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Petey gets Pissy.

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Pete has to learn to deal with Andy and Amy being together.

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Patrick was as giddy as a schoolgirl as he ran down the hall and into the bandroom. Before the entrance, Amy pulled Andy close and kissed him hard. He brushed some hair out of her face and rested his forehead on her's .

"Hey Aim -- things will be different now. I mean, you've helped me so much in the passed few months bring out the real person that I am. You mean a lot to me and I won't fuck up again I promise."

She pressed her lips to his and pulled back, keeping her forehead and his together. "You know what Andy - even if you do, its okay. It's okay to make mistakes... we're gonna get through it. Together."

She smiled wide and bit her lip. He brushed her cheek with a gentle kiss and took her hand to lead her into the band room.

"It's about fucking time!!!" Joe whined as they walked in together. "Patrick told us that you guys are now gonna be having sex -- weird, but I guess you can't sleep with Patrick anymore Amy."

Amy put her hands up in defense and nodded her head "Okay okay! Yes - Andy and I are, well... Andy and I... and you guys are gonna make fun of it and say its gross and weird and mock it... so go ahead. Let it all out." She narrowed her eyes at Joe "This is mainly for you - so go ahead, get out all of the sexual mockings you have stirring around in that fro'd head."

He smiled "Dammit... I hate being on the spot. Ugh, rain check? I'll make fun of you guys later. I'll come up with something good - I promise. But yes, it is coming."

Patrick smiled at Amy "Well guys, I will also be making fun, but personally -- I think it's really great and I'm really happy." He moved his stare to Andy "Andy -- I love you, but I'll kill you if you fuck with best friend... well, in a mean way... sexually - do what ya want..."

"Patrick... enough. Come on!" Amy rolled her eyes at him.

He adjusted his hat "I'm just sayin..."

"Alright, well, lets just practice..." Andy kissed Amy on the head and went to his drum stool. She sat on the couch. Andy made faces at her and she made them back.

Maybe I'll actually be able to be in a healthy relationship... Andy will get over his problem, I'll help him. I like him -- a lot. She was thinking to herself. Maybe we can go on a real first date as boyfriend and girlfriend into the city and --- ahh! What the fuck?!!

Her body flinched and her hands made their way directly to her ears as she kept hearing a bad note in the song, over and over and over. It sounded terrible. She looked at Patrick, who was also flinching.

He stopped singing "Pete! Do you need a moment to tune?"

They stopped playing and Pete was sweating, fumbling with his bass. "I - I'm sorry. My bass is -- it's tuned, I just keep fucking up. I'm so sorry... we can try again." He was stumbling over his words and kept looking down.

Amy furrowed her brow and looked at him. He caught her eye and looked straight down again. They did the song again. and again. and again. Pete was off again. and again. and again.

"Pete are you okay?" Amy said from her place on the couch.

"I'm fine Amy!! I just -- I just remembered something I had to do at home and I didn't do it and I know my mom's gonna be on my case about it... and now I can't focus. Ya know, I'm just gonna go...."

Patrick looked at Amy, then back at Pete. "Alright whatever ... we can just meet back again on thursday and practice at our usual time.I'll call you later."

Amy stood up "Hey Pete... do you think you could give me a ride. I'm gonna go too, I have a headache and my car is at Patrick's."

She walked over to Andy and kissed him "I'll call you later."

He kissed her back "Yeah ... bye."


"Pete -- what's really up?" She asked once they were in the car.

He sighed and turned to her "Amy, you know that I'm crazy about you and I was cool about you dating Chris, I mean -- it was even my idea to help out. But --"

"it's different with Andy?"

"Yeah, very. It's just -- Andy's someone I see almost everyday. Chris was just obnoxious and I kinda knew things wouldn't last because hes an idiot, but Andy... I can't really compete with him."

She grunted at him and rolled her eyes.

"No no no no! I didn't mean that... I wouldn't compete anyway... its just its hard because--"

"I'm happy with Andy and you know there's nothing you can do about it?"

"Jesus Amy will you stop fucking interrupting me?!"

She felt bad "Whoa... I'm sorry Pete. Sorry."

"Okay... The deal is -- yes, with Chris I honestly didn't mind cause I knew he was a jackass and it makes me feel bad that I liked that you weren't happy, because I thought maybe just MAYBE you might come to me for comfort, but Andy and you are so right for eachother that it makes me sick inside. I've noticed it from day one -- you and him. I just ... it will be hard to see you guys together all the time. Happy. and kissing. All the time."

She sat there with her head down, twisting her fingers and thinking of something to say. "Pete... we've been friends for a while. Good friends --"

"Don't Amy. Please don't pull out the friend thing. You've just meant so much more than that ever since I met you."

"Ugh are you gonna start interrupting me now?!" She snapped at him.


"Ugh -- I just want to tell you that you ARE one of my good friends in my eyes, no matter how you perceive me, and yes, I'm flattered by your feelings, I really am. But please - get over it or deal with it. I don't mean to be a bitch because the last thing I want to do is hurt your feelings, because I DO love you and I DO want things to be okay between us and the relationship we have."

"Alright Amy ... I'll deal with it. I promise I'll try." He sounded sincere and Amy softly smiled at him.

"I love you Amy."

Her smile grew a little bigger. They were best friends.

"I love you too Pete."


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