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part six

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Remmie Epps is searching for who she is

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Mac glanced at Remmie as they rode the elevator, looking back at the doors he took a breath "so what kind of expert are you then" Mac questioned as Remmie looked at him "I'm well trained in several subjects" Remmie told him as Mac nodded "well that's good. Work with the FBI before" Mac asked as Remmie shook her head "I've been in training for most of my life" Remmie told him as Mac frowned "wow, your parents must have been hardcore for you to spend most of your life in training" Mac stated as Remmie looked down but before she answered Mac's phone shrilled in his pocket. Mac gave Remmie an apologetic look before digging his cell out "hello" he answered as brought the cell to his ear "um, I'm at work now" Mac stated before flickering his eyes towards Remmie who looked back the doors "Kate, I'll call you back later" Mac ordered before the elevator came to a stop and the doors opened. Remmie stepped out and Mac followed quickly "ok, I'll bring something home to eat. If you want to stay the night that's fine but I don't know what time I'll be back to night" Mac stated gesturing to a double set of stainless steel doors "ok Kate, yeah talk to you soon" Mac stated before he hanged up and stopped looking at Remmie and gave her a full smile "sorry" he apologized "your wife" Remmie questioned but Mac gapped at her and shook his head "god no... she's just... I hang out with her" he stated as Remmie frowned "I don't understand what that means" she stated as Mac scrubbed at his head before clearing his throat "never mind, shall we" he asked not waiting for an answers as he walked to the doors and pushed them opened and stepped in to the sterile room. The smell of disinfectant and stall water kicked at them as Remmie followed. Five tables stood spaced out in the room each with a pull down spray above them. In the middle stood a middle aged man with half moon glasses, he looked up and his face drop and a scrawl spread across it "you" he growled in Mac's direction causing Mac to straighten and his jaw muscles bunched "doc-" "don't doc me, do you know what time it is" the doctor asked as Mac smiled at him "well you see" "eight thirty, I can't get my team here till nine. So I don't know who your going to get to help me pull this bodies out" the doctor asked as Mac folded his arms, a stern look creeping over his face now. But before he could answer Remmie frowned "I thought it was skeletons not bodies" Remmie declared drawing the doctors attention away from Mac and studied her "you... who the hell are you" the doctor demanded as Mac looked away from the doctor to Remmie then back again "Doctor Royce Pollok, Pollok this is miss Remmie Epps" Mac introduced as Pollok raised an eyebrow "what do you do" Pollok snipped but Remmie wasn't affected "I'm an expert, I need to exam the skeletal remains of the five women discovered" Remmie stated as Pollok looked taken back before he broke out into a large smile "I like you" he stated before he turned and walked over to a bank of small square doors "Cohen I like her" Pollok stated over his shoulder as he scanned the doors "I'll get one of the guards to help me carry the after three in, you two can get started on the last two brought in" Pollok stated as he opened two doors and pulled one try out then another both holding a large black body bags "all yours" Pollok declared before he turned and walked past them towards the door walking out in search of guards to help him.
Remmie stepped forward and looked at one of the tags attached to the first body bag "Rachel Keach" Remmie read aloud before Mac walked over to her "second to last victim to go missing" Mac told her before Remmie opened the bag and looked down at a full skeleton, the bones seemingly blenched white against the black bag. Remmie studied each bone noting mentally each nick and dent "the joints in her wrists, elbows and shoulders are smooth... extensive and repetitive use" Remmie said aloud as Mac sorted through his memory and nodded "she was a gymnastic... you know hanging from those ropes thing" Mac stated as Remmie gave him a look but said nothing and looked at the bones again "arthritis, she began her training at an early age. I doubt she would have continued with her gymnastics for more then a year or two. The pain must have been unbearable during training" Remmie stated as Mac walked over to her and looked at the bones "we went through that, her parents were questioned, it seems her mother wanted her to keep pushing through but they check out" Mac told her as Remmie examined the skeleton again "ok, so we knew all this is there something you can tell me that I don't already know" Mac questioned but Remmie ignored him. Her attention was drawn to the shoulder joints "she didn't struggle... when she was abducted she didn't struggle. She couldn't, her shoulders have deteriorated more then her wrists and elbows. She could barely lift her arms without pain" Remmie stated as Mac looked at her "I didn't know that" Mac stated as Remmie pointed the problem areas out "how did she die" Remmie asked as Mac looked at her "affixation probably" Mac told her before Remmie moved down to the skeletons wrist "her wrist was broken in three places, the edges look snapped... their sharp and seem to have splintered. Something heavy broke her wrist" Remmie stated as Mac looked at her "before or after" Mac questioned raising an eyebrow "after, maybe it was broken when the killer moved the body" Mac stated before he shook his head "he's getting sloppy" Mac declared causing Remmie to look at him confused "I don't understand what that means" Remmie stated as Mac frowned at her before standing back from the skeleton "he's getting reckless" Mac stated as Remmie thought then shook her head "I don't believe he is... if anything he is becoming more confident in his disposal of the bodies" Remmie stated before she walked around the table and began to open the second bag while Mac watched her "you know that from spending twenty minutes on the case" Mac questioned folding his arms, his tone of disbelief made Remmie glance up at him with an emotionless expression "it's obvious that he believes himself above the law. He has yet to be caught and you have yet to have a single suspect. You might only catch him if he allows you too" Remmie stated as Mac raised an eyebrow "well that's why we have you here isn't. I mean you are an expert right" Mac asked as Remmie looked at him and straightened "this is my first" Remmie admitted as Mac raised an eyebrow "what FBI case" Mac questioned as Remmie shook her head "no my first murder case" Remmie admitted causing Mac to gape at her then clear his throat "um... your joking right" Mac questioned with disbelief but Remmie shook her head. Silence settled among them before a shrill echoed throughout the room before Mac dug his cell from his pocket and hit the answer button "Cohen" Mac greeted as Remmie looked back at the skeleton "ok, ok thanks I'll be up in twenty minutes I have to track down Carter" Mac stated before he hanged up and looked back at Remmie "we've got a name on her, Lucy Ramon. Parents reported her missing a week ago" Mac told her as Remmie looked at Lucy Ramon's remains.
A sudden sense of sadness crept over Remmie, a young girl with her life ahead of her. She examined the skeleton and sighed "no signs of visible struggle, her bones are in good condition. She was strong, she would have been more likely to fight off any attack" Remmie stated as Mac shook his head "no traces of drugs in her system" Mac stated but Remmie was studying the skull. Mac tilted his head and realized that Remmie wasn't paying him her full attention "she didn't struggle" Remmie declared lifting the skull out of it's place and Mac held his hands out "wow, I don't think you should be doing that... it's weird" Mac admitted as Remmie tilted the skull back and held it to the flouriest lights "have you ascertain cause of death" Remmie asked as Mac shrugged "not definite why" Mac asked as Remmie turned the skull towards him "she was hit" Remmie declared as Mac frowned but showed disgust looking at the skull "how can you tell" he asked as Remmie pointed inside the skull, indicating to a dark stain at the crown of the skull "the skull is relatively smooth to the touch. But under intensive magnification you will seem dentitions in the bone. However here there is a large dentitions and a dark stain is presence. She was hit and the injury caused bleeding in her brain" Remmie stated as Mac lost the disgusted look and stared at the skull "she was hit" Mac questioned as Remmie nodded studying Mac "most likely, I assume that he was unable to subdue like his other victims so he struck her but the blow caused a rapture in her brain and the bleeding caused an aneurysm" Remmie informed him as Mac rubbed his head and looked away sadden "how long" he asked in a husky voice. Remmie frowned with confusion "I don't understand what you mean" she stated as Mac looked at her and cleared his throat "how long did it take for her to die" Mac asked as Remmie thought before looking at him "I estimate looking at the wound and how the bone has started to heal her took from one to three days after she received the injury" Remmie stated matter of factly. Mac looked at the skeleton before shaking his head "will you be ok waiting here for Pollok to return. I have to head back up stairs. Pollok will have all the information you will need" Mac stated but before Remmie could ask he smiled tightly at her and stepped back "that's great, phone if you have any problems" Mac ordered before he turned and headed out the double leaving Remmie standing alone holding a skull.

Carter looked up when the door swung open and Mac walked in "she's a virgin" Mac declared causing Cater to raise his eyebrows and lay his pen down "ok, I bite who are you talking about" Carter questioned as Mac paced his office "the expert you sent us, this is her first case... ever" Mac exclaimed as Carter sighed and clasped his hands together on the desk surface "yes" he agreed bringing Mac to a stop before staring at his boss "you knew and you took her on" Mac demanded as Carter nodded before shrugging "and the point is to your ranting" Carter questioned as Mac stared at him for a few moments "look doctor Pollok just phoned told me she determined COD on he latest body. Pollok said he hadn't even picked up on the blood on the brain. She's good and when I say your in charge what I really mean is that I let you think your in charge having your rants before I tell you that I'm in charge and she's a keeper" Carter declared as Mac clenched his jaw muscles "does that mean she's staying" Mac spat as Carter thought then nodded "I believe so... yes I think that's what I said" Carter agreed before he picked his pen up again "but sir" "I believe I just ended that conversation" Carter declared not looking up from his paper work. Mac glared at his boss before letting out a puff of air before turning and stalking out. Carter grinned to himself as the young agent slammed the door shut.
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