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The Beginning

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Zuko has a fiance, who is she? Will she make it to Zuko before Azula, or will she be forced into helping Azula defeat her one and only true love?

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A/N: I kind of have a fan fiction with the same characters on a different site so the made up characters are special.

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Forgotten Grief
"Hey, wait up!" Nita yelled to a 10-year-old Zuko. Zuko made it to the tree and shouted in triumph.

"That isn't fair your older!" Nita yelled at him.

Nita was two years younger than Zuko, but the two were best friends. Nita laughed as she caught up with Zuko, suddenly a bell started to ring.

"I think we have to go," Zuko whispered to Nita.

"But we've barely started playing!" Nita said exasperated.

"Well you know how our mothers get when we've been gone for too long," Zuko said sadly.

"Oh, all right," Nita said dejectedly.

Zuko smiled, "Don't worry I'm sure we'll get to play some more before I leave,"

"In your dreams, maybe," Nita replied.


Nita woke up and hid her tears she couldn't cry not now after all this time. That was six years ago I can't continue to wait for Zuko, he's gone the only way I can be with him is if he is allowed to come back or I go find him, like that would happen, mother would hate for me to leave my country, I'm not even gonna inherit any land, I'm the youngest. She knew that well, it was one of the reasons she had almost been unable to play with Zuko for. She didn't like this war and never had that was about the only thing she and Zuko disagreed about, despite that the two had were best friends. Thinking about the times they had spent together she was both happy and sad. Nita stood up she slowly got dressed not thinking about what she was doing after she was done she went out to the fields to play with her other friends, Kala laughed as she threw a few rocks at Nita, Nita easily caught them and threw them back. She wasn't into it today and everyone could tell, she never caught rock she just threw them back at them immediately, but today she wasn't doing a thing special.

"Nita, what's wrong you haven't caught a rock in years!" Kala said to her running over to her.

"I'm just not into it today, Kala," Nita said gloomily.

"Is it Zuko?" Kala asked curiously.

Nita nodded,"I had a dream last night about the last time we were together," Nita replied sadly.

"He'll find the avatar and return, then you two will get married and go on big adventures while your sister-in-law becomes the Lady of Fire!" Kala said teasingly.

Nita recognized the attempt to cheer her up, but also noticed that it hadn't worked for once.

Nita sighed, "I'm gonna go home, I don't feel like playing today," Nita said.

"Okay," Kala said dejectedly.

Nita walked home, vowing to run away that night and find Zuko. If he was the reason she was sad then why wait for him to come to her, she would go to him......

A/N: Okay I hoped you like this chapter, a new one will be coming out soon I haven't decided what will happen yet so I can't tell you, sorry! And Nita is the princess of the earth nation, just so you know
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