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Strawberry Jam and Riddles

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Sometimes, Yukito watches Touya too.

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In Italics are Yukito's thoughts.


Yukito watches Touya.

There was a certain poetry to his movements that always mesmerized him, in which Yukito found himself transfixed, even while the other boy occupied himself with something so utterly mundane as prepare snacks for them...

Kinomoto Touya is a riddle.

And nobody has quite figured him out. Not that anyone would bother, or even tried to attempt. It seemed that the girls at school were satisfied at giggling and swooning over his athletic physique and cool, mysterious aura-and just that.

...A sort of prelude as he moved every cookie to arrange them neatly on a plate, delicate fingers careful to touch each one, as if they were made of glass...

It was probably Touya's fault anyway. As long as I've known him, he had glowered at anyone who wanted to get close to him. Especially girls. But they would take no notice of this and continue to ogle.

...In slow and careful rhythm, he took small dollops of strawberry jam and let them trickle onto each piece, eyebrows furrowed in deep concentration...

In fact, I don't remember a time that he ever possessed even an inkling of fondness for another person of the opposite gender. Well, with the exception of his sister. But that comes naturally, I guess. Touya had always watched out for Sakura-chan, ever since they were small. And even though he often teases her, that's just the way he shows his affection.

...Expression as unreadable as ever, but a ghost of a smile was present on his lips when he offered a piece of glazed cookie to Yukito...

He never showered that kind of attention to any other girl our age.

...Hands white as snow reached out for the pastry, eyes clear as amber focused elsewhere. All consciousness of the presence of food forgotten...

Which is why I'm not really surprised that his lack of involvement with a girl had quickly became one of the "Seven Mysteries of Seijou High".

...He must have taken a bite or two, but he never tasted neither the soft crumbles of the cookie nor the dewy sweetness of strawberry...

But then again, he might be just waiting for the right person to come along. I'm sure Touya would soften as soon as he finds her.

"Yuki." There was a certain melody with which he always spoke his name, in which Yukito would always find himself drawn to his voice, as the older boy called him out of his reverie.

It was probably the intensity of Touya's gaze, or embarrassment at having been caught at the wake of his own vigil, all the same, Yukito felt his cheeks burn.

"Daijoubu ka? You're not touching your cookies."

He blinked in the vein of looking innocent. "Boku? Ah, aa. Daijoubu..." Perhaps a smile could chase the rest of the blush away.

"Yuki, kimi-" His senses turned into in disarray as Touya all of a sudden leaned in and brushed wet lips against his chin. There was a sort of pleasant chill that ran down his spine in that briefest of contacts, however, before any other thought cross his mind, Touya had smacked his lips, turning away nonchalantly as if nothing happened. "You had strawberry jam on your chin."

Yukito smiles.

Aa. Kinomoto Touya is a masterpiece riddle. And nobody has figured him out. Well, nobody-except me.
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