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part eight

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Jessica's death

Category: Mystery - Rating: G - Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama - Published: 2006-11-20 - Updated: 2006-11-20 - 297 words

Jessica lifted her heavy head from the cold and hard floor. She was back in the room she had first woken up in after she had been abducted. There was one sliver of light pouring in from beneath the door; he had left the light on full beam. Pushing her self white hot pain shot up her arms making her cry our. She bit her lip painfully to stop her self from making any noises, glancing round she could just make out the grey walls, there was a bucket sitting in the corner which she was expected to use for her toilet. Feeling blood trickle down her chin Jessica unclamped her teeth and winched. She didn't know how long she had been there, she wasn't even sure that anyone had noticed her missing.
Fear knotted in her stomach as she imagined her self down her for months with not one person caring about where she was. There had been one person who might of care she had gone missing, a guy she meet at a party a month go. She had drunk too much to remember the full details but she did awoke next to him but left before he woke up and she hadn't seen him since.
Tears slid down her cheeks when she imagined her widowed father standing over her body confirming it was her. Bile rose in her throat and turning Jessica lurched her self towards the bucket and heaved until it felt like her insides were being ripped apart. There was a metal crunching from her and suddenly the door was opened and the room was drowned in white light blinding Jessica as she turned, she could just about make out the man who she had offered to help so many nights ago.

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