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Chapter Four

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Will Reading and Summons

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Disclaimer- If I owned Harry Potter would I be writing this? No, that is why J.K. Rowling is worth so much money. This story will be very AU

9:30 am - Number Twelve Grimmauld Place, England - November 6th, 1996

Alex Potter was waiting impatiently for his friend, Ronald Weasely, who was the son of the Minister of Magic, and his girlfriend, Rosaline. The only reason that Ron was going was because the Minister of Magic needed to be at certain inheritance ceremonies like this one. Alex thought that his family would be joining up with the Black family since they had no heir, Albus Dumbledore was thinking along the same lines. They would be in for the shock of their lives during the will reading.

Leaky Cauldron, Diagon Alley

Vega sadly woke up and put his robe-suit on, and hid his side-arm in a pocket in the inside of his coat. The walk to Gringotts was a very solemn one. Griphook, the son of Silverhook, led Vega to the will reading room. Vega sat at the head chair and waited for the ceremony to begin. Vega saw sixteen people enter the room, and look very shocked when they saw Vega sitting in the head chair. Two of the people Vega instantly recognized them; they were the slayers from the rave last night.

The witch had shoulder length black hair, but he could see faint outlines of red and pink highlights. Vega guessed see just died her hair this morning. She was about five four, and had bright blue eyes. The vampire was also female. She had platinum blonde hair and had ice cold eyes due to the vampirism gene. From what Vega could tell four red heads and two brunettes and an amber hair colored person all sat down pompously. Vega saw a metamorph, a werewolf, and a metawolf all sit down when Albus Dumbledore sat down as well. Silverhook walked up to the podium and said in an ancient voice, "We are gathered today to witness the will reading of Duke Sirius Black." Another ghostly image of Sirius rose out of the podium, this time it was life sized.

"I, Duke Sirius Orion Black, being sane of mind leave one thousand Galleons to James Lily, Alex, and Heather Potter for only one reason, which is giving me my son. To Remus, Nymphadora, and Rosaline Lupin I leave one thousand Galleons as well. To Albus Dumbledore I leave you five hundred Galleons. To Narcissa Malfoy, I leave you five hundred Galleons. To Rayne Williams and Luna Lovegood, you two help Vega find the treasure, by the way one thousand galleons to the both of you. Well this will be my last good bye Vega, I leave you everything else." Vega's eye started to water as Alex spoke up.

"This is not right! We were never informed of the fact that Duke Black had a child! This is not fai..." Alex never finished what he was about to say because Vega's gun barrel was direct in the middle of his forehead. This made everyone do a Mexican stand-off (What Trinity did in Club Hel in the Matrix Revolutions.) Thankfully Rayne and Luna were on his side. If they had to they could take everyone of here with a bit of difficulty. Thank the gods that Albus Dumbledore had not drawn his wand or else they were in deep shit. Silverhook told everyone to calm down and sit down.

Vega then felt a subtle push on his Occulumency shields. Vega looked at Dumbledore with a death glare. Silverhook then said that the will reading was finished, but he needed the Minister, Vega, Rayne and Luna to fill out some paper work. When it was over the Minister's children came over. "Hello, my name is Ronald Weasley; I am the son of the Minister of Magic. It would be an honor to be my friend..." Ronald fell down gasping for air because Vega had punched him in the Solar Plexus. Four Aurors converged around the fallen child and casted healing charms on him. Vega hated stuck up pricks like Weasely. Vega then walked back into Gringotts to head to his family vault. Griphook led him down to vault thirteen and subdued the pack of berserker dragons.

A berserker dragon a pure black dragon that is about fifty meters in length, and with a wing span of one hundred meters. There hides were armor like plates. If Lord Voldemort would get his hands on one of these incredibly rare creatures, it would kill a thousand people before it could be hurt. Thank the gods they were almost extinct.

The inside of the family Vault of the Most Noble Family Black was huge. In the middle of the vault there was a midnight black tome floating in the middle of the vault, the tome was surrounded by malicious shadows. Around the tome there were stacks upon stacks of gold and heirlooms. Griphook said, "The tome in the center of this vault is the Tome of Asad. No one has been able to read it expect Asad himself. The only way we know that it is Asad's is because of the mark of the covenant, a seven pointed star. The same mark resides across you neck. I will leave you for the time being."

"Is there any way that I can convert some of this money into a form of USGD (A/N- USGD is like USD, or dollars. I never liked the idea of carrying all of those coins in a pouch. It would get heavy.) Griphook said that there were bulleon (sp?) bills. Vega asked for a thousand bulleon bills. Griphook said that it would be read for him after he left the vault. Out of curiosity Vega reached for the tome with a shadowed hand. As soon as he reached for it, a voice spoke in his head. Ah, an heir has finally shown up. What will you give for this knowledge of the gods? Vega could only think of one answer, What ever you require of me. The voice responded, Good, I will brand your right arm with the mark of Asad, the Master of Shadows and the Grey Lord.

Vega then felt a pain on his entire right arm. Very slowly starting at his neck, a black phoenix tattoo started to appear. The phoenix's neck ended at his shoulder. The black phoenix's wings wrapped around Vega's entire arm, the bird's tail feathers were on each of Vega's fingers. All of the feathers appeared to glow with a black fire. The tome of Asad slowly melted into Vega's mind. As soon as this was finished, Vega felt his mind slowly being ripped, which was allowing space for the tome. All of the knowledge was dripping into his mind very slowly. Every drop gave Vega more and more power. Vega was the possessed by the book. Vega shadowed to an unknown location that had many magical animals in stasis. The book released its hold on Vega. Vega then screamed some choice words before looking around. In the center of the room there was a large nest. In the nest there were seven large phoenix eggs. Vega could tell that they were phoenix eggs because they were all on fire, the color of which was to be the phoenix's color. There were two red-orange ones, two blue one, a white one, a multi-color one, and a phoenix that had both dark red and a small amount of black. Vega felt a familiar presence in the blood red egg. Vega reached for the blood red egg. The fire died out as he held the hatching egg. Vega held in his hands a small chick sized phoenix. The phoenix jumped over to Vega's neck and gave him three small pecks. The pecks formed a very small triangle. This small triangle would leave a very faint scar. The tome possessed Vega again as he shadowed back to Gringotts.

Griphook was waiting for him with a smile on his face. "You knew that would happen didn't you?" All Griphook did was smile. Vega then saw a very unique trunk. The trunk had seven compartments. The seventh compartment had a time reducing field around it. Vega shrank down the trunk and put it in his pocket. Vega then asked Griphook, "Can I move into a family house since I really don't have a place to live yet?" Griphook disappeared in a sprout of flame, and reappeared a second later.

Griphook was holding two things. One was his stack of bullion bills. In the other was a roll of parchment. Griphook handed both things to Vega. After about ten minutes, Vega chose to live at a flat that the Black family owned. Vega figured he could get a decent job somewhere in this country. Vega then thanked Griphook as he shadowed to the flat.

"We need to find a way to get Vega to come to Hogwarts. There I can at least control him." Dumbledore said to the Inner Circle of the Order of the Phoenix.

"What about using the Heir Apparent Law 0f 1750?" James Potter suggested. The Heir Apparent Law of 1750 was a very obscure law. It basically said that the heir of any old pureblood family must attend the Wizarding School of their native country. Since the Black family came for England Vega must attend Hogwarts.

"Very good idea James. I will go send the summons immediately." Albus Dumbledore said with a pop.

10:30 am - Flat 1313, Wolf Towers, United Kingdom - November 6th, 1996

When Vega shadowed to his new host it was dark that his shadow. Vega flipped on the light switch and the entire room little up like a Christmas tree. The whole flat was painted a dark red color and all of the furniture was black leather. There was a decent sound system and big screen TV. Vega walked around the large flat. It had three rooms, three full baths, a workout room, a large den/living room, a study and a kitchen. Vega un-packed his trunk into the largest room which would be his. Vega then decided to change his clothes quick and pick up a few things. Vega threw on a pair of black cargo pants and a Sex Pistols shirt. Vega walked out of his flat to see a girl with burning orange hair at his door. The girl was fifteen from what he could tell. She was wearing a small red dress. Vega could detect a strong potion around her, due to him being able to tell about potions by smell due to M.A.R.

"Does Vega Black live here?" the girl asked. Damn, I did not activate the closed circuit cameras yet. Damn it! Vega thought.

"What the Hell do you want? I know what you are trying to do and it won't work." Vega said. The girl was visibly angry and she shoved a scroll at him as she stomped off. Vega opened the scroll and it read-

Baron Black,

Your presence is requested by the Wizengamot for a hearing on the Heir Apparent Law of 1750.

Good Day,

Vega checked the scroll away and walked out into muggle London, not before he heard his phoenix sing a song that soothed him.
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