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one tiny phone call

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kyo is sitting at the table where the letter had been read a while ago, unable to move. so many questoins going threw his ming... but then the phone rings. who could it be? is it tohru?

Category: Fruits Basket - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Kyo, Tohru - Published: 2006-11-20 - Updated: 2006-11-20 - 500 words

everone moved from th tale except kyo. the not had been read, all the member s of the zodiac was looking, searching for one clue, but yet kyo was still at the table. he hadent bugged since the note had been read. so many thoughts were going thorugh his mind. why had akito set this up? was he just using her? why did it say in the letter that akito wa a she? where was tohru? how can you miss someone so much that you never would know taht you could intill it was gone? were the sohmas going to get there memories of tohru ereased, or the ether way around? why did tohru leave because if she didnt, thn kyo would die? so many questoins, and yet there was no answers. no one would talk to him. he knew that they all blamed it on him that there once ahppy life with tohru in it would soon disapeer. he didnt mean to, he tryed to explain that it wa a setup, bu still... the words had said that tohru left freely when she found out that kyo was going to die fi she didnt. why? while kyo wsa sitting there, the telephone rang. he galnced at the sound, but didnt move. " kyo you lazy ass get the telephone" he herad his cunsin yuki call. he slowley dragged his feet, and went to the phone. at first he hesitated then he herd " kyo" and he picked it up

kyo: hello
( chuckles ) mysteroius: hello kyo, im only guessing this is wika

kyo went pale. wika, that was the perosn who had tohru right? he was about to call the ethers but what would they do. they'd just fight over the phone. sohe put i back to his ear.

kyo : tohru better not be hurt or i'll...
wika dont fret kyo tohru's right here, acctuly she wanted to call you, so i was feeling good today and let her. here he is

kyo: tohru?
tohru:hello kyo...

her voice sounds old and scratchy thought kyo to himself. it sounds it sounds almost as if she just creid.

kyo: what did he do to you tohru
tohru: kyo...
kyo: yes tohru...
Tohru: ... i ummm...
kyo:what!! tohru?
tohru: kyo i... ( sighs) kyo dont let the erase my memories. please let them kill me. i'd rather die with all mymemoreis the livewith out them.

kyo froze

Kyo: i... i cant let you die tohru

here was a long piase then a sigh

tohru: kyo... Kyo i love you

and then the phone hung up. " tohru...tohru" screamed kyo, he burst into tears right there, in fromt of everyone. he didnt care. she loved him? and she was going to die for them, she she could still have them in her heart." no" koy growled, " that will not happen." he nodded his head to his new set goal. " i will find tohru, i will free her, then i will tell her i love her to."
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