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A girl is born into a patriarchal world and seeks nothing more than the love of her father. This one mission in her life leads her into a world she wouldn't have dared have nightmares about.

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Author: Pilgrim
Title: Oria's Tale
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Ok, here goes. Basically this is the first of a series of about six I think. It's the tale of a girl called Oria, hence the title :), this story doesn't have Jack Sparrow in but the rest of the series which I am currently writing he is very, very much involved. This is basically the prologue to the real series with Jack in, kind of a character study and background. This is Pre-PotC movies.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the PotC characters or movies (unfortunately); anything you recognize isn't mine although that shouldn't be much in this fan fiction.
Feedback: Please! First time fan fiction writer and desperate for tips, tricks, advice, stuff me full of info please! I want to improve and take over the world with my genius mwhahaha! Lol, only kidding but feedback would be fantastic, send it to!

WARNINGS: This Chapter involves a birth!

Notes: Posted up on (AFF) first, under same title, now expanding to get more feedback on it, good reports from AFF especially for Part 2 of the series - Taming A Dragon.


Pain filled screams and cries, groans and moans echoed out over the ship, the crew shifted nervously and gazed out over the tropical island they had moored at. A short respite when the birds got to voice their opinions in multiple musical chords before they were silenced once again by the sobbing howls. They glanced across to their Captain, a tall and imposing man made all the more terrifying by his albino heritage.

Blood red eyes glared down at them from under an ebony leather tri-corner placed low on his brow set off all the more by his snow white hair. His skin was a deathly pallor, almost transparent and marred with the occasional deeply embedded scar. Agonised sobs came up from below and the harsh voice of a man called out.

"Just one more push Marci, just one I promise. Come on, don't give up now." Heart wrenching sobs rose up before a final agonised scream, silence floated eerily about the ship and every one held their breath. The Captain straightened up considerably, an angered scream bawled from below and a relieved sigh echoed out over the whole ship, the crew glanced at each other with cock-eyed grins of relief. The Captains' cabin door opened slowly and a dark skinned man came out wiping bloody hands off on a rag. His midnight eyes met the crimson of his Captains' and he jogged up the steps to him.

"It's another girl, what do you want to do?" The Captain stood silently for a few seconds, "Captain Hellion... the sooner you make your decision the better it will be for your wife."
Hellion gazed at him; the man took an unconscious step backwards. Even his crew feared some of the rumours were true, that his eyes had gone blood red because of the number of men, women and children he had slayed mercilessly. They still sent shivers down everyone's spine; he was unpredictable and deadly.

"I need to speak with Marci." The man nodded and stepped aside as the Captain barged past him and jogged down the steps to his quarters. He swung the door open and gazed into the dim candle-lit room, the large bed in the corner of the large cabin was occupied by three figures, a young girl, her hair platinum blonde like her mothers and big brown eyes grinned up at him while bathing her mothers' forehead. The woman shifted herself up the bed slightly with a smile to Hellion; the man looked her over carefully assessing the damage. She was slender and far younger than him, barely twenty with thick blonde ringlets that were clung damply to her head, pale blue eyes gazed up at him fearfully as he approached the bed, "It is a girl?" She nodded slowly.

"She's beautiful Hellion." He gazed down to the end of the bed where a small babe was wrapped warmly in several thick blankets, "She has hair as black as night and eyes as blue as the deepest Caribbean ocean." Hellions' gaze didn't leave the bundle.

"She is healthy?" The woman nodded slowly, "And you want to keep her?" The girls' hands clasped tightly and wrung each other.

"Only if you'll let me, you can destroy the rest but please let me keep her." Hellion studied his young wife slowly; the girl looked terrified at losing another child. She had borne him four children, he had let her keep the first, Anna-Li who was watching her mother carefully, the other three had all been girls and tossed overboard within minutes of their birth. This one had been a bad birth, the babe in an awkward position and had drained her mother of a lot of her energy and life over the months, all the time they had prayed for it to be a boy.

Marci gazed up at him pleadingly, "Please Hellion, I do so want her. All the others if they aren't boys I will not stand in your way to remove but please let me have this one." He sighed slowly and nodded, he reached down and lifted the bundle from the bed; he cradled it against him slowly and looked down at the face. The eyes blinked open and glared at him accusingly for a few brief seconds. Marci wrung her hands to stop herself from reaching for the baby, how her fingers itched to clasp hold of the small bundle. Slowly Hellion lowered it to her and she quickly pressed it to her chest.

"No more, this is a ship not a crèche. Only boys Marci, no more girls, this one is your last." Marci nodded, a wide grin on her face and led the baby to her breast to let it suckle.

"Thank you." Hellion gave a faint nod and kissed her on the top of the head before returning to the deck and bellowing orders to the distracted crew.
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