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Chapter 1.

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a romance between two best friends.

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Dear diary,
Today is the first day of senior year at Belleville High. I must say, im quite excited. Gerard and Frankie aren't quite as excited, but theyll sdjust. all in good time.
My stepdad, Riley, says after this I wont really get anywhere else, since i probably wont get into college. Dad never said things like that. I miss him, so much. I've never been the same since he's left. when mom remarried i thought it might be good for us, but it isnt. Riley isnt a nice person at all. He gets drunk alot, and comes home angry and violent. I guess what im trying to hint around at, diary, is that he hits me, and theres really nothing i can do about it. My friends dont know. Nobody does.
Maybe this year will turn out better then the last ones.
yours truly,

I set my diary in my drawer and closed it. I glanced at the clock, which read 7:50. great, im gonna be late. school is alright. it would be a total drag without my two best friends, gerard way and frank iero. and of course, the youngest way, who was like a younger brother to me, mikey. although i did have a little brother of my own. adam, a tall, skinny, curly headed kid that was my brother. and also my older brother, aaron. and that was us, the brody kids. we were extremely close siblings, and i loved them so. aaron was already off at college. and as for adam, well im extremely protective of him. especially around riley. if he ever lays one finger on him, i swear to god ill--
my thoughts were interrupted by a knock on my door.
i scurried over and opened it. behind it, frankie.

"so what, you couldnt have waited downstairs for like a couple minutes?" I asked, giving him a playful smack on the shoulder.

"no. no i couldnt. i could wait no longer!" he raised his pointer finger in the air. what a dork.
i laughed and pushed him out the door, grabbing my messenger bag also. we exited the front door and met up with gee and mikey.

"well good morning, ms. brody. sleep well?" gerard questioned, smiling warmly at me.

"no, actually i didnt. how can i, when ive got loads to think about?! like what this year will be like, what i have to do to get ready for college..."

"whoa, slow down there!" he chuckled, putting a hand on my shoulder. i shivered as tingles went up my spine at his touch. oh...i must have forgot to mention something when i was going on and on about myself earlier...i have a thing for gerard way. i know what you're thinking, its weird to like your best friend like that, but what can i do about it? its been like that since we first met, in 9th grade. He isnt really that attractive, hes slightly chubby and wears his hair all messy and everything, but thats just it. who he is captivates me. and that makes him so attractive to me. if he was any less chubby, or any other way that might be different, then he wouldnt be gerard. the gerard i love.
But he doesnt think of me in that way, and i can accept that. So theres no reason to tell him how i feel. it would be pointless.
"....hannah? helllooooo?" gerard waved his hand in front of my face, to get my attention. i snapped out of my thoughts and looked at him.

"huh?" was all that came out.

"ahh nevermind." he said. "we've arrived at our destination, miss. care to escort me to the front hall for schedules?" he smirked, god i loved that smirk.

"i would love to, mr. way." i smirked back.

So we all made our way to the front hall, and picked up our schedules.
heres how it goes for me:
Period 1- English
Period 2- Chemistry
Period 3- Pre calculus
Period 4- Art
Period 5- free period
Period 6- world history
Period 7- Film

and all around pretty good schedule. i had english with gerard, chem with both frank and gerard, art with gerard, and world history with them both. the other classes i had by myself.
we compared schedules for a while and went to our new lockers. mine was rather far away from their lockers, but its all good. i put the un-needed stuff away and walked to first period.
i walked into the classroom, noticing gerard sitting in the back, with a seat saved next to him for me. i smiled and made my way over there, getting a few 'hey hannah's and some 'welcome back, brody's on the way.

I sat down next to gerard and he smiled at me, then looking back down to the notebook he was drawing on.
The teacher arrived and told us all about the course, and what we'd be doing blah blah blah. thats pretty much how every class went, actually. the day went by fairly quickly and it was already lunchtime.
Gerard, frank, mikey and i found a spot under a tree outside and conversed happily, talking about our days so far and our teachers.

"Im sooooo bummed we're back in school!!" frankie sighed, then taking a bite out of his turkey sandwich.

"im not," i said. "summer was getting kind of boring. especially with you guys."

"heeey" the guys said at the same time. i laughed.

"im kidding, of course. you know i love you guys!"

"oh, we know." frank smiled. "hey i met these two really cool guys, theyre new here." he said.

"oh really?" i asked. "where are they, invite them over here!" i urged, and he got up. he said 'alright' and walked off to find them.
he came back minutes later with two boys, one blonde boy with a lip ring and another with a crazy afro. these looked like my kind of people! they sat down, and you guys talked all lunch and quickly became friends.
when lunch was over you finished out the rest of your day, concluding to yourself that you liked most of your classes, and it was soon time to go home.
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