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A Stroll Through the Town

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Gerard finds the love of his life,only to get her ripped away in a car accident that killed her.He misses her so much,and he decides to quit the band.But something in his dreams is haunting him,and...

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Gerard decided to take a day off and go into the town he and his band were in for the next three weeks.He put on a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt and some sunglasses.He knew that it was almost winter time,but he didn't want to be recognized in public.He also put a hat on to hide his hair,which he had just got cut and dyed blonde.
"Hey guys!I'm going out to look at the town,be back in a few hours,okay?"he said to his friends.They looked at him.
"Alright."Bob said.
"Sure."Ray told him,not really paying attention to him,but focusing on the T.V. show that he was watching.
"Go ahead."Frank told him,giving him a quick glance.
"Go have some fun,bro!"Mikey told his older brother.Gerard nodded and walked out of the hotel room.
He got into the elevator,and pressed the button to go to the ground floor.He took out his iPod,and looked in his songs list,but nothing was there."Dammit,Ray!You deleted my songs AGAIN!!!!!"he said .He angrily shoved it back in his pocket,and walked out of the elevator as soon as the doors opened.
"Hello,Mr. Way.Are you going out into the town?"the woman behind the check-in/check-out counter asked him.He nodded,got a map of the town and the towns around it,and exited the hotel.
He unlocked his car and started it.He drove off,and out of the hotel parking lot.He looked at the map,and decided to go to a coffee shop first,since he hadn't had any coffee yet.
"Hello,sir.What would you like today?"a young girl,who looked about nineteen or twenty,asked Gerard.He thought about it.
"Just a regular coffee,please."he said to her.She nodded and wrote down his order,she walked away over to the counter,and gave the order to a boy to make.
Gerard had noticed something about that girl.He couldn't quite put his finger on the feeling in his gut.Then,it hit him.She was beautiful,and he knew it.He just kept staring at her like an idiot,wondering if he should ask her out on a short date.
"Sir?Hello?Your coffe is on the table,now."she said to him,and he snapped back to reality.
"Oh,yeah...Sorry."he said quickly.He took a sip of his coffee.
He put it back down on the table,and thought quickly as she turned to get someone's empty coffe cup and her tip."Hey,I didn't catch your name."he said,and she turned to him again.She pointed to her nametag.
"It's right here on my nametag."she said,and Gerard felt stupid.His cheeks slightly flushed.
"Oh,right.Um,Nicole,I was wondering if you had any plans for the rest of the day?"he asked her,and she looked surprised.
"Um...No,why?"she asked him.
"Well,I was wondering if you'd like to go on a date with me..."he said quietly.By this time he had completely forgotten about his coffee,and she had compltely forgotten about her customers.
"Um...I don't even know your name,sir."she said.
Gerard felt tupid once again."Oh,I'm sorry.My name is Gerard-"he stopped himself.What if she knew who he really was?And if she did,would she go crazy and ask for his autograph?He didn't really care,though."Um,my name is Gerard Way."he finished with a smile.
"Gerard way?"she asked.Where
had she heard that name before?"I'll go after I'm done working,okay?That'll only be twenty minutes."she told him with a sweet smile.He smiled,too.
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