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running away

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tohru is in a strange place wiht strange things, and beautiful people. to bad for tohru, she cant talk to any. but she sees a blonde haire boy, and relizes he know her. running away? thinks tohru, ...

Category: Fruits Basket - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Akito, Hatori, Momiji, Tohru - Published: 2006-11-23 - Updated: 2006-11-24 - 697 words

akito was grinning. she led tohru by the hand. " so, what is your name again, dear." akito said still wearing that grin. tohru answered with an confused look on her face, " ummm... tohru." she said quietly. she looked around in amazment. she had woken up in a room. she had over heard a fight of this man, and a nother. the one in the doctors coat was yelling telling the man that was leading her, that it was all a mistake, that with out the girl it would fall apart. the man that was leading her had grinned and asnwered quickley that that was the point. he then seeing tohru in the door way, quickley smiled at the doctor and took tohru by the hand and was now leading her somewhere. she remembered the last thing she saw was the doctor crying, and remembered thinking, " who is this girl that there talking about." " do you have a home," said the man that was leading her, and tohru immedaitly snapped out of her thoughts. tohur looked down trying to remember. then felt a cold sting, and remembered. " no," she remembered, " i dont." akito tsked " well, i'm willing to let you work here, and live here, if you would like." tohru gave a happy sigh. " oh yes, thank you thank you." tohru bowed, which she noticed seemed to please the man. " good, my name is akito." tohru bowede again, but akitobrought her back up. " there are rules however," akito said harshley, " you will not talk to anyone here. not even if they talk to you. and," akito leaned in closer, " if you feel your head going fuzzy, just remember, that im in comand, and that fuzziness should not get in the way." tohru frowned and akito smiled. " shall i show you your room." tohru nodded and akito lead the way.

tohru was sorting out her clothes. akito had been very genorous, and had given her a job, a home, and clothes. her ether things where delivered towards her. though tohru was overwelmed with the kindness of akito, she was a little puzzled. why was she not allowed to talk to anyone. and why no to her. why did she feel an empty ness, and the fuzziness that akito had explained. and since everything had been so quick, tohru was still a little confused. where was hse before, she had been here. what had happened. tohru was confused.

tohru left ust to walk around. everything was so strange. house upon house, like a community. so many beautiful faces. so many people. and she could not talk to any of them? tohru frowned. how unfortunate. tohru walked up to a garden which she happily welcomed into her heart. " garden," she shouted with joy. she was there for a couple of minutes with out relizing that there was a boy standing there. she was about o say hello, but she remembered that she couldent. she covered her mouth. the boy had blonde hair. he wore strange clothes, but looked like a prince, and was only a little taller then herself. he was crying, and the tohru that she was wanted to reach out to him, hold him comfort him. but she knew she couldent. " you shouldnt be here," the boy said softley. " your not allowed here." tohru sighed adn waved goodbye to the boy, before running off somewhere that she could explore. but she stopped when she heard soeone scream her name. " why tohru," yelled the blonde boy. his face in severe pain. how does he know my name, thought tohru. " why tohru did you run away." tears streamed down his face. run away from what, thought tohru. " you told us never to run away," he screamed, " you told us that every moment was worth living for, then why did you go tohur, why did you leave. us." the boy took a few steps towards her then took those steps back. he looked at her and said one statement before running away. " i loved you tohru, i loved you with all my heart." and he left tohru there in the road. pondering, about those she loved, and what she ran away from.
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