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an evil smile- the end

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everything that happens when all this is over

Category: Fruits Basket - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Akito, Ayame, Hatori, Hatsuharu, Hiro, Isuzu, Kagura, Kana, Kasuma, Kisa, Kyo, Mine, Momiji, Ritsu, Shigure, Tohru, Yuki - Published: 2006-11-24 - Updated: 2006-11-24 - 440 words

so this is what happened after all of everything. all the junish had been freed form there curses. kagura went into pyscology, and kisa and hiro are still in there senoir year of high school. rin, she and haru, are still dating and are in college. same dorm rooms, anyway. momiji, went and made his own cd with the hit song " strolling in the forest." and has made many freinds.ayame and mine got married, and there bussiness is still booming. hatori, is still single, and is not looking, but has become great frineds with kana, and is still in the doctors bissness. ritsu, has, like ussauly, is still wearing girls clothes but is in line for womans clothing, and very popular with men. shigure is still living in the same house,but is now currently dating his boss. yuki decided to go off wiht machi, a girl from his student council, and there engaged.

and finnaly...

tohru and kyo got married two years after kyo got freed from the curse. one of the reasons was because tohru was expecting, and the other was that because, the loved each other anyway. they are still now deeply in love, and are expecting there third child
there first, which was a girl, was named kyoko, and there second which was a nother girl, was named kisa, and the third, whcih is going ot be a boy ( kyo's very excited about that) will be named kazuma. tohru is a grea mother, and to everyone's suprise, kyo is a great father. they ake a perfect couple huh?

akito, who was outraged at wika for not doing his job, was utterly enraged when she learned that the curse was broken. she then got sicker and sicker, intill she died. the sohma mansoin was left, to shigure in her will, but decided to give it to all the sohmas, in which they could all share.

shigure sat at his desk. he had to think of a story and quick. yes he was still an author, and a very popular one at that, but his story had to be on the computar and printed fast. he sat there thinking. " well quite alot has happened. maybe i shall write about... oh, i know" shigure said as a light bulb popped over his head. he started to type words on the computar. " perfect," he said. then he read it out loud. " this story starts, how every other story starts. with, a plot, and charactors. but this story also starts out with a man. a man with dark hair, and bright eyes, and lives with an evil smile..."

the end
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