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Prologue (Here we go again)

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Mikey's girlfriend is going on Warped Tour. With the boys from Fall Out Boy, not My Chemical Romance. Things are going to get interesting.

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About the Prologue:

This will be the ONLY chapter in third person and it tells more about why I'll be talking about the stuff that I'm talking about in the story. And if you're confused about what I just said, so am I.



Becca sat on her bed, thinking. She was in New Jersey, living in her apartment close to her friends, Mikey and Gerard's, house. They were in a band called My Chemical Romance with her other friends Bob, Ray, and Frank. Mikey was her boyfriend of one year, and they loved each other very much.

My Chemical Romance was going on Warped Tour this summer along with another band that she was once close to. Their name was Fall Out Boy. She used to live in Chicago and became very good friends with Pete, Patrick, Joe, and Andy. Becca actually used to date Pete, but he dumped her right after graduation, saying he needed to figure things out. She was heartbroken, so she hopped a plane back to New Jersey, her childhood home, the next day, and found Mikey and Gerard. She has been there for three years since that day. The only one she had kept in touch with from Chicago was Patrick, her best friend.

And now, Becca was going on Warped Tour with one of the bands. Now one would think that she'd be going with My Chemical Romance, but she wasn't. She would be going with Fall Out Boy to become friends with all of them again because she missed them. Right now, Becca was thinking that she couldn't do this. She was about to call Patrick and say that she would just stay home. She had her phone in her hand. But for once, someone stopped her from running away again.

"Pick up your stuff. It's time to go," came Pete's angry voice from the door. He was undoubtably sent by Patrick. She picked up her stuff and followed him out the door and to the bus.

"Here we go again," Becca whispered under her breath.
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