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Lost my mind

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Love equals insanity, pass it on...

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A/n: Adult Swim put Trigun back on the air and plot bunkins ensued.

Me no own Trigun


I am mad. Insane, to be more exact.

I was once sane in my lifetime, I promise you. I remember it. I had a nice quiet life style like everyone else. I didn't stick out too much, really, I didn't.

I was normal.

Now I'm quite literally nuts. I have lost my mind.
This isn't exactly a new development either. I'm pretty sure I lost the ability of rational thinking the moment I signed up for this job.
Of course, I'm not the only insane person in the world. There are many more like me out there, I know it. I've seen them around me.

My kind is everywhere.

Hell, I'm living with them, although one is a different type of insane. He's more of the 'lock ones self in a room and draw all over the walls with one's own blood' type of insane (now whether or not he actually does the whole 'draw all over the walls with one's own blood' part, I don't really know for sure, nor am I willing to go in there and find out). The one of the other insane individual under this roof is the whole reason I've lost my mind.

I blame him, I really do.

I don't know if you've realized it yet, but I'm not talking about the normal definition of 'insane' society has made for the word. No, I'm talking about a whole new level of insanity here; one that's been around for millions of years.


Oh yes, what a terrible word that is. Only the people who've completely lost their minds can truly say that they are in fact in love with someone else.
And you have to be truly and utterly out of your bloody skull to fall in love with someone like Vash the Stampede.

Its not hard to love the man after you get over the whole outlaw worth more then you could ever make in three life times and that blowing a hole in fifth moon thing. He's a really sweet, caring, compassionate guy. But, if you dig deep enough, really truly loving him might be a little hard.
The man's not even human.

Not in the sense that he's really cruel on the inside or that he has mad skillz or something stupid like that.

He's a walking, talking hunk of lost technology.

He's so above and beyond me I don't know why he even looks at me the way he does.

I don't know, maybe I'm blowing everything out of proportion here. Maybe I really haven't lost my mind. Maybe the past two and a half years have just been some crazy dream.

But, lying next to him, right here, right now, whether its all a dream or not, makes being sane...not really worth it.

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