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Song of destruction. And the park.

Category: Silent Hill - Rating: R - Genres: Horror, Romance - Characters: Alessa Gillespi, Cheryl Mason, Cybil Bennet, Dahlia Gillespi, Harry Mason - Warnings: [!!!] [V] - Published: 2006-12-03 - Updated: 2006-12-03 - 622 words

The park wasn't far away. She still was the strongest. She still led the way. But I felt clean. I was supposed to feel bad. About the dog. But I couldn't. Something was missing. Slowly it all vanished.

When the girl first got here. Memories. To slowly return. I knew the way. Always. But now it was fading. Almost gone. I felt les. Less real. A shadow. Someone caught. In a dream.

The park was alien. I saw it all. Remembered nothing. Thick air surrounded. A layer of rust covered everything. Like everything had burned. But I didn't hate it. No longer. So far away.

We looked at the amusements. Carousel and other spinning things. I didn't feel like riding anything. So sad. So empty. We were all alone.

The girl was searching. For a place to paint. One more. Just one and we'd be free. I just tagged along. Couldn't remember what he had said. The whole place looked the same.

I sat down. On a bench. She kept searching. I didn't want to help. Rather sleep. To be tired. Way too tired. Had to sleep. I rested on the bench. The girl wandered off. Left me alone in the darkness.

I started singing. A song. Without real lyrics. Just flowing tones. A beat came along. I sang and something metallic scrambled. Harsh and cutting. Like the knife. Although less fine.

It was the carousel. It was moving. I knew it. Felt it in the empty park. It was spinning. Slowly taking over. It was humming a tune of its own. I stopped singing. It wasn't friendly. Something was happening. The girl.

Circular repetitive movement. Horses hovering up and down. Up and down. Round and round. I felt dizzy already. Sick. And the carousel kept going.

They screamed in the rusty night. Backing up the awful tune. The tune and the screaming. Fighting really. I knew who they were. I knew their singing. Even with my eyes wide shut. Even now.

The first was the easy one. Not so deep. A man. A certain one. It was the girl's dad. Didn't know where she was. But it was definitely her dad. His fatherly voice. So unlike the voice of him.

The second one was harder. No real words. Only grunting. Moaning. Mixed with gunshots. I had hoped it was the woman. But it was not. The cop. She seemed nice. Why they had to fight.

The carousel kept spinning. He was there. Standing right next to me. I wanted wipe the smirk off his face. But when his eyes met mine... The love sprouted once again.

It wasn't that I forgot about the girl. But the hate. To be washed away. He took it all. All my strength. I had wanted to kill him. I had been so sure of it. But now... His pale face. I couldn't resist. Couldn't do anything but watch. That's what he wanted me to.

The girl's dad fought the cop. He murdered her. And I was just looking. I wanted them both to live. But I couldn't tell him. He was just smiling. I couldn't do anything. The girl had the knife.

I wondered. Maybe that was it. If he would only leave us alone. Then he vanished again. Cold. Until the girl returned.

She was crying. Told me about the carousel. The cop was all weird. Possessed. That's the word the girl used. Sent chills down my spine. She has lost the knife. And the cop was dead. Nothing made any sense. What was he after?

I comforted her. We'd do without the knife. Her dad would be fine. As long as he would leave us alone. Somewhere. I knew. I knew he wouldn't.
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