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Chapter 7

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The continuation of Lord Baron Potter, where Harry needs to fight against demons and two old enemies Voldemort and Dumbledore.

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A/N: The first part of this chapter is some horror and gore, but this becomes better soon. I personally feel uncomfortable with the standard hero-picture, so I decided to make my own version. When you read the chapter, you will see what I mean.

A/N: We have a new beta for this story: Minante. Thank you so much for your excellent work. Now for your information, we are not able to write a thing without Minante. So ... any flames goes to Wim, the honour goes to the ladies.


Ginny's head was twisting from one side to the other ... she was totally covered in sweat. Dreadful images were flashing in front of her eyes like a Muggle film ... images of death and destruction.

She stood near a large square with, in the middle, a large tower of metal ... the tower had four legs and went high up into the sky. Around that large tower, she could see a park, many people were running towards the middle in a panic; parents with children, grandmothers and grandfathers, teenagers, adults ... they were screaming frantically ... silently... their eyes wide open.

In front of Ginny, there were two teenagers ... a boy and a girl ... holding each other's hands while running in full speed towards her. The eyes of the girl were wide... terrified. She could see the color of her eyes, a blue, but what caused such panic Ginny did not know. Suddenly the girl stopped as if she had slammed into an invisible wall ... but there was none. The eyes of the girl had started to bleed ... suddenly the head separated from the body ... there was blood everywhere ... her body crashing to the ground ... The boy next to her could not believe what was happening and stood there, paralyzed, looking to the girl.

The girl exploded, body parts flying everywhere ... and suddenly the sound came crashing back to Ginny. The sound of screaming from all around ... the scene horrifying ... bodies randomly exploding without any visible cause ... of children, of parents, whole families were sliced and ripped to pieces.

With a scream Ginny woke up, sitting wide-eyed in bed ... and slowly realized it was only a nightmare.


Today he needed to go to Potter castle with Ginny and her mother. The day started early as usual with his morning run and now he was waiting for breakfast. Mrs. Weasley was busy in the kitchen and Harry was waiting for Ginny to come downstairs to join him. Harry loved the feeling of accomplishment that morning exercises gave him ... a feeling he had never experienced before. He covered a distance of 10 kilometers now, and did not even feel exhausted anymore.

Harry wanted to go over some papers in the castle and he needed to see if there was any other business left for him. Several wizard companies were managing the daily activities of the Potter family business. Gringotts was conducting the overall management of all properties.

Harry could hear someone coming down the stairs. He hoped that it was Ginny because he wanted to finish his business at Potter castle as fast as possible, spend some relaxing quality time with her and get some revenge on the twins.

Ginny went first to her mother, kissed her on her cheek and then went to Harry. She moved him and his chair slightly away from the table and sat down on his lap, and then began to eat from Harry's plate.

"You know Harry it's not good for you to eat only eggs and sausages every morning. It's high in cholesterol and you might become as fat as your cousin."

"What do you know about cholesterol, Ginny?" Harry asked surprised.

"You never heard about Muggle Studies at Hogwarts, Harry?"

"And you learn about cholesterol in Muggle Studies, Gin?"

"Yes, why not? It is a very important thing in the Muggle world, Harry. Anyone who eats too much cholesterol will have problems with their health when they get older."

"But cholesterol does not influence wizards and witches as much as Muggles, Ginny. I thought you knew that."

"You said as much, and you are right ... as much. That is the key phrase here. So do not eat eggs every day ... or sausages. Eat something else instead."

"Maybe you need to talk to your mum, Ginny. She may be interested in the cholesterol thing, not me." Harry took a bite out of a big sausage. "I am very curious how your mother will take that."

"You have a point. For the sake of peace, let's talk about other things." Ginny became serious. "I had a terrible nightmare last night... about exploding people, children who were eaten by invisible ... things ... I don't know what it was ... it was horrible!"

"Can you tell me your dream, Ginny?"

She told him. Mrs. Weasley in the meantime sat on the table and heard the nightmare as well. "That was terrible, Ginny. Maybe you need to stop eating before you go to sleep."

"Mum, it was not because of my eating habits that I had a nightmare."

"Do you think it was a vision, Ginny?" Harry asked.

"No, not a vision... it was a nightmare."

"How do you know that for sure, Ginny?" Mrs. Weasley asked.

"Because of my first year, mum, and Tom. I know a nightmare when I have one and what a vision feels like. The nightmare was exactly that... only a nightmare."

Four hours later, the three were ready to go. They took the Floo and arrived in the castle. Harry immediately went to his chambers and looked at his table. Exactly what he thought he would find, a pile of documents. Harry started to read while Ginny and her mother were in the central library.

Harry had almost finished with the documents. Several documents needed a signature, and he put them in the table's outbox to be sent as soon as possible. The last document was about the contents of his parents vault and questioning what to do with them.

Personally, Harry wanted to keep the vault as it was, unchanged and not emptied. Maybe he would have some time to look into the contents in detail later in life when everything had cooled down and the problems of the approaching demons were gone. He looked over the contents of the vault and paused, because he saw several things that had been taken out of the vault. According to this document, those things were in the castle, including the diary of his mother. The diary was supposed to be part of the vault but his father, James Potter, removed it two days before he was killed. One of the elves from Potter castle had taken it and moved it to the castle instead. That was indeed strange.


Peragrain appeared in front of him with a plop.

"Yes Master Potter?"

"Do you know where my mother's diary is?"

"Yes Master Potter, sir. Do you want to read it?"

"Yes Peragrain, I would like to read the diary."

With a snap of Peragrain's fingers the diary appeared in front of Harry on the table.

"Thank you, Peragrain." He said and Peragrain disappeared.

Harry opened the diary and started to read. His mother certainly wrote it. She wrote about her daily activities and about his father. It began with the first day of her seventh year and ended on the 1st April the year after. Ginny came into his chambers with Mrs. Weasley, both carrying a pile of books.

"Are you ready Harry? Because we are." Ginny said.

"Yeah, let's go home to the Burrow." Harry replied with a smile.

All three of them flood back to the Burrow, where Mrs. Weasley started to make supper. Harry showed Ginny the diary, who took it and began reading.

"Hey, I was reading that diary, Ginny! It's mine!"

"Harry, be a good boy and let me finish it. When I have time, I might let you read it." She said playfully.

Harry sighed. "Right," he muttered with a half smile, "and what shall I do now?"

"Start planning to prank the twins for when they get home tonight." Ginny answered absentmindedly. "This is good!" Harry was sulking.

After thirty minutes of reading Ginny became very excited. "You don't need to look for any pranks for the twins, Harry; I think I have found several of them!"

Harry, who had his head on Ginny's lap, still sulking, grimaced. "I am still thinking Gin." He said.

Ginny looked up from the diary and smiled. "You poor boy ... listen to this. According to the diary, your grandparents died when your father was in his seventh year. That made him head of the family. Because he was still at school, the Goblins wanted to give him time until the vacation. Nevertheless, your parents did not want to attract any attention to them with an initiation so your father decided that he would postpone it."

She jumped up, Harry's head bumping the wooden edge of the sofa and held the diary in front of her. "Here is a recipe of a potion which will do the trick. When we feed it to the twins, they will see everything from that moment on in blue shades. Their skin will turn pink, their hair green and their fingernails will be red. According to the recipe it will last for one hour. What do you think?"

Harry looked to Ginny; his head was still on the soft sofa pillows and he had a swelling on his forehead. "Sounds great, Gin." He replied softly.

"What is the matter Harry?" Ginny asked concernedly.

"My head, love. It hurts."

Ginny immediately went to Harry to tend to him, dropping the diary on the ground. Unseen by both of them, a grinning Ron and Luna took the diary with a soft accio and disappeared into the kitchen.


It was evening; lights in the Burrow were burning merrily and the atmosphere was joyous. Ginny and Harry had made the potion awaiting the twins arrival, Ron and Luna were secretively having a lot of fun and Hermione and Percy were sleeping together on the sofa. Mr. Weasley was busy building a radio from a construction set Harry gave him and Mrs. Weasley was reading one of the Potter library books about French cuisine.

The backdoor opened and the twins entered. Fred was wearing an orange t-shirt and bright blue trousers, while George wore a bright blue t-shirt and orange trousers. They immediately joined the family in the living room and enjoyed the wine and cakes. Fred, in secret, spiked the wine and poured everyone a new glass, which even made George look suspiciously into his glass. He did not remember that the color of the wine was violet ... it was supposed to be red ... right?

George looked up and saw Harry also looking at his glass. "Fred, the wine was already spiked!" However, it was already too late, because Fred had already taken a large swig. All of them missed the identical smirks from Ron and Luna.

Fred froze and looked wide-eyed to George. "Someone tried to prank us?" he said unbelievingly. George looked to Harry and Ginny, who were innocently looking back.

"Us? Do you think that we would prank you with no apparent reason?" Ginny asked, outraged.

"Eh ... yes?"

"Well, I don't think so. Not only that but we all are drinking from the same bottle and you poured the wine yourself. So far, nothing has happened to us. Don't you think that ...?"

Suddenly Ginny's eyes widened. "What ...?"

Fred and George skin was turning a pale yellow.

Fred suddenly dropped to the floor. "Oh yeah! This is sooooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooooool." he said, staring to the ceiling.

George dropped to the ground as well. "I love purple. I loooooooooooove purple. Cooooooooooooooooooool" he gulped.

Both of the twins lost consciousness and lay spread-eagled on the floor, the expressions on their faces euphoric.

Mr. Weasley did not appear surprised in any way ... in fact, he smirked somewhat. "Who is responsible for pranking the twins?"

"We are." said Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Luna together.

Ginny looked unbelievingly to Ron and Luna. "YOU?"

Ron smirked. "Yes we did. After you finished your potion, we changed it. We copied your diary and saw what you wanted to do. Luna, my genius girlfriend made the changes; I stole the diary and swapped the potion. Great, not?"

Harry and Mrs. Weasley started to laugh. "Oh this family, everyone is a pranker here, and now the prankers are pranked, who were pranked again." Mrs. Weasley laughed.

The twins were still lying spread-eagled on the floor. The color of the skin had changed to pink with green stripes.

"Look at the twins, the stripes was not in the recipe. Did you do that, Luna?" Ginny asked excitedly. "Yeah ... and there is much more to come. Wait and enjoy the show." Luna said.

Fred's nose started changing ... growing. His nose became big and round... its tip was red and the rest green. George's hair changed from its own orange to green, and the family sat back and indeed started to enjoy the show.

The twin's facial expressions became even happier.

"Who has the camera?" Harry asked, laughing. "This is unbelievably funny; the twins will never believe us when we tell them. We need proof!"

"I have the camera right here!" Ron exclaimed. "Now I'm getting revenge on the years they did all those terrible things to me."

Hermione and Percy were still sleeping on the sofa closest to the twins, undisturbed by everything happening around them. The expression on both faces was heavenly as well. Mrs. Weasley pointed to the lovebirds. "Look at them! Please Ron; take some photos of them as well."

Ron was taking pictures from all angles.

Harry looked to the twins, still laughing. Suddenly he stopped and pointed. "Look at the twins ... what is happening?"

The color of their skin was still pink, but now the floor beneath them was as well. It looked like the color was draining into the floor!

"Yes, oh Merlin, it is happening!" Luna said. "They are melting."

"Melting!" Shrieked Mrs. Weasley. "What do you mean with ... they are melting ... oh, what about my floor?"

"Look at Fred," Ginny snorted, "he is in ecstasy now. What in Merlin's name did you change?"

In the meantime, the pink color had started to spread to the sofa where Hermione and Percy were sleeping.

"Oh my ... should we wake them up?" Mrs. Weasley asked hesitatingly.

"NO! Let them sleep" Ron squawked.

"Right." Harry agreed. "Let's see what is going to happen!"

The pink color reached the sofa and crawled slowly up towards Hermione's arm. When it reached it, the arm changed pink as well.

Ron and Harry cracked up laughing. Ginny was red in the face of laughing from her sofa and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley started to look somewhat uncomfortable. Luna was her usual self ... dreamily she stared at Ron.

In the meantime, Hermione and Percy's skin color was changed to pink with green stripes, but the entire sofa was pink as well! The color continued to travel outwards and in the direction of other furniture pieces as well.

"Somebody stop that!" Mrs. Weasley shrieked. She was not amused anymore.

"How long will the effect last, Luna?" Harry asked, while looking warily at the approaching color.

"I'm not sure ... maybe two weeks." she replied dreamily.

"TWO WEEKS!" shouted Mrs. Weasley. "TWO WEEKS!"

Mr. Weasley looked towards the backdoor. "Maybe we need to relocate to the castle for a while." he whispered to Harry.

Ron was also moving to the backdoor and was ready to bolt.

Meanwhile, Hermione and Percy were awoken by of the Mrs. Weasley's screaming.

"What happened?" Asked Percy, staring at the twins and the strange colour. "What in Merlin's name is that?" Hermione looked wide-eyed at the twins. "Are they melting?" she asked, pointing at them.

Everyone in the room turned to Percy and Hermione, who became very nervous.

"Why is everyone looking at us? We did not do anything ... did we?" Hermione asked hesitantly.

"No my sweetheart, we didn't do anything wrong." Percy answered ostentatiously. A small smile was on Hermione's face, her cheeks somewhat flushed. Percy stared at Hermione suddenly with a strange expression on his face.

"Percy? Is something wrong?" Hermione asked, looking up for the first time since awaking to Percy. "Why is your face pink, Percy?"

The color in Percy's face started to change into a darker shade of pink but his eyes brightened. "Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaah Hermione, I like that ... lower ... no, no, and no. Not like that... yeahhhhhh lower, Hermione, lower." Percy suddenly shuddered, dropped back on the sofa with a blissful expression on his face.

Hermione did not know what was happening with Percy and looked to Harry and Ginny. "Did the twins do that?" However, her expression changed dramatically as well and she dropped unconscious on the sofa on top of Percy.

Harry started to howl. "They are all stoned, drugged, stupefied, and totally floored. This is so funny." He continued to giggle like a lunatic.

"Harry, are you alright?" Ginny asked, now concerned for him.

Harry started to hiccup and continued giggling. "I'm in an amazing blissful state Ginny, it is soooooooooooooooooooo funny!" At the back of his head was a spot of pink, rapidly expanding.

"Oh Merlin, Harry too." Ginny said. Harry dropped flat on his back on the sofa, rolling over and dropping to the ground. Ron had seen enough, he grabbed Luna and dragged her to the backdoor. He opened it softly and pushed her out.

"NOT SO FAST, BUNNY BOY!" A female voice called behind him. Ron looked over his shoulder and gulped.

"Run Luna, my crazy sister is in frenzy." Ron pushed Luna hard through the door but Luna fell, and Ron fell over Luna. Ginny pointed her wand at the couple.

"Locomotor!" She yelled, moving her wand towards the paint. Ron and Luna floated through the air above the pink floor and with a swish of Ginny's wand; they were dropped in the paint.

Ron was instantly in seventh heaven but Luna did not show any emotional change. The only thing that happened was that she lost consciousness.

In the meantime, Ginny was looking at the couple and was not aware that she had her right foot in the pink paint. She looked down, her eyes widening, and fell over. She hit the floor and pink paint splattered, hitting everyone else in the living room.


Mad-eye Moody and the Headmistress McGonagall were walking towards the Burrow. They were worried, because nobody answered their Floo call and all owls returned with their letters and notes. Mad-eye already had his wand at hand and his magical eye whirling in its socket.

"I don't trust this, headmistress. It looks like a trap to me."

"Oh nonsense Mad-eye. Something is simply wrong and we will find out what it is very soon."

Mad-eye Moody and Headmistress McGonagall soon reached the end of the road and turned towards the Burrow, when suddenly Mad-eye stopped ... he stared at the Burrow.


The headmistress was without words. The Burrow was pink. Pink ... everything was pink ... it almost hurt the eyes.

"I am not going into that place", Mad-eye grumbled. "Those dreadful twins did that and Merlin knows what will happen when if we approach it. I say call the ministry."

The headmistress was speechlessly eying the unbelievable Burrow. "Let's call the ministry."


Slowly Harry woke up. He looked around ... he was in a large white room and it smelled of antiseptics and disinfectant ... he assumed he was in a hospital. What was he doing here? Suddenly his memories came back and he looked around. Yes! He saw Ginny next to him in bed and when he looked further, he could see Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Ron, the twins, Percy and even Hermione in the far corner. They all had pink colored skin. How was that possible...? Oh Merlin, the prank! Harry lifted his arm and saw that his hand was pink as well.

That prank went truly out of control. He wondered what happened and how they ended up in hospital ... Harry guessed they were in St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.

"Mr. Potter, good morning." Harry turned and saw an older man with a beard like Dumbledore but without that irritating twinkle in the eyes. "Let me introduce myself. My name is Doctor Domblestuck and I am the head of St. Mungo's. You had a small problem with a prank, which went wrong, but rest assured that you will recover fully within two weeks. That said, you are already recovered, except the color of your skin ... that will stay for two weeks."


A/N: The next chapter is the chapter only about horror. For those who do not like that skips it.
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