops to stand down!" yelled Raph.

"Stand down, I repeat stand..." began Zanramon but he never finished as the part of the hovering flatbed he was standing on was blasted out from underneath him and he landed on the ground with a thud.

"You fools!" yelled Mozar to his troops. "You hit the Prime Leader!"

The hovering platform landed right beside the Prime Leader's personal cruiser.

"Come on, let's go, while they're distracted," said Harry.

But what about our hostage?" asked Mikey.

"Leave him," said Leo in a defeated tone of voice as he pried open the hatch on the Prime Leader's personal cruiser. "Come on, let's go."

As Harry, Ginny, Professor Honeycutt, and the Turtles entered the ship, the Triceraton troops rushed over to the fallen Prime Leader who angrily got up.

"Slags, I'm all right," said the Prime Leader before looking up just in time to see his personal space cruiser begin to take off. "Whatever you do, don't let them steal my personal space cruiser!"

The Triceratons raised their blasters in the air, before they shot at the Prime Leader's personal space cruiser in an attempt to discourage the offworlders from taking off.

"You idiots, don't damage the paint job!" cried Zanramon in anguish.

Leo was sitting at the controls, attempting to figure out how to pilot the personal space cruiser.

"Okay, we've got this infernal contraption working but now how do we pilot the blasted thing," said Raph as Leo struggled to turn the space cruiser around.

"I believe I may be of some help," said Honeycutt as his robotic hand flipped back, revealing the key like device he helped navigate the Federation tank with back on D'Hoonib, before sticking it in a small hole right underneath the control center. "One of the perks of this robot body as it comes equip with a piloting program."

The personal space cruiser shot out of the space hanger, before blasting through the wall and jerking awkwardly from side to side.

"Yet, I do believe a few upgrades may be in order," said the Fugitoid as he struggled to get the ship on a straight and narrow course.

In the space hanger, Mozar growled before turning to one of his troops.

"Deploy three Tri-fighters," growled Mozar in a commanding tone of voice.

The Triceraton solider nodded in affirmative before going off to do the deed his Commander had asked of him.

As the Prime Leader's personal space cruiser left the Homeworld, three tri-fighters quickly circled around the ship, launching missiles towards the cruiser that Professor Honeycutt barely managed to steer out of the way of.

"Great!" snapped Harry from inside the ship as he could hear rapid fire of alternated bullets and laser blasts. "Just what we need, more attempts on our lives."

The Fugitoid willed the ship up as the Tri Fighter blasted straight towards the Prime Leader's personal space cruiser. Veering off towards the side, the Prime Leader's cruiser managed to avoid hitting the side of one of the planetoids on the Homeworld but the Tri-Fighter didn't. It ran straight on into the side of the Homeworld, causing the Tri-Fighter to explode, killing the pilot inside on the impact.

"Wooo!" cheered Mikey. "Strike one!"

Another tri fighter ran straight for the ship but Mikey and Raph quickly ran towards two chambers in the side of the ship, leading to laser cannons on the outside. They sat down in the chairs at inside, aiming the cannons, before shooting frantically towards the second Tri-Fighter. The Tri Fighter attempted to launch a missile towards the Prime Leader's personal space cruiser but a well-timed laser canon blast by Raph blew the missile to bits. A second laser blast hit the Tri Fighter, causing the ship to burst into flames for about a minute, until it became nothing but a cloud of ashes along with a piece of charred horn floating in the endless vacuum of space.

"Yeah, Strike two!" yelled Mikey in a happy voice.

"There's one more up ahead," cautioned Professor Honeycutt as he steered the personal space cruiser avoiding the shots of laser fire from the Tri-Fighter pursuing them.

The Prime Leader's space cruiser flew up as the Tri Fighter went after it, charging right for it but Honeycutt piloted the ship right through a tunnel towards the Homeworld before blasting through the ceiling. The pilot of the Tri Fighter looked on in horror, as he could not pull up in time so he crashed right into the wall.

"Strike three!" yelled Mikey. "You're out of there."

"Well it should be rather smooth sailing from here," said Honeycutt in a relieved tone of voice.

As Honeycutt finished speaking, a blip came up on the radar. Make that several blips. Sighing, Honeycutt turned on the view screen, revealing an entire fleet of Triceraton war ships were coming straight for them.

"Unless of course, we run into the entire Triceraton space fleet," said Honeycutt darkly.

A holographic communication screen became visible in the space cruiser, revealing the face of Commander Mozar.

"Professor Honeycutt, this is Commander Mozar," snarled Mozar. "Return at once to the Homeworld or face the wrath of the Republic's fiercest warriors."

"I can't say I'm happy with the choices," said Leo grimly before pulling back a lever, causing the Prime Leader's Space Cruiser to blast into hyper drive straight into the entire fleet of Triceraton war ships.

"The fools, they're blasting straight for us!" yelled Mozar in surprise. "They must be insane."

The Triceraton war ships spread out to avoid the kamikaze space cruiser. There orders were to capture the Fugitoid and they could not very well do that when the ship would blow to pieces. They then gave chase to the space cruiser as it headed in the direction of an asteroid field. Harry got an idea while seeing the field that was ahead.

"Confident in your piloting skills, Professor?" asked Harry.

"Oh, yes, rather," said Honeycutt with pride.

"Then, try to lose the fleet of Triceraton war ships in that asteroid field," said Harry, pointing at the view screen ahead.

"Right," said the Professor as he steered the ship straight into the asteroid field.

As it turned out, one ship was able to navigate its way through the asteroids without difficult but an entire fleet of war ships had a bit of difficult, having to take the long way towards the space cruiser due to the difficult navigation of the asteroid field.

"Well, I guess we're finally safe now," said Ginny in relief as it appeared there were no more ships behind them.

"Don't jinx it," hissed Harry in a low tone of voice just before an interdimensional worm hole opened, revealing an entire fleet of Federation war ships flying straight towards them.

"Oh my," said Honeycutt in horror as the face of General Blanque appeared on the holographic view screen.

"Hello, Professor Honeycutt I believe you have something that is mine," said Blanque sadistically. "Or rather you are something that is mine."

Everyone in the ship looked on in horror as Blanque laughed sadistically as the Federation war ships circled over the Prime Leader's personal cruiser.

"You should have known better than to think you can get away from me, Professor," said Blanque. "As for you six offworlders, hand over the robot or face certain annihilation."

"How about a third choice?" asked Harry before turning to the Professor, an idea to get the Federation off their backs the other way. "Go back the other way!"

"But that's where..." started Honeycutt before realizing. "Right!"

The personal cruiser turned around, going straight back towards where they left the Triceraton war ships.

"I think it's time for our friends to get reacquainted," said Leo as he heard the Federation Fleet coming from behind and the Triceraton Fleet coming from ahead. "Okay, pull up Professor, make sure the Federation and the Triceratons have a chance encounter."

The Prime Leader's personal cruiser pulled up, causing the two alien fleets to run head on. Blanque looked at the view screen, as he saw the snarling face of Commander Mozar, glaring straight at him.

"Mozar, what in the hell is your army doing in this neutral sector?" asked Blanque angrily.

"I could ask the same thing about you, General," growled Mozar.

Now you Triceratons wouldn't be looking for a certain Fugitoid that recently escape from your Homeworld, would you?" asked Blanque in mock curiosity.

"How did you know Honeycutt escaped?" demanded Mozar.

"You don't think we get Triceraton Gladiators on D'Hoonib! It's our number one rated show," said Blanque before realizing something. "Wait a damn minute, how did you know the Fugitoid was Honeycutt?"

"Why don't you ask your trusted aid?" growled Mozar in an ill-tempered voice.

"Lonae?" asked Blanque before anger swept over realizing he had been double-crossed. He turned to his troops, as said aide was attempting to make a break for it. "Seize her!"

The Federation troops surrounded Lonae, holding her at gunpoint.

"Hold her, until we find the Fugitoid," ordered Blanque. "Once we return, we'll have her executed for crimes of treason."

Mozar gave a sadistic smirk, if his contact died, he wouldn't have to shell out the other half of her payment.

In the Prime Leader's personal space cruiser, it was apparent that this was the best time to construct the Teleportal while the Federation and the Triceratons were preoccupied with each other.

"There, that planetoid should make an ideal construction spot for the Teleportal," said Honeycutt pointing as he brought down the cruiser for a landing before turning to the others. "Now, you all will need atmosphere suits to work outside the ship. Fortunately, the Prime Leader's cruiser is stocked with suits that conform to a variety of alien anatomies."

Ginny, Harry, and The Turtles placed the suits on, pressing the buttons causing the Triceraton shaped atmosphere suits to conform to their body shape. Well, all except for Mikey.

"Unfortunately, this one's broken," said Mikey; looking sullen at the misfit suit he was wearing.

"Okay, here's the plan," said Leo. "Ginny, Harry, Don, and Raph will help Professor Honeycutt construct the Teleportal. Mikey, you're to stay in the cruiser with me and keep watch."

Everyone nodded before heading out to do the tasks. They hoped they could get the Teleportal constructed and return earth before the Federation or the Triceratons caught word of their location.

Miles away, a battle raged on between the Federation and the Triceratons. The mere presence of the two alien races in the same place had provoked another battle in their never-ending war. Many war ships were blown up in the process, killing soldiers of both the Triceraton and Federation races.

"Commander Mozar," said a Triceraton solider to Mozar. "We have located the Fugitoid and his allies. The planetoid known as D'Rial."

"Good," growled Mozar.

"Yes, excellent, the Federation thanks you and your army for your assistance Mozar," said Blanque. "But we will take it from here."

Blanque broke off the line of communication before pressing an intercom button, radioing all the ships.

"All units, set course for the planetoid D'Rial," said Blanque.

"You'll take it from here, will you?" growled Mozar. "Well not if the Triceratons get there first. We have to find that Fugitoid before the Federation does."

Mozar flipped on the intercom switch, radioing all of the Triceraton fleet.

"All ships, set course for D'Rial," said Mozar. "At warp speed, the Fugitoid along with his Teleportal will be ours. For the Republic!"

Moments later in the cruiser, a bunch of blips appeared on the radar. The view screen saw both the Triceraton and Federation fleets heading straight for them.

"Great," said Leo in a sarcastic voice. "This is just about what we need now."

"Both the Federation and the Triceratons at the same time," said Mikey in a horrified voice. "Man this isn't good."

Leo swiped on a communication link.

"Uh, we have trouble coming up, please tell me you have that Teleportal done," said Leo.

"No, not even close," said Don. "Any reason why you are asking this?"

Oh nothing much just both the Federation and Triceraton fleets are speeding straight towards this planetoid," said Leo casually.

"We need more time," said Honeycutt desperately.

"About ten minutes by my calculation," said Harry anxiously. "Leo, you have to stall them until then."

"I sure hope this works," muttered Leo, pressing buttons on the console, as two communication screens came up, one with Commander Mozar and the other with General Blanque.

As a result of the incoming communication, both fleets stalled, in an attempt to hear what this turtle had to say.

"Commander Mozar, General Blanque, this is Leonardo of the planet earth," said Leo. "I am asking you to stop this senseless attempt to go after the Fugitoid immediately."

"Why should we listen to you, Earthling?" growled Mozar challengingly.

"Because if you blow us up, then you will also blow up Professor Honeycutt," said Leo logically. "However, if you agree to desist, we will surrender the Fugitoid, for a price."

"We will?" asked Mikey in confusion.

"I'm trying to all-stay for ime-tay," said Leo to Mikey in a low voice before turning to the others. "Well?"

"Agreed," said both Blanque and Mozar promptly.

"Wait, don't you two want to...I don't know, like argue it out some more," said Mikey in desperation.

"No, the Triceratons would like to avoid conflict whenever possible," said Mozar before turning to one of his troops, speaking in undertone. "Once we have the Teleportal, we hit the Federation with everything we got."

"The Federation has similar aims of avoiding conflict," stated Blanque before turning to one of his troops, speaking in undertone. "Once, we have the Teleportal, we'll hit the Triceratons with everything we've got."

"Now bring us the Fugitoid!" yelled both Blanque and Mozar in unison.

Leo chanced a glance outside the ship, as Don was waving his hands and mouthed "just a couple more minutes."

All right but we need to first finalize your writing," said Leo slowly, stalling for every precious second we could. "At a neutral meeting spot of course."

"Naturally, the Federation will require a promise of non aggression from the Triceratons," said Blanque coldly before speaking in an undertone in a second communications link to his fleet. "Prepare to attack the Triceratons."

"Bah, it is clear the Federation is the one's that should be offering promises of non-aggression," snarled Mozar before turning on a second communication link of his own and speaking in a low voice to his fleet. "Get ready to annihilate the Federation."

"What exactly are you inferring, Mozar?" challenged Blanque.

"Come on, Blanque, the Federation didn't force over two hundred planets under their control by being honorable," growled Mozar.

"Well if you Triceraton buffoons didn't blow up your own Homeworld, you wouldn't be living on a bunch floating rock fragments!" yelled Blanque.

"Hairless ape," snarled Mozar.

"Overgrown lizard," retorted Blanque.

"This is better than a daytime talk show," remarked Mikey.

At that moment, a group of Triceraton space fighters appeared on the scene, ruthlessly blasting towards the planetoid.

"See, there is proof right there the word of the Triceratons is useless," said Blanque.

Just as Blanque said that, a group of Federation fighters arrived, blasting their laser cannons towards the planetoid.

"Just as well, as the Federation has shown that they can't be trusted either!" snarled Mozar angrily.

"Well, at least we got them to agree on something," remarked Mikey.

Leo motioned for Mikey to follow him off the ship, as the sounds of combat between the Federation and the Triceratons were heard from above.

"Please tell me you're ready," said Leo urgently as he joined the others right by the Teleportal, which was a medium sized dome with three electrodes on the top with a door in the front.

"We're ready," said Don triumphantly.

"Let's go," said Leo, making a move towards the Teleportal as both the Triceraton and Federation fighters began to land on the planetoid.

"But, it hasn't been tested yet," cautioned the Professor.

"No time like the present," said Harry as everyone piled into the Teleportal.

Sighing, Honeycutt pressed a button, engulfing everyone briefly in a faint blue light before the Teleportal fizzled out.

"I'm guessing it's not supposed to do that," said Raph.

Honeycutt nodded grimly as they exited the Teleportal. The Professor's idea was a complete and utter failed design.

"Back to the ship, quickly!" yelled Leo as they made a move back towards the Prime Leader's personal space cruiser.

That plan was shot as a beam of red light from one of the Federation ships ripped through the Prime Leader's personal space cruiser, before blowing it into pieces. Harry, Ginny, the Turtles, and Professor Honeycutt looked all horrified as their means of escape had been destroyed.

"Back to the Teleportal!" yelled Harry frantically as they raced toward the Fugitoid's non-functioning device, before climbing in and sealing themselves inside.

Three Triceraton soldiers made a move towards the Teleportal.

"Seize the Fugitoid!" growled one of the troops.

From the other end, three Federation troops made their way towards the Teleportal.

"Fugitoid sighting!" cried one of the Troops. "Move, move, move."

Laser fire blasted towards the dome capsule, which was not designed to stand abuse as it began to crack before shattering, sending shards of broken glass everywhere.

They were surrounded by Federation troops closing in on one side, with Triceratons closing in on the other. The Fugitoid turned to Leo grimly.

"There is no other choice, now, you have to destroy me," said the Fugitoid before handing Leo a remote control device. "Press this button, and it will fry all of my circuits, thus wiping my memory core completely."

Leo looked at the Fugitoid and the remote with the button.

"I can't," muttered Leo.

"You swore, on your honor," reminded the Fugitoid.

Leo nodded grimly before closing his eyes and moving his finger reluctantly towards the button to destroy the Professor. However, a jet of blue life, much like the one that transported Harry, Ginny, and the Turtles from earth, engulfed everyone including the Federation and Triceraton soldiers.

"I thought the Teleportal didn't work," said Ginny frowning.

"No, but someone's did," said Raph as the blue light completely consumed them.

"And I didn't like it the last time this happened," said Mikey as The Turtles, Harry, Ginny, and the Professor along with the three Federation troops and the three Triceratons got dematerialized before the blue light sent them back towards the TCRI building on Earth.
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