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Everywhere and nowhere

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Seto is the CEO of his company and the richest man in the world, let alone in his home town of Domino. He can have everything he wants in life, except, it seems, the ellusive but beautiful albino m...

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Disclaimer: If Yu-Gi-Oh were mine every episode would show Ryou getting it on with Kaiba. As it doesn't, it's not.

Seto Kaiba, richest man in world and still only nineteen years old sighed as he stripped off his crisp black trousers, black silk boxers and bleach white shirt, placing them in the hamper near the marble sink and draping the clean clothes he'd brought in with him over the railing, a fluffy white towel embroidered with the dark blue monogram SK hanging there. The room was already warm thanks to the steam escaping from the shower cubicle, the glass room large enough to fit in at least three and tiled with white, blue veined marble. Seto pushed back his already sweat dampened hair from his eyes as he stepped inside, leaving the glass door open to let out a little more steam caused by the running water. Another sigh, which one had to wonder if it were healthy to do so much of at his age, and the CEO leaned his head against the tiles, closing his eyes and his face flushed thanks to something that had nothing to do with the shower.

That damned boy was everywhere and nowhere all at once, his pale and perfect face plastered upon every poster, spread throughout the entirety of Domino City, and no doubt the rest of the civilised world. The boy was a mystery. Ryou, they called him, nothing more, listed in company credits and messages as a single name, like Madonna or Prince. No one knew if it were his family name or first, stage nor real, and to Seto's disgust there were at least 1300 of that given name listed in Tokyo alone. Believe him...He'd looked.

Ryou was an enigma. His first gig as far as anyone could tell had been for a cosmetics company, doing a TV add which required nothing more than to stand still, hold a bottle of something or other that claimed something impossible and look pretty. Ryou did the last part well, very well indeed in fact, and his popularity exploded almost over night...

The boy appeared timid and shy, perhaps seventeen years old if not younger and had a habit of looking at the world from photographs through his long, sweeping silver lashes, canopying his chocolate brown eyes coyly in a look that suggested something more mischievous. His lips seemed arched in a permanent sweet smile, barely twitched upwards at the edges but enough to make him glow. He didn't need to smile from the mouth, his eyes did it for him, the expressive dark depths shouting out his feelings to the world around him.

Ryou, it seemed, captured the publics imagination and held it in a vice grip, since it had been almost two months since his first appearance and people were still infatuated. Seto wasn't infatuated. No...He was more...What was the word? Ah yes.../Obsessed/.

The pale teenager in the adds and the posters was impossible to pin down, not just in name and history but even race and class. His hair fell down his back to just above the small mounds of his buttocks in silken silver waves unlike any others, arching brows and sweeping lashes a similar though darker grey...At least unlike anyones not drawing out their pension. The one bit of information that the public knew, Seto included, was that the boy was half albino. His race and background, however, were still a mystery.

His skin was moonlight pale and flawless rather than the more natural tanned of the eastern world, which hinted at a Caucasian ancestry, but his dark eyes that slanted ever so slightly at the corners pointed towards an Asian heritage. Since the colour of his hair wasn't going to help any, the colour bleached by his albino genes, the boy could potentially be from /anywhere/.

The only thing that Seto knew for sure, other than his albino traits, was that Ryou was everything he was looking for in a bussiness partner. The boy was beautiful, yes, but also intelligent and thoughtful, as the CEO had found out through reading numerous magazine articles about him. Seto brought every scrap of information he could lay his hands on, from classy high street fashion mags to teenage girl fandoms, as long as it told him what he wanted to know about the model, even though he'd never given an interview.

He liked reading classical novels, according to a source who saw him in a book store, and the other reported he lived in a small two up two down house, spending his accumulated fortune to support his fathers charity work. A conflicting article told how Ryou was the one who owned the charity, having set it up himself for disadvantaged children after his father ran out on him to live in Egypt as an archeologist. Either way it made him a humanitarian, and as not a total idiot someone Seto could cope with working with. He was the perfect face and front man for Kaiba Corp. With Ryou on his staff, endorsing his products and doing only his adds, his stocks would sky-rocket.

God, Ryou...Even if Kaiba's interest in the boy were purely business, he certainly couldn't deny a lust for the pale and beautiful little kitten, the CEO growling into the steam as he felt heat pooling to his lower regions just from thinking about him. He really needed to get laid, a CEO didn't have time for much outside of his business, let alone sex...

But of course, once his thoughts started they refused to stop. Ryou naked, pale skin slicked with sweat and face contorted in pleasure as Seto pounded into his supple body. Ryou arching his back and clutching the sheets as the CEO sucked upon his sweet flesh. Ryou crying out in rapture as he released...What would his voice be like, he wondered, screaming out my name?

The brunette soaped up the wash cloth and ran it over his body in hopes of distracting himself, but as the rough fabric ran over his sensitive nipples he gasped and growled in defeat, dropping the cloth to the floor of the shower. By now Seto was achingingly hard, and he had no choice but to do something to remove the almost painfull hardness he was sporting.

Begrudgingly, still annoyed at his bodies betrayal, he let his hand slip down his wet form, the other bracing his weight against the wall. Carefully he wrapped his fingers around his hot flesh, whimpering slightly at his own touch and his eyes closing. Moving his position he leaned his back against the wall and slid down it so he sat on the tiled marble floor of the shower, spreading his legs out wider to give himself better access. Slowly, he began stroking himself, gasping and pressing two fingers into his mouth from his other hand, sucking on them before moving them down and pressing them into his entrance, pumping them in and out slowly. He gasped and growled, moaning in pleasure as he quickened his pace, closing his eyes tightly and envisioning a certain albino doing this to him instead. "Ryou..."

Seto gritted his teeth as he continued to pump at the stiff hardness between his thighs with one hand, the other occupied with filling his passage and searching out the special bundle of nerves that lay within. Shaking back his sweat and water dampened locks from his brow with a toss of his head he squinted into the steam, rivulets of moisture dripping down his brow and body, clouding his vision. He closed his cobalt blue eyes against the intrusion of more water, the darkness behind his lids only serving to help heighten the images of his current fantasy, one that involved a certain albino and lots of leather.

His pace quickening of it's own accord the CEO allowed a lusty growl to escape his parted lips, a louder moan he refused to let free and betray his need catching in the back of his throat, spurred by the swiping of his thumb against the slit at the top of his length, wiping away the small bead of moisture that had collected there from his own body rather than the shower.

Finally finding what he was searching for with probing fingers, namely his deeply burred and elusive prostate as his touch curled against it he muffled a curse and bit his lip, the white fire pleasure causing the pressure in his nether regions to be released violently into the waters, the white seed swirling away down the drain intermingled with the stream against the expensive marble tiles.

Chest heaving he barely had a moment to recover, heavy breath mingling with the steam and pushing himself to his feet unsteadily when a knock sounded upon the outer door. Frustrated at this invasion of his peace (and fantasy, since that certain image of a leather clad whitnette kept playing behind his eyes) he growled softly and rested his warm wet brow against cool and condensation slick marble, eyes closed heavily.

"/What/?!" He barked after the second knock, this one admittedly more timid than the first but still insistent, flicking off the shower and stepping out of the glass cubicle with a shiver at the change of temperature.

"Sir," Came the voice from one of his many Suits, since he didn't know them by name and to him they all looked alike they were generalised as such "There's a message from the Plaza..."

"That can wait until I'm dressed." Not a question, that, but a no-debate-tolerated order.

"B-but Sir...?" Hmm, that was surprising, he didn't think these drones would object to him...

"What /now/?"

"Your orders were to inform you of any developments. He's called a Press Conference at the Plaza, Sir...Ryou's giving his first public interview..."

[Scene change: Domino Plaza]

The Plaza was the most prestigious hotel in the entirety of Domino City, the prices of a single room enough to cripple the average family financially for life. The fact that Ryou had gotton the entire lower floor all to himself for the conference, including the grand ball room where a reception and buffet were to be held for the guests afterwards simply screamed at his success. Anything with Ryou's name associated with it turned into gold dust, the fact that he'd stayed at the Plaza sure to be included and probably the reason for the apparent grandeur of the event.

As Seto's limousine pulled up outside a multitude of cameras were pushed up to the black tinted windows, flashes illuminating the previously dim interior and causing the CEO to shield his eyes momentarily with the back of his hand before his vision adjusted. The brunette snorted in disgust, it was obvious these amateurs had no idea who was in the car, only the fact that it was big long and shiny with blacked out windows that were bound to be concealing someone rich and important behind them.

Waiting for a group of his Suits to leave the limo and clear him a path upon the red carpet he noticed, for the first time, as the mass of paparazzi bodies parted that there was something strewn upon the plush crimson walkway. Squinting he realised with some surprise the little white marks he's initially mistaken for confetti were, in fact, flower petals. If he were any guess of flowers, Kaiba would say these were from white rose's, hundreds of the blooms all over the front of the Plaza. What the hell were they for...?

Startled from his reverie when one of his Suits opened the limo door for him he quickly schooled his face into a neutrality oft practised for such public occasions, swinging his long legs around in the seat and stepping out onto the carpeted sidewalk gracefully. Immediately the evening was once again illuminated with camera flashes, microphones and tape recorders held over the boundaries that held back the press hopefully, shouted questioning mingling with each other.

"Mr Kaiba, what are your interests in the model Ryou?!

"Mr Kaiba, why are you here?!"

"Mr Kaiba, how does it feel to be here at Ryou's coming out?!"

"Mr Kaiba, are you jealous over Ryou's new easy earned celebrity?!"

"Mr Kaiba!"

"Mr Kaiba!"

"/Mr Kaiba/!"

Seto ignored them all to the last, his head directed forwards and his eyes locked upon his goal of the ornate double doors to the hotel, opened by two nondescript hotel workers clad in the Domino Plaza colours of red and gold. Stepping inside the vast reception he jerked his head in an indication for his Suit's to follow, each lining up close behind him and acting as the loyal body guard's they were. Dark blue eyes scanned the room with little interest, passing over plushly upholstered furniture and gold and marble decor with disinterest since he'd seen it all before, and knew the little model celebrity he was after wouldn't be hanging out in the entrance way.

Eyes resting on what he was looking for, namely the double, heavy wooden doors that marked the Plaza Conference Room used on such occasions he jerked his head towards the reception, two Suits breaking away from his entourage to deal with formalities as he continued on. No one would question his right to be here. He was /Seto Kaiba/!

A further two Suits removing from behind him to the front opened the doors to allow him inside, the CEO taking a steeling breath before marching through as though he owned the place, which in all honesty he could if he wanted to. It's not like he was running low on pocket change, after all...But this was it, he was finally going to see Ryou, his two month obsession, face to...Screen?!

What the fuck?!

Inside the theatre like conference room each row of seats were occupied by reporters and others influential enough to get inside with the desire to see the elusive Ryou, just like Seto. Unlike Seto, however, they seemed to have at least a tiny clue of what was going on. The back of the room was higher than the front, the seats raised so the people here could get a good view of the stage down below. Upon the stage at the moment stood a projector screen, a small table in front with a lap top computer and projector though no one in sight to run it. That wasn't a problem though, since it was already running, and much to Seto's chagrin he realised he'd missed the very beginning.

"-can't be here with you today. Pressing matters have unfortunately called for my immediate attention and I regret not being able to inform you earlier. My manager tells me you would like to know some things about me..." Seto caught his breath. Upon the screen was Ryou's slightly smiling face, his hair pulled back into a high tail that trailed down his neck and back, wispy cloud coloured bangs framing impossibly delicate features. He was sat in a comfy blue armchair, nothing special and the walls behind him simple magnolia, nondescript. Impossible to trace. Just like Ryou.

The albino was dressed, again, simply, pale stonewashed jeans and a button up blue shirt over a grey tank top, a little shell choker necklace around his neck. His legs were crossed one over the other, the top foot bouncing absently to some unheard rhythm. Although this were enough to make Seto wish he were here in person, it wasn't what made his breath hitch in his throat. It was his /voice/.

Ryou's voice was smooth and velvety, achingly polite but with undertones of mischief that, like his coy 'through the lashes' looks that he gave on posters gave hints but no answers as to what he was really like. Kaiba would be the first to admit that he'd expected the albino boy to have a feminine tone, but Ryou's vocals were surprisingly deep and purring, somehow living up to previously unknown expectations.

He could confirm a few of his suspicions now a little as well, Ryou was educated that much was obvious, those words with more than three syllables wern't written down and memorised and his mannerisms, such as the crossed legs and hands folded neatly in his lap simplly shouted of polite upbringing. His accent was a surprise though, smooth British of a native rather than someone who moved there recently. The brunette allowed a smirk to twitch the corners of his lips.

Yes Ryou, he thought, I would like to know some things about you....

"Well then, where should I begin?"

Ryou's velvet tones came over the mounted speakers, Seto shaking his head with a heavenwards roll of his cold blue eyes as overly eager reporters raised their hands to answer his question, only to lower them sheepishly once more. Idiots/, thought the CEO disdainfully, /their so enraptured by the albino they've forgotten its a damned projection/. None the less, folding his arms where he stood the brunette turned his full attention back to the occasionally flickering screen, absorbing the details as clearly as he could. /Any information about his little obsession was worthwhile collecting, even it were from a prerecorded message...

"You all know my name is Ryou already, so we'll move along from there, shall we,"

Damn, Seto scowled, this boy was too good at staying anonymous. Yes, they all knew his name was Ryou, but what about a last name? 'Ryou' would be impossible to track on its own, which he had a feeling the albino knew...

The CEO's frustrated scowl remained wrinkling his brow but he continued to listen none the less, paying attention to the little things that others might miss. Initially the albino boy had been leaning forwards slightly in his seat, but now shifted to rest back against the back rest of the navy blue couch, sinking into it comfortably. Pale arms lightly lay upon arm rests either side of him, the finger's of one hand tracing absent circles upon the fabric, looking up at the camera from behind his bangs and through his lashes.

Seto had no idea as to if this behaviour were intentional or not, but Ryou's body language was certainly artfully arranged. Keep their attention by looking attentive, leaning forwards and keeping eye contact. Relax them by relaxing, resting back and looking at ease with yourself. Make them feel protective with shy looks and coy gestures, looking through lashes and smiling shyly. Clever.

"Well...I'm seventeen years old and currently living in Japan, but, unfortunately, I've been informed by my manager not to narrow down my location any more than that at the moment."

The image smiled apologetically, effectively soothing any protests that may have been voiced, no matter how useless, to the vague and teasing piece of info. /Well/, thought Kaiba, /at least that narrows a few things down/.

"But I'm not actually fully Japanese, just in case you were wondering..."

Or maybe not...

The message continued on, once again the image of Ryou expressing his apologies at not being able to join them, thanking them for coming and inviting them to enjoy the buffet and music to be laid on in the Plaza Function Room, where his manager would be organising another conference. Much to Seto's annoyance he didn't give away any more details about him self, but just as the CEO turned to leave he noticed the projection smiling coyly.

"I'm not supposed to be tell you anything else about myself, I'm afraid, but I'm going to let you in on a small secret..." Giggling the image of Ryou leaned forwards, dark eyes shining mischievously and cupping his hand to the side of his mouth in a conspiratorial fashion. Seto rolled his eyes, catching sight of the seated press leaning forwards eagerly to catch what would obviously be whispered words, only to find himself doing the same and correcting his own posture with immediate chagrin. The whitenette on screen curved his lips, the pink bow of his mouth arching into a playful smile as he murmured quietly, simply,

"I like White Roses."

[Scene change: Plaza Function Room]

Seto skillfully snatched a small crystal flute of champagne from the golden tray balanced upon a serving girls fingers as she passed him by, the girl not even pausing as she wove her way through the throngs of people. Holding the stem of his glass securely between his fingers the CEO he swirled the liquid before sipping at it delicately, regarding the room before him over the crystal rim with heavy lidded eyes.

The Function Room had been cleared of the usual heavy wooden tables, leaving the marble floor free for people to mingle and, occasionally, dance to the slow classical tunes of the string band upon. A single table spanning the impressive length of the room was set up along the back wall, positively groaning with the mass of food and drinks laid out upon the golden table cloth embroidered with the Plaza logo. Golden swags hung draped between each white marble pillar, a similar in red below each gold.

Currently almost everyone in sight was crowded in a tight circle around the man who had introduced himself as Ryou's manager, one 'Mr Bakura'. The man, perhaps shockingly, was an albino himself, grey white hair pulled back into a neat tail that ended at the base of his neck, brown eyes also a similar match for Ryou's peering out from black rimmed glasses. His features were much sharper and angular than the albino models, leaving him handsome but with a more sinister appeal about him. As Seto watched from just outside the main pack of his followers Mr Bakura seemed to be taking almost sadistic pleasure in refusing the reporters what they wanted, namely information on the mysterious Ryou.

Ignoring the crowd in favour of circling around the few conversing individuals the blue eyed CEO mingled casually around the room, sending his Suits to wait outside in the limo for him. After all, he could hardly gather information inconspicuously with six bodyguards trailing him like lost puppies...

His information gathering proved fruitless anyway, which left him in a foul mood ten minutes later, the rumours travelling around the room being either impossibly ludicrous (because there was no way to make an android that perfect, no matter what anyone said) or things he'd simply already heard. Scowling he found himself standing next to the buffet table, the entire population of the hall bar a select still fawning after Bakura in attempts to get him to reveal titbits about his elusive charge. Setting his now empty glass upon the table the CEO sighed and ran a hand through short brown bangs in a rare moment of discomposure, eyes scanning the food before him absently. Reaching out for one of the king prawns skilfully arranged upon a silver platter he was stopped by a gentle touch upon his arm, pausing him short from his goal.

"Oh, excuse me Sir, but I wouldn't...I don't think their safe after being under the lights for so long, I just came down to take them back to the kitchen. I certainly wouldn't wish for anyone to get sick because of my negligence..."

Seto stood frozen in place (making for a rather odd position since he'd been leaning over the table), navy eyes widening for a moment before he forced them to relax and move his body back to an upright position. It was him! The object of his obsessive hunting stood no more than two feet away from him, looking up at him through his lashes and his lips curved gently in a pose the CEO had seen in several adverts and posters, but the usual dancing mischief replaced by genuine concern as he reached for the platter.

The albino was dressed as inconspicuously as possible. His slender frame had been skilfully hidden underneath a dark blue sweater at least a size too big, plain black jeans that hung low on his hips and flared out in every place. His pure white hair, impossible not to notice, had been hidden underneath a black beret, a few errant wisps that refused to be contained escaping to brush against his cheeks. Deep, chocolate brown eyes had been shielded by slightly tinted glasses, the lightweight silver frame's perched delicately upon his nose.

Since everyone was occupied with Bakura, they'd failed to notice that the object of their affections had indeed joined them after all, even if it were in what seemed a speculating only role. By his attire it was obvious that Ryou didn't wish to be recognised, and Seto thought wryly if that were true he should have never opened his mouth. The CEO had only heard his voice for the first time thirty minutes ago, and yet he would recognise those velvet tones anywhere.

But this was it, the moment he'd been waiting for. Finally. Face to face with the mysterious albino of his obsessions. What should he say?! What could he say?! Shit, what was he going to say?! He hadn't planned for this. It had to be something profound, though. Make a good first impression, Kaiba, and he's yours.

"Indeed, you wouldn't want to be sued, after all..."

Oh wonderful/. Simply /Outstanding start Seto...

If you could successfully kick yourself in the rear, without some serious dislocation of specific body parts, then be assured that that is what Seto Kaiba, CEO and richest man in the world would be doing right now...Did he mention he was an idiot?

Ryou, the beautiful little albino model that had been his obsession for almost two months was standing in front of him, their first face to face meeting, and the poor thing looked horrified at the mere possibility of being sued for giving people food poisoning. Chocolate eyes wide behind tinted glasses his pale hands clutched the platter of suspect prawns to his chest protectively, looking up at Kaiba like a kitten caught in the headlights. Did he also mention that he was the one who put the idea of being sued into the models head in the first place?

/Right Kaiba, time for some serious damage control now. You've bluffed your way out of tighter spots than this, man, think/!

"I wouldn't worry yourself about it though,"

/Right, so far so good/...

"It would be the hotel that were sued, not you..."

/You really are impossible, aren't you/...

If possible Ryou's eyes only went wider, his complexion loosing what little colour it had and his pink bow mouth taking in a worried gasp through parted lips. "Either way, you've no need to get worked up about it..." The brunette continued hurriedly, a backwards wave of his hand indicating the platter still clutched to the albino's breast. "You're removing them and no ones been to the buffet yet." Now, that was better, and the young CEO was favoured with those same bow lips curving into a smile, brown eyes glittering from behind grey lenses as he nodded in agreement.

"Goodness, your right. Here I am getting all flustered over something that won't even happen!" The albino giggled, the same deep silky tones Seto had admired in the Conference Room bouncing around him jovially, causing the previous thinly pressed line of his mouth to relax, curling at one corner a tiny fraction in response to the whitenettes laughter. "I really should get these into the kitchen then, it was lovely talking with you!" It took Kaiba a moment to realise that that was Ryou's polite way of excusing himself, and by the time the CEO's brain had caught up with that fact the white haired boy had turned on his heel and was heading towards of the service doors.

"Oh no you don't..." The brunette growled, following after him. "Wait, /Ryou/!"

Oh shit.

The entirety of the Domino Plaza Function Room turned on mass at the name of the infamous model, the pale albino looking once more like a kitten caught in the headlights as the reporters and other guests locked their gazes upon him. Almost as a single being once their initial shock was overcome they advanced to the spot where, the brunette guessed from his decided lack of motion, the albino was rooted to the spot in shock, and not just a little fear. Seto Kaiba was accustomed to having hoards of people chasing after him screaming their adoration and asking deeply personal questions, Ryou however, obviously was not.

With an odd surge of protectiveness the CEO growled low in his throat, cursing at his own stupidity and sprinting over to Ryou before the others could reach him. Damnit, what was he thinking, calling out his name like that?! The boy still staring at the approaching mass of individuals Kaiba grabbed his wrist and pulled him against his side, opening his black dinner jacket and enfolding him protectively within the material, effectively shielding him from view. The platter of king prawns fell noisily to the floor, forgotten, Seto hissing "Move!" to the unresponsive teen pressed intimately against him as Ryou clutched onto his shirt, nodding jerkily before they both ran through the service doors the albino had been heading too earlier.

Making a break through the kitchen the pair pushed past startled chefs and servers alike, the swing doors banging repeatedly against the wall as their pursuers followed, only to be held back by furious and confused Plaza staff. Reaching the main lobby Seto swore under his breath as he saw the Function Room door's open to release a gaggle of individuals who hadn't been able to make it through the kitchen to follow them, almost dragging Ryou out through the main doors and down the steps to where his limo awaited out front. He didn't know for the life of him why it was so important to keep Ryou away from those people, but it just /was/...

Opening the door before his waiting Suit could do it for him, practically yanking off the handle he bundled the albino inside, following close behind and slamming the car door after him. Barking the order to go to the driver the wheel's screeched and span before the limousine lurched forwards, the driver responding to the urgency of his bosses tone in speed. Twisting in his seat Kaiba looked out the back window just in time to see the reporters and other people running desperately down the steps in pursuit before they sped around a corner and out of sight of the Plaza.

Sighing to himself the CEO rested his head against the leather back rest of his seat, his blue eyes slipping closed momentarily to savour the victory of their little escape before he thought to check upon his fellow fugitive. Seto felt his heart lurch uncomfortably as he spotted Ryou with his head lowered, white silken waves covering his face (he'd lost the beret they were confined in before during the chase), thin shoulders shaking and arms hugging himself around the waist. Did he make a mistake? Did Ryou want to be mobbed by all of those paparazzi? Should he have left him there? Ryou was nothing more than a complex business tool to the young CEO, someone to use in order for his company expand further. So why, he asked himself, did he feel so protective of the tender young albino. And even, just a little...possessive?

"Ryou, I..." He began, but paused in confusion when the whitenette lifted his face, shaking back his cloud coloured bangs with a toss of his head and wiping tears of mirth from his eyes with one pale thumb, mouth split in a grin and his slender frame shaking with suppressed laughter.

"I really don't mean to be rude, I'm thankful to you for saving me but there's only one way I can say this." He giggled, velvet tones slightly strained as he held in more laughter. "You're such an idiot, saying my name in there like that..."

Somehow, as Seto looked into Ryou's chocolate brown eyes, still shielded by his glasses and shining despite the dim interior of the limousine, he couldn't quite find it in himself to feel insulted at being called an idiot, and his lips twitched ever so slightly upwards at the corners as the car drove on towards the Kaiba Manor...

Seto Kaiba, richest man in the world, and Ryou, probably the decades most elusive celebrity, sat across from each other in dimly lit, confined space of the formers black limousine, the blue eyed brunette still trying to work himself into a suitable state of indignation over being informed he was an idiot. Seto soon found, however, it was apparently impossible to be annoyed at a beautiful little albino boy as he smiled at you impishly from his perched position opposite upon dark brown leather seats.

"But really, I suppose since you are my saviour a proper introduction is most definitely called for!" Giggling softly the whitenette scooted around the square of adjoining seats, Seto blinking for a moment when a delicate pale hand was held out in offering towards him. Hip lips curving upwards subtly once more he took the proffered appendage in a gentle grip, his own tanned digits wrapping lightly around slender fingers.

Ryou seemed so delicate, almost to the point of pale but perfect fragility in the CEO's mind and he was slightly surprised when he felt the warm, satin soft skin against his palm. Immediately he chastened himself, since he realised that in all his imaginings of the albinos touch (against various parts of his oft overheated body) he'd envisioned it as being cool, perhaps even cold. In numerous articles, Seto recalled Ryou being referred to as the 'Winter Angel. Ok, fine, so he was as pale and perfect as freshly fallen snow, but nothing about Ryou was /cold/...


"Ryou. Infamous model. Yes, I know. I'm-"

"Seto Kaiba. Richest man in the world. Yes, I know!"

The albinos mimicked introduction was followed by more silky laughter from the pale teen, the CEO blinking rapidly for a moment. He was indeed the richest, and possibly most well know individual in the civilised world. It certainly shouldn't fill him with any sense of satisfaction that the young model before him was one among millions who knew his identity!

/Shouldn't/, but did...

Realising he still held Ryou's hand clasped within his own he allowed his grip to slacken and release him, only to smirk as the albino blinked confusedly when his hand fell. Apparently he hadn't realised he had still been holding onto the CEO...Seto's smirk grew when he was favoured with a slow blush spreading over the albinos cheeks.

Changing his snow white complexion rosy the models deep chocolate eyes lowered demurely to look up at the brunette through his sweeping silver lashes, a small shy smile on peach coloured lips he recognised all too well. Seto had seen enough posters and advertisements featuring the albino with the same coy look and vulnerably innocent pose. His palms felt oddly sweaty to be experiencing it face to face, though...
"I really am grateful to you for getting me out of there..." The model murmured softly, his eyes lowering completely as he trailed his index finger in a small circle upon the leather seat between them shyly. "I'm not very comfortable with so many people all at once..."

Seto found himself nodding his understanding of the boys plight before he consciously thought about it, his compassion towards the pale timid kitten frustrating him slightly. Ryou was supposed to be a business tool and nothing more, since everyone knew mixing business and pleasure was an idiotic idea, and despite what the albino may think he was no idiot.

But damnit, why did the boy have to be so bloody adorable...?

"Is that why you never appear in public, because of your shyness?" He found himself asking, once more before his mind caught up to his mouth but pleased as the delightful blush went a shade deeper, accompanied with a small, timid nod. "How did you manage it...?"

"Well...My brother, Bakura owns his own set of studio's and used to be a photographer before he became my manager. He does all of the filming and pictures for adverts and such himself, after the companies tell him what they want. They come in, set up the props and such then leave before Bakura and I arrive, then we do what needs to be done..." Well that certainly explained a couple of things. Without any third parties involved there was no chance of anything being leaked to the outside world. Also, if this Bakura (who Seto assumed had been the 'Mr Bakura' back at the Plaza) owned more than one studio, no one would know where Ryou were going to be shooting next anyway.

"What about from before? No one seems to know anything about you, you can't possibly have friends that loyal they wouldn't let out a few pieces of information...?"

"Well..." The boy began fidgeting, folding his hands into his lap only to smooth out an imaginary crease in his jumper, then twirl a stray strand of silver around his finger nervously. Seto inwardly cursed his curiosity, knowing already the teen to be incredibly private, and opened his mouth to tell him it didn't matter when he continued anyway. "Bakura and I were home schooled in Japan, you see, and after our mother died, in England. Any spare time we had was spent with our father in Egypt, when he was on digs there, and so really we didn't get a chance to know many people..."

Kaiba immediately wished he hadn't asked at all, since now the pale albino boy's voice was slightly strained and the brunette feared he may be crying where he hid behind his hair.

"Ryou, I didn't mean to pry..."

Flipping his hair back the teen smiled, shaking his head a little. "Oh, no that's quite alright. It's nice to have someone to talk to, and I don't mind telling...I mean...I don't mind telling /you/, your my saviour after all..." The albino blushed to the tips of his ears at that admission and looked out of the back window shyly, the CEO immensely glad he hadn't blushed himself since he was twelve unless he embarrass himself by turning pink beneath his tan.

"...Mr Kaiba, would you mind awfully if I asked where you're taking me?"


Seto was certainly pleased Ryou seemed oddly relaxed for someone who had just been bundled into a car by a stranger and driven off, since he didn't want the boy to think he were kidnapping him or anything sinister...Even if it would solve a few of the CEO's problems...

"Of course not. I'm taking you to the Kaiba Manor, I have a proposition I think you may be interested in."


"And Ryou?"


"My name is Seto, please feel free to use it. I believe you and I are going to become good friends..."

Seto Kaiba smiled.

Ah yes.

There was that delightful blush once more...


My first fiction, so please don't hurt me ^.^
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