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A cereal box saved my dignity

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First chapter.

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This Fic is set during the big day out 2007. It is told from Ray Toro's point of view.
MCR own them selves and so does Bert..... Sorta ;D

'Ray, Ray wake up'

I hear Franks voice but I pretend not to. It's far too early to be awake so I roll over and bury my face into the sheets of my bunk. The thick musty air entered my lungs and was not pleasant to breathe bit if it meant sleeping in I was prepared to deal with it.

'Come on; Get your lazy ass up'! He yells grabbing my arm and pulling.

'Now, Right now' I mutter back sleepily trying to pull my arm out of his grasp.

'Yes' confirms Frank angrily. His finger nails lightly dig into my skin as he continues to pull. This hurts but I still want to sleep. Frank is getting very annoyed at this point so he grabs my arm with both hands and pulls with all his strength. I am pulled off of the mattress and onto the thinly carpeted floor of our tour bus.

'Fine I'm up' I say irritably rubbing the carpet burn on my chin.

'Good' says Frank brightly 'lets go get breakfast'.

I rise to my feet, throwing my blanket back onto my bunk as I go.

'Get dressed' said frank 'I'm hungry'

I yawn deeply whilst pulling on my jeans 'why don't you go by yourself'?

Franks looks at me, a pink tinge on his pale cheeks. I watch as a small embraced smile creeps across his face. 'I'm afraid of the fan girls' he admitted 'three got past security last night when you were down at the beach' he shuddered 'Bert spent the night in hospital'

I winced sympathetically. 'Okay, I'm coming'

We opened the door of the bus and stepped out onto the lawn. I had to blink as sunlight hit my face. We approached the breakfast tables set up behind the convoys of tour busses glancing up at the large banners reading "Big Day Out 2007" Alcohol bottles and other forms of litter were strewn around the grounds making it necessary to watch your step because you might trip on a spare beer bottle. I've seen it happen.

'Hey guys' yelled Mikey beckoning us to sit with Gerard, Bob, Bert and himself.. I stifled a giggle at the bandage around Bert's head and joined my friends.

Eating out doors was odd but cereal was consumed none the less, Typical Guy talk was being spun around. I noticed That Frank kept looking nervously over his shoulder.

'You afraid of the evil 13 year olds Frankie' laughed Gerard coffee dribbling down his chin.

'No' he says huffily. I laugh along with everyone else.

'You should be' says Bert heroically pointing to his bandage.

I roll my eyes. We then reverted back to our previous conversation.

'Speaking of girls' said Bob 'Have you guys seen anyone hot'?

'No' said Mikey proudly playing with his engagement band.

'Well' said Gerard lowering his voice. I lent in closer to hear him. 'There's her' He stretched out a hand and pointed somewhere past my shoulder.

I hear a mumble of agreement, so I turn my head. Instantly my breath catches in my chest and my heart starts pounding. 'Wow' I mutter in a high pitch tone.

A young woman with short dark hair lent against the fence. I stare at her nervously praying that she doesn't look up at me. She wears a lanyard around her neck with an official tag attached to it. I haven't put in my contact lenses yet so I can't make out her job here. As beautiful as she is I can't help but get the feeling that she's sad. Maybe it's the way she's staring at her feet, smoking silently. Whatever it is she's giving off the fuck off vibe big time. My mouths hanging open lamely.

'Ray' says Bob

I'm entranced. I can't look away. I want to stare at her forever but her head raises quickly and our eyes meet.. I turn around fast, trying to forget her blueberry eyes. I'm a fucking idiot I scream internally to my self.

'oooooohhhhh' cooed Gerard. He's staring at me, so are the others.

'What'? I ask

'Ray Ray likes the pretty lady' he continues with a smirk

'Gee what are you...' Then I realized what the problem is. I can feel my face turn red as I snatch a cereal box off the table and thrust it into my lap.' Shit 'I cry

'Don't worry' said Mikey kindly

Bert and Gerard burst out laughing.

'You got hard'! Bert moaned between fits of laughter.

'No I... it's' I couldn't think of a plausible excuse so I fall silent.

'Go talk to her' said frank.

'Yeah, yeah' laughed Gerard 'I dare you'

'No' I say beckoning with my hands for them to quiet down.

'You gotta, he dared you' said Bert

'And if I don't' I breathed

'Then you've got to have sex with Bert' Said Gerard. Bert waved at me saying 'hi' like he's flirting. I know there probably not bluffing.

'Fine' I say rising to my feet to cross to the girl. 'But I'm just gonna say hi' before I walked away I nervously glanced down. Good. I sighed and moved towards her.

She was even prettier up close.

'Hi' I said nervously

'Hello' she replied. Her voice sounded low and tired as if she had been crying.

I swallowed hard 'are you okay' I asked
'Fine' I love the way her accent sounds. 'You were looking at me'? She asked softly eyes still on her shoes 'why'?

'um' I stuttered

Her head flew up and our eyes met again. Mascara and eyeliner was running down her cheeks. 'Ray Toro right'? She said softly. I nodded. Her head fell again. 'Just piss off okay; I don't need any fuckwit band dickheads hanging around me right now'

My heart sunk. 'Sorry, I'm so sorry I'll just go' I turned my eyes burning.

Who the hell am I kidding? All the girls like Gerard, Mikey and Frank. I sigh, why would this time be any different? I look at my friends. Anger rising in my chest. I slowly walk away. I can't sit with them now so I find a large tree and collapse at its trunk. Every place I go it's the same thing. Girls and boys fawn over the most popular members of the band while I'm forced to watch. I raise my hand up to my head and twine my fingers through my hair. My Fucking hair. I hate it, why cant it be normal I scowl. I'm angry at Gerard and the rest of my friends and I know that I shouldn't be, but I can't see why its fair.

I'm fighting down tears. I rest my head upon my knees and stare at the dirt.

'I'm sorry for being a bitch' came a small voice. I look up; the girl is standing in front of me. 'It's not your fault that I snapped' she said offering me her hand, I took it and she helped me to my feet.

I sniff hard and swallow. Eye liner was plastered to her cheeks and her eyes were red and swollen. 'Do you want to go get a coffee' I said kindly brushing some of the hair from her face.

'Kay' she said in almost a whisper

We walked in the direction of the MCR buss.

'You know my name but I don't know yours' I said glancing at her. I held the tour buss door open.

'Sasha' she said softly, entering the buss.

Well that's the end of chapter 1. Please tell me what you think. I'll update soon.

Love TBP

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