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Chapter 7 - Et Tu Pirate

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A girl is born into a patriarchal world and seeks nothing more than the love of her father. This one mission in her life leads her into a world she wouldn't have dared have nightmares about.

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Chapter 7 - Et tu pirate

Hellion watched as the edge of the storm approached them, the sea boiling beneath its' onslaught, "Where's the nearest inlet?" The cartographer glanced up and studied the map in front of him intently.

"We'll never reach it in time; it's nearly twenty leagues away." Hellion nodded.

"Fasten the guns down, lower the anchor and bolt all port holes. I want a crew in the bowels to get any water that gets in back out. Tie the sails down, Marci get yourself and Nix into that cabin and batten down the windows, get yourselves under the covers and stay there." Marci nodded and took the young boys hand in her own; she glanced back at the brewing storm and paused as her mind tricked her eyes into thinking she had seen a ship sailing in it. Hellion watched the approach calmly as he tied down the wheel and set about making the ship ready.


Oria stood at the prow gazing through the shields of falling raindrops to where the Tigress floated serenely in the calms awaiting the destruction of the storm to ravage her. She could see the flurry of activity on the deck, the men tying down cannons and sails, the anchors plunging into the water and fighting for purchase through the swirling undercurrents. She bucked as the anchors found purchase and strained to keep the ship still in the swirling waters. Her hands unfolded and rested on the hilt of her cutlass, she glanced back to where Davy Jones was stood and frowned. Something was wrong but what was not yet clear and she got the feeling she wouldn't know what till it was too late.


Hellion watched as the rain swirled over the top of the hot deck of the Tigress; steam billowed up for a few seconds as the water evaporated before the rain took over the heat and made it into ice. A man fell from the crows nest with a sickening scream as he plunged to his death on the deck. Hellion lifted his gaze from the man and gazed out over the swirling vortex of solid water, his eyes widened as he heard the familiar fire of a cannon.

The Tigress rocked and wood splintered as her starboard side came into range of the Flying Dutchman. Hellion stared in disbelief as the ship emerged from the mist in an image of something closer to Cerberus growling and slavering emerging from the steam from hells' gates.

For the first time in his life Hellion felt fear, the guns were tied down and most of the crew was trying to bail water below deck. The Tigress was about to be defeated for the first time since she was built nearly fifty years ago. The only pirate built ship for pirates and was about to be taken down by the devil himself. He shook his head as the ship pulled up alongside them and tied them to each other.

The other crew poured over and began to slaughter anyone that got in their way. Hellion threw himself head first in front of his cabin as several invaders surged forwards to go in. An angry shout echoed out over their approach and they halted in their advance immediately.

"NO, that one is mine." He frowned; he knew that voice all too well. Oria pushed her way through and drew her cutlass, "Hello father." His eye brows fled to his hairline for the briefest of seconds after all this was what he knew was coming.

"Oria." He realised at that moment in time that he had always known this day would come; there had been something about the girl since the day she was born. The same craziness, the same gut instincts and determination that had kept him alive and made him more feared than all of his ancestors put together now began to abandon him. That same glint that rested in her eyes developed in his slowly and he drew his cutlass as she stepped forwards threateningly.

"You always said I wasn't good enough, that no woman was. I'm about to prove you wrong. How prepared are you for death?" He watched as she sank into a different frame of mind, the same he used in battle, but hers was different. It was calm and collected; he knew then that there was no possibility of him winning. Still he had never been bested by a man, he was not about to be defeated by his own daughter. Anger flooded his veins and they clashed into each other with equal ferocity.


Davy Jones watched the duel from the Flying Dutchman, equally matched in strength and determination but the girl had youth and agility on her side. Hellion he knew was blind in one eye and losing sight in the other, it hadn't taken Oria long to figure this out and she was now soundly destroying him.

Ruthless in her attack she gave him no time to adapt to her style, changing it every few seconds from defensive to offensive, back to defensive before slipping into conservational. All movements perfectly calculated to inflict the most damage. Her blade sliced through his right thigh and he fell to his knees, she slashed at both of his wrists, his cutlass rattled to the floor as she swung around and placed her cutlass at his throat. He swallowed and stared up at her, it had barely taken five minutes for her to neutralise him. Davy Jones nodded, this was a good development in his plans. He turned away and headed down to the boarding planks so as to hear more clearly.


Oria stared at her father without remorse, the man in front of her, on his knees was afraid, his eyes gave him away. She snarled at him, "And so the mighty De Monara falls at the hands of his own daughter." Hellion smirked.

"At least it was a worthy opponent that bested me and not a simpleton." She snorted.

"Now that I have defeated you, you see my potential, shame you hadn't seen it several years ago. We might not have come to this now." He nodded.

"Aye perhaps I was wrong to assume no woman could fight." Oria pressed her blade into his throat more tightly.

"I care nothing for your words now. You betrayed me, now I shall return the favour." She sliced his throat cleanly and watched as he scrabbled at it limply before collapsing into a pool on the deck. Oria stared down at him; nothing went through her, no remorse, no joy, just cold icy acceptance. The screams had stopped all over the ship, no one was alive any more and the crustacean crew had left the ship and were now watching from the Flying Dutchman. Oria met Davy Jones' gaze and he chuckled as he spotted her, this one was really a work of the devil, a good match.

"You have your ship, you have the satisfaction of knowing it was you who killed your father and I have all of the souls you offered me." Oria sheathed her cutlass and watched as the Flying Dutchman pulled away from the stricken Tigress and in that instant Oria knew the hidden plot. She had been right, now it was too late; she watched in disbelief as he sailed away and left her alone on a ship of the dead.
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