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Uncertainty - Love

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Sakura "But I shall make it right and time shall not pass."

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Yeah, this was supposed to be a practice for me to write something more mature. But, since I glazed over such details and it gained (more of) a plot, it's not graphic enough to be a lemon. So, it's a drabble-y oneshot with sex references, and an ending too open.

"Love is uncertain, and I hate that. But I shall make it right and time shall not pass. As I move away, and those times stand still, those moments will turn into memories, and I don't want to have to face life like that. I will face those memories, and become someone acceptable."

He would tackle her down forcefully, and she would not resist. She agreed to this, and she wasn't about to lie.

Her love was not a lie.

He rids her of both of their clothing, her's is a simple dress like his mother used to wear, as she saw from pictures. She remembers her smiling serenely and charmingly at the camera, and probably at the person taking it too.

Their marriage was a lie.

He's on top, he always is, and his long dark bangs hang toward her. She stares at this same sight everyday, that darkness, always, unless he's away and can't bring her with him so he can screw her silly. His eyes were not blood red, and between his empty obsidian or the rare, stormy grey-blue, she was not sure if it was a good thing.

Her spring hair, oddly colored like her namesake, was flailed widely around her. He would not let her go out on missions, in fear for what could --would (/he hated uncertainty. It would happen./) be a baby, a possible result of their work,(/it was never pleasure. That word was forbidden./) being in danger. Would, assuming that she would have a baby,(/at this rate, what was possible for her?/) have her pink hair? Her large forehead? Her good memory? His chakra? His strength?(/she certainly lost her hot temper and determination years ago. She got what she wanted. It just wasn't the same as she thought is would be. But she promised, she got what she- what she supposedly wanted; she wouldn't complain./) His good looks? Her jade eyes?(/where had the light in her eyes gone?/) ...Or his empty eyes?

Such a empty looking child would have scared her.(/mothers were supposed to be accepting of their children. She was a failure, wasn't she? But she forgot right from wrong from right a long time ago./)

He does not go over the teasing actions and the small things; much like he didn't do ordinarily. He just thrust into her, repeatedly, repeatedly; again, and again. Sometimes he'll be rough; he'll bite, he'll snarl, he'll show how much stronger he is and how much weaker she is. She tried to make something out of nothing, but she wasn't that strong. Naruto...what happened to everyone?

(/those days were just a dream./)

It's over, and sunlight seeps through the windows. The other side of the bed is occupied by him, and she takes a sharp intake of breath. All the while, the steady beat of the clock continues as it ticks, defying the heavy silence.

For some reason, others are not fooled by the passage of time.

(/Was Naruto still the same? A worthwhile soul like that cannot die./)

It was a fruitful winter, powdery soft with fresh snow that continued on for miles. Time had stopped for one moment, and during then, she could not breathe, for she did not want to move. She didn't want to waste time like this, to have that fleeting moment escape.

Maybe she could grow to be like that too, that powdery winter, and reveal her thoughts openly.

(/But, such beauty was unattainable to her/)

Sakura hated the use of such a true and uncertain word.

(/her feathery wings of pink are but a weakness/)

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