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Sweet Carnal Desires

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Teaser: 'He pushed her against a tree and pulled hooked her lean, strong legs around his waist with his body pressed up against her front. He crashed his lips on hers with a vengeance. She gasped...

Category: Naruto - Rating: R - Genres: Humor, Romance - Characters: Kakashi, Sakura - Published: 2006/11/29 - Updated: 2006/11/29 - 1131 words

Sweet Carnal Desires

Summary: 'He pushed her against a tree and pulled her one of her lean, strong legs around his waist with his body pressed up against her front. He crashed his lips on hers with a vengeance. She gasped against his mouth and pushed him away from her despite her desire for him. "Kakashi, stop. It's getting late, and I think you are drunk." Then she left. Kakashi watched her form disappear then looked down. "Fuck, not again." '

Kakashi x Sakura

Chapter 1: Prologue

From a view of an outsider, people who knew Sakura would use words such as strong, beautiful, clever, loyal, caring and stubborn to describe her. She was probably one of the most intelligent people who worked in the ANBU.

There had been a time when she was naïve and weak, but the day he left, she had changed. It was as if she had left her naivety and innocence behind. Her heart could no longer be described as innocent or perfect. In fact, it is far from perfect. She had been given the taste of betrayal, heart-break and bitterness at the tender age of 14. It would be described as jaded and scarred. She understood what pain meant.

Although physically and mentally, she had matured a lot, but it was admirable that she still remained the same cheerful, happy, optimistic Sakura, everyone knew and loved.

But one thing was obvious.

She had grown up.

In the retrieval of the remaining Uchiha, she hadn't hesitated to deliver him his fatal blow had the Hokage not stopped her just in time.

Naruto had been too weak at that time and under Orochimaru's influence and Sasuke had proceeded to try killing Naruto. Sakura had dashed quickly to the scene after killing Kabuto, and stopped him.

There had been no emotion in her eyes.

They were a pair of eyes that had seen people killed and had killed others.

A pair of eyes that belonged to a killer.

At that moment Sasuke knew. He knew what had caused her to reveal that side of her to him. Him. The person that she had admired since she was eight.


Her loyalty and love for the boy was so strong that she would have done anything to save him.

Regret shot through him.

Had he left this loyalty and love that was granted to him so freely behind for that monster and the pain he had put on him?

Oh what an idiot he was.

He had been contented to die at that moment. It would have be an honour for him to die in the hands of this konochi.

But Tsunade had came and ordered her to stop.

Her fist was millimetres from his chest. He could feel her power in her.

She was strong.

The chakra was so precise to aim for his heart had Tsunade not stopped her, he was sure that the punch would had brought her fist through him to pin him to the ground below and crack the forest floor into bits.

She had turned to Tsunade for her instructions. Unbeknownst to her tears had been pouring down her cheeks.

She had lifted a hand to her face, surprised at the moisture she found and stared at it in wonderment.

Her loyalty knew no boundaries.

When he returned to Konoha, she had treated him as a friend and forgave him for what he had done. She had even defended him against other people who had been critical of him because of his 'betrayal' to Konoha.

She gave him light and joy for life when Orochimaru had gave him endless pain and torture. She taught him how to enjoy life again and not take things for granted.

She was his sunlight, his warmth from his cold and dark cell that he had created for himself. She gave him the reasons to live again and to value their friendship.

She turned his departure from something bad to a catalyst that had only made the ties in Team 7 even stronger.

Even though he had trampled on her feelings and abandoned her, she never held it against him. When he tried apologizing, she had only shook her head and replied, 'The past is in the past, just learn from your mistakes and move on. If things are meant to happen, they happen. These is no use crying over spilt milk.'

She was simply amazing. Her heart was so strong and unwavering. He knew that he didn't deserve her friendship, but she offered it none the less.

Then he knew.

He loved her.

Not a lover's kind of love. No, this love is more memorable and important. No one could replace her in his heart. She was his mother, sister and friend.

And even if he loved her that way, he didn't deserve her. She wasn't his to keep. He had lost his chance a long time ago.

If there was anyone who needed her, Kakashi would be the one.

In the time that he had left, they became closer to each other. Their relationship was more for friends than for teacher and student. Although it couldn't be compared to the friendship she and Naruto had, it was still close.

But that wasn't the main point.

He could see the way his former sensei looked at her. The lingering touches, the stolen glances he gave her, the longing in his eyes.

But alas, she was oblivious to everything. Not only oblivious to his affection and attention on her, but also other men's glances on her.

She was beautiful, no doubt. So it wasn't surprising that nearly half of Konoha's men fantasies involved her being in it.

Every since his leave, she had enjoyed the freedom. Gotten addicted. Regardless to the fact that she was, indeed, attracted to Kakashi, it was clear that she wasn't about to leave the comfort of being single to commit herself so whole-heartedly to any man. She was wary of the business called love.

In Kakashi's case, it's different.

He loved her. That is obvious to anyone. But he wouldn't acknowledge it. He would admit there were lust, companionship, attraction, protectiveness, care and tenderness. Nothing else.

The betting pool on them was getting larger and more successful ever year. It was frustrating for everyone, even himself. Sakura deserved someone who would love her and care for her unconditionally. Who else better than Kakashi? He was always someone who he had admired since he was a genin. It would only be Kakashi that he would grudgingly accept that he could give her the things that Sasuke himself couldn't give.

But the both of them refused to give in one way or another, which did in the end made them the perfect couple.

The perfect couple of idiots.
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