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part four

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Remmie Epps was six years old when she was taken by unknown forces and 19 years later she escapes only to be told she was being trained and now she must help the FBI

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Two weeks later

Remmie looked up from her book when there was a knock at the door "enter" she called as she placed the book down on the desk and watched as the door opened and Carey stepped in. the guards straightened outside her room. Two guards stood present outside her room day and night, the room was sparse holding nothing but an uncomfortable single bed, desk and two chairs. The building in which she had been placed was army blue; she was taken a few steps down to the basic bathroom. Carey closed the door behind him and smiled to Remmie before placing his cap on the desk "good after noon Remmie, how is your wound" Carey questioned before Remmie nodded "it is healing completely, a few more days and I should be able to move with more flexibility in my arm" Remmie stated as Carey nodded before looking around the room. He had visited Remmie several times; three of those were when he took her out side for a walk. The army base where she had been taken to was in San Francisco, the first place in her new memory. As the days went by and Carey questioned her about her past she had found that for some reason she had forgotten her life before waking up in the hospital. After a week she was moved to the secured living quarters on the base, though she had not proven to be dangerous she knew she was. Reading books, discovering her knowledge she found she knew things, more then most people and that her body reacted to movement and actions as though on reflex. She had been trained well but she had not even begun to understand what for.
"I'm sorry to disturb you while your reading, but I wanted to ask you some more questions" Carey asked as Remmie nodded "you can ask what you wish, I don't understand the need for lying on truthful matters," Remmie declared as Carey smiled "you speak very frankly Remmie, you know that" Carey pointed out causing Remmie to frown "I don't see why people feel the need to fill silence with pointless words" Remmie stated as Carey studied her before nodding then point to the second seat "may I?" he asked as Remmie nodded and watched him "what did you wish to ask me" Remmie asked matter of factly "your knowledge, everything you know... can you understand why you don't remember who did this to you" Carey asked as Remmie shook her head "I believe that whatever led me to be found in the water was so terrible and disturbing that my sub conscious decided to bury it rather than deal with it. A natural response of the human brain, in fact it's a very affective defense mechanism" Remmie stated causing Carey to nod and think "can you remember anything... a family member" Carey asked but Remmie remembered voices before any of the words would make sense. Some one promised her, promised her that her family was to be ok.

"They were meant to be safe" Remmie admitted as Carey lent forward "who" he asked staring at Remmie "a man, when I was young... a child he promised that my family would be safe that I would have to go somewhere for a little while before I could see them again" Remmie stated as Carey scratched his chin "you remember that" Carey asked as Remmie thought before she looked and shook her head "it's conjecture, the body requires a lot of energy to heal so naturally I'm more likely to imagine those memories" Remmie stated as Carey sat back and folded his arms "do you believe in what your mind" Carey asked causing Remmie to think before she nodded and sighed "as irrational as it is I can't help but think my family may have abandoned me" Remmie declared sadly causing Carey to watch her with empathy "do you remember what they look like" Carey questioned bringing Remmie's focus back to him but Remmie shook her head, sadness whelming in her eyes "but I do have an image of what I believe they would look like. Obviously I have a mother and father but I also have two brothers, both older and a young sister" Remmie admitted a tender smile lifting one corner of her mouth but disappeared as quickly as it surfaced. Carey smiled at her sadly leaning his hands on the desk "I have two sister, one older and one younger. Sometimes I wish I could forget them, when I was a young boy they made my life hell, embarrassed me in front of my friends. Disturb me when I wanted to be alone" Carey shook his head at the memories of his childhood but when he looked back at Remmie she was staring emotionless towards "I believe I never had a childhood, at least not a normal compared to yourself" Remmie pointed out as a great sense of longing overwhelmed her. Carey cleared his throat and looked at her seriously, it was time to broach the real reason he had visited her that day.
"Remmie, do you remember a company called The Temperance Corporation" Carey inquired not completely sure that his question would gather an answer, after thinking for a few moments Remmie shook her head but said nothing "their a Pharmaceutical company, you medical testing, producing new drugs and even new products to enhance the human body. But over the years we've discovered that The Temperance Corporation has a subsidiary company, known as Bio Link, this company we've discovered is strictly off the books. It exists no where no employees. Now we thought that perhaps there had been a mistake and that the pair has nothing to do with each other or more likely our source was mistaken or even lying and wasting our times. Until we were given information and data concerning what it was Bio Link was doing" Carey told her studying her face as she allowed the information to seep in "the data was over a long time at least seven years, it was only a partial data not containing any information on the subject no background and no information about what exactly the program was about..." Carey bit himself off and glanced at his hands before looking at Remmie.
"there was information on the data that told us the subject was at least 13 years old that she had been 'abandoned' so to speak when she was six years old and that her name was Remmie Epps" Carey stated causing Remmie to stare at him before she slowly got to her feet staring aimlessly at the floor beneath her.
"You were being trained Remmie, for what we have no idea. There was a list of skills you had accrued over the years, medical knowledge wasn't on there. But we gathered from other information from the paper work we had received that there may have been several other children all taken at different ages and from all the country to be trained. It seems Bio Link is training what they would call prefect soldiers, able to adapt to any conditions" "to any task they were ordered to carry out" Remmie injected causing Carey to no but Remmie wasn't looking at him instead she paced back and forth as small snatches of memories bombarded her. Of being asked if she could perform in a position without alerting anyone as to her inexperience.
"Affectedly the subject could blend into anywhere and do a lot of damage, especially in a government job" Carey stated as Remmie nodded before looking at him "you said there may have been more apart from me... if they have done the same to those others the same things they did with me then" "I know, but Bio Link is hidden, better then hidden it's as though it doesn't exist" Carey admitted before Remmie reclaimed her seat "they cannot be allowed to do this" Remmie declared with passion. Carey studied her after a few moments he nodded then stood "we won't, you should rest now. We'll talk later on" Carey stated before he nodded, grabbing his hat before turning sharply and opened the door giving a sharp nod to both the guards leaving Remmie to sit and think. She glanced at her book but decided against it and began to think even more about her past.


The young woman walked down the steps leading to the countless brown stone buildings littering the street. Glancing to the window her strawberry blonde hair caught in the wind and she fought to clear her eyes. The curtains twitched and she knew that she would be scolded for not pulling her hair back. Jessica began her two block walk home, she had been lucky to find herself a shared apartment in the upper part of Washington. It was just a twenty bus ride to congress. But as she had discovered when moving here from Idaho that winters seemed to stretch out for longer then any where. Turning the collar of her cream colored trench coat up, she fought against the bitter cold engulfing her.
It had been gone ten when her replacement had turned up for her shift, the second shift carer was meant to start at nine o'clock. Jessica puffed air out in distaste, the second carer wouldn't been disciplined for that, knowing the manager of the Care At Home company meant to she could use that to scare her supervisors. Jessica had been told that quickly, and if it wasn't for the lack of jobs and the distance from her home she would quit. But there was another reason, Mrs. Keats. The elder lady she was caring for, she was sweet and tried her best not to be a bother to her even though Jessica had mentioned several times that it was her job to care for her. But Mrs. Keats had protested stating that she was still in the prime of her life. The old lady was a pleasure to care for, she would bring out several leather bound photo albums and show Jessica the moments of her life caught by a camera. Mrs. Keats had been nurse for most of her life, she cared for many and when her husband came from war she was the first thing he saw when he woke, two weeks later he promptly asked Mrs. Keats to marry him. Mrs. Keats would show her photos of her husband and Jessica agreed many times that her husband was extremely handsome.

Sadly Mrs. Keats admitted that because of many wounds her husband had retained during war he was unable to conceive any child. Something she regretted. But between them the Keats made each other happy until five years ago when Mr. Keats died and Mrs. Keats was unable to care for her self. Jessica had been working for Mrs. Keats for the past three months.
Sighing Jessica thought of her bed, turning a corner she groaned when nearly half the street lights were flickering, she made her way down the darken street listening to the world around her. In the distance she could hear the sirens of police cars and shivered, the small town in which she had grown up in was relatively quiet. A few car thieves and some T-ping of local teacher's houses but that was about it, a far cry the big cities. She pulled the coat tighter around her when she heard footsteps, stopping she glanced behind her but saw no one. Shaking her head in disbelief she carried on walking, ducking her head. She sighed when she reached the other end of the ally and was bathed in working street lights. However as she turned she walked into something solid yet soft glancing up she saw a young man "sorry" she muttered before smiling, dropping her shoulders when she saw kindness spreading his face. He began to ask a question and Jessica was only too happy to help.

General Carey looked to the man standing beside him "you think this wise" he questioned as he walked towards the window looking out over the base. Admiral Kent Van Holt questioned clasping his hands behind his back. Carey rubbed his forehead and sighed "honestly sir, I don't think she'll ever be ready but she has to go outside some day and if she can help then it's the best thing for her" Carey admitted as Van Holt looked at him "Richard she's no older then my youngest, how long the FBI been bothering us" Van Holt questioned, pulling at his clean trimmed beard "for seven months now, I believe it's their twelfth victim now. Their having no luck" Carey admitted causing Van Holt to nod and shrug "well you have our support, but you will have to keep tabs on her" he ordered as Carey nodded leaning back in his chair "any more information on Bio Link" Carey asked as Van Holt turned and strolled towards the door "none, not since your informant went underground. She has no idea what happened to him" Van Holt questioned as Carey shook his head "no, we figure he was killed or wounded while trying to get Remmie out" Carey admitted causing Van Holt looked at him "how do we know that this wasn't what they wanted, for her to be put in place" Van Holt questioned as Carey shrugged "maybe... but I don't think she was" Carey admitted as Van Holt nodded "well I trust in your judgment" Van Holt admitted before he grabbed his hat and looked at Carey once more "just make sure we're not making a mistake" Van Holt ordered before he picked up his hat and nodded to Carey before turning and heading to the door and walking out.

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