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Ahh thee end - i hope u enjoyed this

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Now when you thought it was going to be the cliche vamp stry - think agen

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x-x Ryan's p.o.v x-x

Alecto, di ronuzena khuntrai..."

She began chanting under her breath her eyes lost all of the fear and anger as she went into a dream like state. Her body began to rise.
What the hell is she doing ! I thought.

Adonis, aella au balthasar. Bedevere, kuntirous!

She continued.
The colour drained from William's face. "Stop her !!" he shouted to all the guards.
She smirked.

Xoueina, veldarenas

She setting a curse but that means.
"Seisha no there must be another way" I shout.
Then I hear her voice in my head I'm sorry my love I must do this I must stop William this will be the end.
She floated back down with a smile playing on her lips. She bared her fangs and sliced her wrists. The curse has been set.
Her blood stained the marble floor, as she fell to the ground her whole body went limp. I ran to her side. Holding her till morning.

I woke.

Seisha Andreille had died.
But not in vain.
The madness had finally ended.
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