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Chapter 26: Realizations

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Harry Potter/Ninja Turtles 2003 crossover. Read the first three books first. Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts is marked by the return of the Triwizard Tournament. More complete summary in profile.

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Chapter Twenty Six: Realizations

"You've got the golden egg, Harry?" asked Hermione.

"For the third time, yes, Hermione," said Harry.

It was late Sunday evening after dinner, the day Harry returned from New York and Ginny, Harry, Hermione, Daphne, and Theodore were in the room of requirement. Hailey would have joined them but she was in detention with Snape, again. Harry thought his sister would have learned by now not to incur Snape's wrath but she apparently still hadn't learned her lesson.

"So, Harry, what are you waiting for, open it up," said Theodore.

"I need somewhere to set it down," said Harry before a table materialized in front of him. "Well that was handy."

Harry placed the egg down on the table, before opening it up. A loud, annoying screeching sound filled the Room of Requirement as Daphne, Theodore, Hermione, Ginny, and Harry covered their ears to block out the horrible sound.

"Shut it off, shut it off," said Daphne quickly. "Close it Harry before I go deaf or something."

Harry closed the egg and the sound disappeared in a few seconds.

"Well that was worthless, we couldn't even hear a word in that horrible wailing and screeching," said Theodore.

"No, there has to be a way to figure out the clue," said Hermione looking thoughtful. "Perhaps some other element besides air would be served in hearing the clue within the egg."

"I've got it," said Ginny. "How about underneath the water?"

"You know that just might work," said Harry and in a flash, a large bathtub filled with water appeared in the Room of Requirement.

"So, let's give it a shot, shall we," said Harry as he stuck the egg in the water and opened it as all five stuck their heads underneath the water to hear the following message.

"Come seek us where our voices sound,

We cannot sing above ground,

And while you're searching, ponder this:

We've taken what you'll sorely miss,

Ah hour long you'll have to look,

And to recover what we took,

But past an hour--the prospect's black,

Too late, it's gone, it won't come back."

Without a word, Daphne, Theodore, Hermione, Harry, and Ginny pulled their heads out of the water.

"Well it rhymes, I'll give them that," remarked Theodore.

"I don't like the part they'll take something I'll sorely miss, I really don't like that part at all," said Harry. "And what about this, "past an hour--the prospect's black, too late, it's gone, and you won't come back" rubbish."

"It means you'll out of luck if you don't get what's wherever in an hour," said Daphne.

"Wait, but what has voices that can be heard under water but not above ground," said Ginny frowning.

"Merpeople," said a dreamy voice, causing the five to jump. Luna Lovegood was standing in the room, Harry didn't heard here come in he was too busy focusing on the song.

"Luna, how did you get in here?" asked Harry.

"The door," replied Luna in a matter of fact voice before turning to Harry. "Harry, I think it would be merpeople but be careful as they will take something near and dear to you, something that would cause a small part of you to die if you lost it. At least, that's what I've interpreted it."

"Well, do you have any other ideas?" whispered Harry to the others.

"No Harry, I think Luna hit the nail on the head," said Hermione.

"Great, so I'm going to have to recover something from the merpeople and if I don't, it will be horribly destroyed due to my failure of doing so," said Harry.

"I think that about sums it up Harry," said Theodore, nodding his head grimly.

Harry frowned, he didn't have a clue why he was extremely disturbed by this turn of events but it didn't feel too happy about it.

"I hate Skrewts," whispered Daphne holding up her burnt hand halfway through Care of Magical Creatures class for Theodore, Daphne, and Hermione to see.

"Hagrid has lost his mind letting children care for these," whispered Harry in a voice but straightening up as Hagrid walked over. "Ah, Hagrid, good day to be handling Skrewts isn't it."

"Indeed Harry, I must say they have been rather rowdy recently, we need to get some of the pent up frustration out of them before they kill each other," said Hagrid.

"Oh no, we certainly wouldn't want that to happen," said Hermione in a bit of a sarcastic voice.

"I appreciate you're concern Hermione but I have everythin' under control and we won't need to worry about them killing each other much longer," said Hagrid.

Daphne and Theodore exchanged looks as if Christmas had just been cancelled at the mention of the possibility of no more dead Skrewts. Still Hagrid was right; the Skrewts didn't kill any more of each other they instead turned their attention on the class, going after them.

"Calm down ya all, come down, ya don't want to frighten them," said Hagrid in an anxious voice as half of the class bolted Hagrid's hut, with Malfoy at the lead.

"Cowards," hissed Harry as Harry, Daphne, Theodore, and Hermione were left alone with Ron Weasley and Neville Longbottom.

"Yeah, if we are going to take the fall, the least they can do is have Malfoy and his cronies go down with us," said Daphne shaking her head before the Skrewt stung her on the hand. "That no good son of a..."

"Everyone, remain calm," said Harry. "We don't want to provoke them into attacking us anymore they are."

Harry led Daphne, Theodore, Hermione, Neville, and Ron over, in an attempt to contain the Skrewts. Hagrid didn't seem to know what to do so he just stood there.

"Raise your wands and prepare to defend yourself but only blast at their feet so we can get them back into the crates," whispered Harry. "We don't want to kill them."

"We don't?" asked Ron looking horrified.

"Just do as I say," said Harry, shaking his head. "None of us want to end up as Skrewt bait."

The class who managed to not flee into Hagrid's hut blasted the Skrewts, ushering them back but they were stopped by the sound of a very unwelcome voice.

"My doesn't that look like a fun educational experience," said a silky voice of Evan Darthmorth.

"I wonder if we can trick him into coming in here so we can feed him to the Skrewts," muttered Daphne looking at Darthmorth with distaste.

"No, too many witnesses," said Theodore.

"Well I must say, there seems to be representatives of some prominent families in this class," said Darthmorth before turning to Neville. "Neville Longbottom, mind if I ask you a question?"

Neville opened his mouth to indicate that he did in fact mind but Darthmorth cut him off.

"So, Mr. Longbottom tell me, how does it feel that your parents are basically brain dead vegetables and you won't ever live up to their legacies?" asked Darthmorth smoothly as if he didn't care about offending anyone at all.

Harry looked confused, wondering what Darthmorth was talking about but the normally mild mannered boy looked rather ticked off at Darthmorth at the moment and seemed to exercising every bit of self control not to curse him into oblivion. Darthmorth then turned his attention to Ron.

"Well if it isn't another Weasley, no doubt polluting the magical landscape with tolerance for Mudbloods," said Darthmorth as Ron glared at Darthmorth angrily. "Quite frankly, there are too many of you Weasleys to keep track of so I suppose the question that I need to ask is, have you Weasleys ever heard of birth control?"

Ron glared at Darthmorth angrily but before he could do anything stupid, Hagrid walked up.

"Is there a problem here?" asked Hagrid before seeing Darthmorth. "Oh, it's you; I thought Dumbledore banned you from the grounds for life."

"He might have for all I know but since when do I listen to a senile, has-been like Dumb as a Door," said Darthmorth.

"GET OUT!" thundered Hagrid losing his temper. "After all the rubbish you wrote about Harry, I'm really not in a good mood wit' ya."

"Fine, I'm leaving," said Darthmorth smoothly before turning to walk off, muttering underneath his breath.

"I hate him, I really hate him," said Harry as they were leaving Care of Magical Creatures class. "He doesn't even deserve to live. If the Ministry didn't have unjust laws, he might have had his writing privileges stripped from him. But since Lucius Malfoy has basically bought the Ministry..."

"It's hopeless," finished Theodore.

I think you might be giving up on this just a little too easily, Harry," said Hermione in a reasonable voice. "There has to neutralize Darthmorth."

"Short of killing him, I can't think of anything," said Harry.

"Harry, how could you casually think of killing anyone?" asked Hermione in a horrified voice. "It doesn't seem to be something you could easily be able to do."

Harry's eyes darkened, remember all of the Foot Ninjas that had died at his hands. Anxiously, Harry looked around to make sure no one was listening.

"Hermione, you know what the definition of a ninja is?" inquired Harry quietly.

"Well they are said to be assassins, the only function is to kill people but..." said Hermione before looking at Harry for clarification.

"Right, ninjitsu training is basically to train someone to defend themselves but that training can also be used to kill," whispered Harry. "I've only killed when I needed to protect others and I may have to do it again, especially if Voldemort comes back."

"So, let's get back to Darthmorth," said Daphne, steering the subject away from uncomfortable waters.

"I really want to do something about Darthmorth but between the Triwizard Tournament, teachers working us like dogs in preparation for our O.W.L.s next year, and me learning everything from scratch from wandless magic, I really don't have the time to take down a petty journalist," said Harry waving his hand. "So, let's go eat, I'm starving."

Harry walked off, but he was deep in thought. Darthmorth was being a pain but for once someone else had to stand up to him. After all, Harry couldn't very well do everything for the Wizarding world. This would be one thing that someone else would have to step up and take care of.

The teachers continued to pile more and more work on them in preparation for the O.W.L.s in fifth year. Harry thought he might have a nervous breakdown at the end of the year from all the work they piled on them.

During Potions, the Slytherins and the Gryffindor fourth years were brewing a very powerful antidote, something that would counteract most poisons. Harry found brewing the antidote simple enough, if one had enough patience and focus to work through the extremely complex brewing. Unfortunately, for the Gryffindors, having patience and focus was not a prerequisite to being sorted in their house. Therefore, all of the Gryffindors in class, with the exception of Hermione, didn't brew their potions correctly.

"Horrible, disgraceful, haven't I taught you all anything in the four years you've been in my class?" asked Snape in a low dangerous voice. "All of the Gryffindors, with the exception of Miss Granger who had the aptitude to brew this potion correctly, will be joining me for detention Monday evening. Now get out of my sight before I change my mind and make it two night's detention. All Slytherins are to stay here as I have an important announcement to make as your Head of House."

All of the Gryffindors hastened to get out of Snape's class, with Ron knocking over a chair in his hurry.

"Ten points from Gryffindor for carelessness, Weasley," said Snape without missing a beat before turning his Slytherins. "I have the distinct pleasure of telling you that on Christmas night, an event tied into the Triwizard Tournament will be making its return to Hogwarts."

The Slytherins looked at Snape with full attention.

"The Yule Ball will be making its long awaited return and will be open to students in the fourth year or above. Naturally, you may invite a younger student if you do wish so," said Snape. "The standards will a bit more relaxed than your normal Hogwarts day, but at the same time, I trust that each and every one of you will be on your absolutely best behavior. I need not tell you that anyone who befouls the name of the Slytherin house will suffer my...displeasure."

Snape gave the Slytherins a deadly glare and Harry knew that it wasn't too wise to cross Snape.

"You may leave now," said Snape before adding as an afterthought. "Potter, stay here, I need to talk to you."

Harry looked at Snape, wondering what exactly his Head of House had to say to him. Daphne and Theodore looked from Harry to Snape, looking confused.

"I said you may leave now," said Snape dangerously causing Daphne and Theodore to hasten getting out of the room.

"Professor, if you'll telling me to attempt to control Hailey again, I can't, she won't listen to me at all, so I think it would be a waste of both your time and mine to have this conversation, sir," said Harry.

"No, this conversation is not about that horrid girl, Mr. Potter," said Snape. "I'll get straight to the point. The champions are to dance at the opening of the Yule ball. You need a date. This is not an option; this is mandatory, good day to you Mr. Potter."

Harry looked at Snape. He had to find a date to the Yule Ball. He had considered briefly skipping the Ball because he had other things he needed to do but now it looked like Harry didn't have a choice in the matter at all, it was mandatory that all the champions needed to have dates.

Now, Harry had another problem on his hands. He wordlessly walked away but before he could give too much thought to the issue, he saw Hailey sneaking down in the Dungeons with a bag full of Dung Bombs.

"Hailey, what are you doing?" asked Harry causing his sister to spin around.

"Well, Harry, to make a long story short, I am pulling a prank on Snape," said Hailey before hooking at the expression on Harry's face. "So, what's the matter with you, you look like you've been sentenced to death or something?"

"In a matter of speaking yes," said Harry. "There is going to be a Yule Ball on Christmas and as a Triwizard Champion I need a date."

"That's it," said Hailey frowning. "You were worried about getting a date for the ball. Harry, you shouldn't worry, if you think about it logically, you'll know that getting a date will be no problem at all."

"Yes but the majority of the girls in this school only like the Boy-Who-Lived not me, sure there are exceptions but..." said Harry before stopping to see Hailey bent over giggling.”What in the hell is so funny?"

"Isn't it obvious who you should ask?" asked Hailey, hoping her dear brother would get the hint and ask Ginny. Ginny outright told Hailey that she liked Harry and Hailey had a pretty shrewd suspicion that Harry liked Ginny.

"I'm sorry, Hailey, I'm not following you," said Harry.

"Well, she does definitely like you," said Hailey.

"Who Hailey?" asked Harry, getting agitated about his sister playing with his head. "Do I know her?"

"Oh, I'm pretty sure you do," said Hailey hoping her brother would wise up and ask Ginny rather quickly.

"Hailey, I'm not playing games," said Harry. "Just tell me."

"Can't, sorry, I promised her I wouldn't tell you she liked you," said Hailey. "If you can't..."

"You know what, I'll just ask Ginny," said Harry throwing his hands up in the air in frustration before looking at Hailey who had a shadow of a smile on her face. "It's Ginny isn't it? She's the one you're talking about"

Harry would be deluded himself if he said that last bit a little hopefully.

"Gee Harry, I don't know, what in the hell do you think!" said Hailey in a sharp, sarcastic voice before walking off without another word.

Harry left standing there, the truth coming to him slowly and wondering how he didn't see it sooner. He may have been one of the smartest students in the year but Harry had never been one to clearly see the blatantly obvious. His ninjitsu training had skewed his perception to see through deception, concealment, and lies, but never through the obvious. Still until moments ago, Harry had been missing the blatantly obvious for nearly three years. And he planned to rectify that matter shortly.

Ginny was wandering outside the owlery deep in thought about Harry. She seemed to be thinking about her friend a lot recently, in ways she never thought she would have. Of course, the rumors of the Yule Ball coming up terrified Ginny to death, as there were surely to be loads of girls, older girls at that lining up to be Harry's date for the ball, just because he was the Triwizard Champion. Ginny feared that Harry might not think of asking her and someone else would steal Harry away from her.

Ginny shook her head, she didn't know if Harry liked her to begin with and if Harry would be happy with someone else, then so be it. All Ginny cared about is if Harry was happy even if it might have been at her expense.

"My brother is a git, a blind git, who doesn't see what is blatantly in front of him," said Hailey Potter who was thumping up the stairs. "Oh hello, Ginny."

"Hailey, I won't ask what you've been cursing about as you were coming up the stairs," said Ginny.

"Good, because I wasn't going to tell you," said Hailey in a bit of an irritate voice before pausing. There were voices coming from inside the Owlery.

"We need to make him own up to the money he owes us," whispered the voice of Fred Weasley. "The Ministry wouldn't like it too much if they find out he's been gambling."

"Yeah they wouldn't but the problem would be if we put this in writing, it would be blackmail and it would be even more illegal than what he did," whispered George.

"Well, we do need to do something," said Fred.

"All right, but I'm telling you if we put this into writing, by law it will be considered blackmail," whispered George.

Hailey had her ear pressed up against the owlerly door hearing every word of the conversation before turning away.

"No doubt those two are up to no good," said Hailey. "Still this Yule Ball thing coming up should be exciting. Pity we can't go unless a boy fourth year or older asks us."

"Yes, pity," said Ginny absentmindedly, her mind still on Harry.

Speaking of Harry, he arrived just at that moment, attempting to keep his face calm as he approached Ginny.

"Hi Harry," said Ginny.

"Ginny I need to speak with you in private," said Harry in a calm even voice.

"Well I know when I'm not wanted," said Hailey before briskly walking away.

"So Harry, what did you want to talk to me again?" asked Ginny.

"Well, I don't know if you've heard but since the Triwizard Tournament has been reinstated, that means the Yule Ball will be happening," said Harry.

"I did hear about that rumor yes," said Ginny, wondering where exactly Harry was going with this, while pushing all the ludicrous thought out of her head that Harry might ask her. After all, Harry had never given any indication that he liked Ginny as any more than a friend.

"Well, as a champion, I need a date," said Harry in a tentative voice.

"Really," said Ginny. "Well, I'm sure you'll have no trouble getting a date at for the Ball."

"Well yes but I felt I needed to ask someone that I trust above all others and I actually do like, instead of someone who would only go with me because I’m famous," said Harry, building up himself up for the moment of truth.

"I do agree Harry, you don't want someone who only wants to look good at your expense," said Ginny, looking pleased that Harry wouldn't go with any random girl for the Yule Ball and hoped against all hope that he was heading in the direction that she hoped he would.

"So Ginny, would you honor me in accompanying me in to the Yule Ball?" asked Harry quickly before he lost his nerve.

Ginny stared at Harry like he had grown two heads. He asked her. He really did it. Ginny expected to be waking up right now to reveal this was all a wonderful dream.

"Now, Ginny, I'll understand if you say no," said Harry quickly, but in his mind, Harry knew he wouldn't feel too good if Ginny did in fact say no.

"Harry, I'll go with you," said Ginny quietly feeling extremely pleased that Harry had asked her.

Harry breathed a sigh of relief that Ginny had agreed to go with him to the Yule Ball. He didn't know what he would do if she didn't.

"So, it's a date then," said Harry.

"Yes, a date," said Ginny smiling at Harry causing Harry's heart to jump. "I need to get some homework done right now Harry, if you don't have anything else to say to me."

Harry waved his hand and Ginny walked off in the other direction.

Personally, Harry felt that what he had just done was more satisfying then defeating a dragon but that was just of course his opinion. Still, he would violently disagree with what anyone would say to the contrary to his dying day.
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