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Chapter Nine

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Emily makes an alarming confession to one of the guys in the band

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Emily flopped down on the couch beside Danielle who was watching some movie. Emily laid down, resting her head on her friend's lap. Danielle laughed as she played with her friend's damp hair.
"How did the shower feel?" Danielle questioned.
"It was just what I needed." Emily exclaimed. The girls giggled. "So did you have fun last night? I think I only saw you once or twice."
"It was a lot of fun, and I told you that going to the party was a good idea!" They laughed again as Emily jumped off the couch to answer her cell phone. "Hello?"
"You sound much better than you did this morning!" An unfamiliar male voice said on the other end of the line. "It's Brendon by the way."
"Oh hey! What's up?" Emily asked.
"Not much. I was just thinking about you... I know that you were really upset this morning and I was just wondering if you wanted to go out for coffee with me this afternoon." Brendon asked nervously.
"That would be great!" Emily said happily.
"Great, I will see you in twenty minutes?"
"Sounds wonderful!" After she hung up the phone, Emily ran to her room and put some make up on. She wasn't going to let the whole situation with Ryan stop her from having fun. She heard a knock on the door of the apartment and ran to answer it. Emily smiled when she saw Brendon standing on the other side. They hugged quickly. "Dani, I am going out for a little while!" She yelled to her roommate.
"I thought that we could just walk to the Starbucks down the block." Brendon suggested.
"Awesome!" Emily stated as they started the walk. "So what is like to be the lead singer of such an amazing band?" She questioned, attempting to start a conversation with him.
"It has got to be the coolest thing ever! I get to spend tons of time with my best friends and see places that I never thought I would get to see... and the singing part is pretty awesome too!" Brendon exclaimed, causing Emily to giggle. "So Spence told me that you went to art school in Toronto. That's pretty awesome! What did you take?"
"I did a lot of visual art, mostly photography and sculpting. But I did take a voice class, which was probably my favorite." Emily explained. "It was just an amazing way to express my feelings, which is apparently really hard for me to do."
"It's hard for most people to do." Brendon said, smiling at her. As they arrived at the Starbucks he asked a question that Emily wasn't too sure she was ready to answer, but knew that she needed to talk about it eventually. "Em, if things were going so great, why did you come back here where you have so many painful memories?"
"Well.... you are the first person that I am going to tell this to... but I guess that it is probably time that I talk about it or else it is probably going to drive me insane." She said heavily, grabbing her coffee off the counter. They decided to sit outside in the park so they could talk. "I don't even know where to start... you have to promise that you won't tell Spencer or Ryan. This is something that I need to tell them myself."
"I promise Emily." Brendon said sincerely.
"Okay... well, when I first moved up there, I was still in love with Ryan. I missed him so much and I was ready to pack everything up and come home and be with him. Then, I met this guy a few weeks later. His name was Brad. He was also a student at the art school and we just clicked. When I was with him, I was able to just put my fucked up past behind me. We had been dating for a year when he proposed to me. Of course, I said yes..." Emily paused to regain her composer. Brendon rested his hand on her knee and told her to take her time. "We moved in together and started planning the wedding. I came home late one night after working at the studio on a project and there was a note on the door from him, telling me how much he loved me and how sorry he was for what he had done. Of course, I freaked out and started looking for him. I found him in our bathroom... in the tub actually. He had cut his wrists and bled to death." By now, Emily was a complete mess and could barely talk. "The wedding was supposed to be tomorrow morning..." She wailed into Brendon's chest.
"Emily, that is terrible. I am so sorry to hear that." Brendon said, shocked by what she had just revealed to him.
"I couldn't stay there and I had no where else to go... I don't know why, but every time I get close to someone, I end up pushing them away." Emily was now crying so hard that her small body was shaking uncontrollably.
"Well, Spencer, Ryan, and I are not going anywhere I promise. You shouldn't be alone. Please come stay with us tonight."
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