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Chapter 3-Night out

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"I can do miracles" "Yeah you can" "Step number 4 the most important accessory is your hair"

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I was at my house getting ready to go out with Veronica. I didn't really change anything but my clothes. I heard a knock at my door so I went to answer it

"You ready to..." she looked at my up and down.

"What's wrong?" I said feeling around my hair.

She walked in my house and I closed my door.

"No your not going with me dressed like that"

"What? Why?"

"Your dressed like your about to visit grandma Edna"

"No I'm dressed like me"

"No your dressed like who you want to let go"

"Your right"

Veronica made her way to my room.

"I know the real you is hidden in this closet" she said throwing random clothes out.

"No your making a mess"

"And" she said throwing more clothes.

"Step number two, don't be a clean freak" she added

"So your telling me to live like a slob"

"No I'm saying not everything you do has to be organized. What's the point in life if everything go' s as planned"

"Your right"

"Am I always"

I laughed.

"AHA" she said holding a hanger in her hand with a shirt.

"No I'm not wearing that shirt"

"Why it's fun and the one you got on isn't"

"But it shows too much skin"

"Step number 3 don't be afraid to reveal a little skin, guys always adore a tease"


"Yeah really now put it on" she said giving it to me. I put took off the shirt I had on and put that one on.

"One more thing" she said grabbing my hand and taking me to my bathroom.

"Ready to see a big transformation" she said looking At me through the mirror. I nodded my head anxiously. She then started to pull the hair pins out my hair. My hair slowly began to fall. When she was finished she brushed it down. Done she put the brush down.


"I can do miracles"

"Yeah you can"

"Step number 4 the most important accessory is your hair"

I gave her a smile.

"Lets go in the big square hole we call a door" she teased. I laughed and we were off.
After showing our I.D's, we went in the club. It was crowded and the music was blasting out the speakers.

"I'M GOING TO GO MINGLE, WANNA JOIN" she yelled over the music.

"NO I'LL BE AT THE BAR" I replied

"OKAY I'LL BE OVER THERE" she said walking off.

I then went up to the bar. I sat down and a man behind the counter greeted me.

"What can I get for such a fine lady"

I blushed.

"Shirley temple"

"Right on it" he said getting out a glass. I then began to look at the dance floor. Hot and sweaty people were the majority up there. My body heat began to rise just looking at them.

"Here you go, anything else"?

"No" I said shyly. I then began to take a sip. I placed the glass back down. Then I picked it back up and stood up. I started to hear screaming, but I didn't know where. As I started to walk and without notice a guy bumped into me spilling my drink all over me.

"You fucking ba.." I stopped in my words as I saw who it was.

"I'm so sorry" he said bending down to get my glass. He then stood back up and handed it to me.

"My name is Brendon" he said reaching his hand out to me.

"Hello Brendon I'm Alicia" I said shaking his hand.

"I feel like I've seen you somewhere"

"Well I hear you a lot"


"On the radio, you are the lead singer from Panic! With the disco"

"Panic! At the disco, but your close"

"No I was testing you, and you passed" I said blushing.

He then started to just stare at me.

"What is there something wrong" I said wiping around my face.

"No it's just I know I've seen you from somewhere and man your beautiful"

"I'm pretty sure you say that to all your fans"

"So you're a fan"

" depends which one your referring too. I mean if you think I'm, gonna cry or say how much I think your cute to get in your jeans that's not me, but if your talking about if I hear your song on the radio I'll tap my hands on the steering wheel and sing along, now that's me "

"Well which ever way you take it"

I smiled.

"You have a very pretty smile" he said

"Not as pretty as your's" I said pointing to his mouth

He smiled.

"See I can make a rock star smile"

"Rock star I wouldn't say, I'm just like you except I have fame to my name"

"Yeah I guess so"

"Can I buy you another drink, since I got the other one all over you"

"Yeah you did get me kind of wet"

He started laughing.

"Pervert, not in that way" I laughed myself.

He smiled and walked with me back to the bar. He bought me a drink and himself.

"So tell me more about yourself" he said taking a drink.

"Well were do I start" I said fiddling with my glass.

"BRENDON" we heard someone call from a far. He turned around and I guessed he recognized them.

"Um..that's my bodyguard Zach, I guess fate will soon bring us together"

"Maybe when you least expect it" I said. He smiled and then ran off.
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