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Chapter 9

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Harry is emancipated at 16, and now he wants revenge. This is a grey!Harry and grey!Ginny

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A/N: The seven SEALs are tested out in Diagon Alley against the Death Eaters, Ministry and Order, and the downfall of Narcissa and Draco Malfoy.

A/N: Beta reader is damantaray


"We need to be at Gringotts tomorrow at noon, Harry. What do you have in mind until then?"

Harry sniggered. "You know, you can ask a question with a certain suggestion, I might interpret it in several ways." His eyebrows were wiggling.

Ginny laughed. "Get your mind out of the gutter, Potter. But on a more serious note, let's sleep together again tonight ... if you don't mind, that is."

Harry nodded. "No problem here," he said. He felt his cheeks heating up, but Ginny said nothing. She was studying his shoes very intently.

"Let's eat, Gin. I'm hungry and I'll eat you if I don't eat."

Ginny laughed and ran to the kitchen, followed closely by Harry. After a lot of fun, Harry was cooking for the day.


Harry woke up, feeling a body tightly pressed against his. He felt something heavy resting on his legs. He opened his eyes and saw a blanket of red covering him. That was Ginny; always worrying about him.

He tried carefully to untangling himself from Ginny, but she woke up when he tried to move her leg from his legs.

"Good morning, my prince," she murmured.

Harry laughed. "Good morning, my princess."

Ginny's eyes went wide. "What?"

Harry laughed again. "Get a shower and get breakfast, I want to do some shopping in Diagon Alley, so hurry up!" Harry disappeared in the bathroom.


Harry and Ginny sat on the kitchen table eating their breakfast. A SEAL came into the kitchen and stood next to the door, but said nothing.

Harry looked at the man. "Are you the sergeant?"

"Sir, Yes Sir!"

"Sergeant, do you have a name?" Ginny asked.

"I am not allowed to give you my name, Ma'am."

"Do you always reply with 'Sir Yes Sir', Sergeant?" Harry asked annoyed.

"That is not confirmative, Sir" the Sergeant said with a small smile on his face.

Harry grinned. "So, you are human after all, Sergeant."

"Yes Sir."

"Sergeant, can you tell me how you'll be able to go to Diagon Alley?" Harry asked.

"We are squibs, Sir. We can see magical buildings and objects."

"Are all SEALs squibs, Sergeant?" Harry asked surprised.

"No, Sir. The ones in our unit today are squibs, Sir," the Sergeant replied evenly.

"I have an idea Harry," Ginny said contemplating. "Why don't we ask the Sergeant here if he and his friends are interested to receive a rune for protection?"

Harry turned to the Sergeant. "Are you interested, Sergeant?"

"Sir, that is not allowed, Sir," the Sergeant replied with a straight face.

Harry decided not to continue. "Sergeant, we're going to Diagon Alley today to do shopping. Is that a problem, Sergeant?"

"Sir, No Sir."

"Great. We leave within thirty minutes," Harry said.


The twisted cobbled street, named Diagon Alley was filled with all kind of magical shops, where you could buy to oddest things imaginable. Harry and Ginny were surrounded again by the seven SEALs. The Sergeant was close to Harry, but the rest of his unit held a certain distance. Their eyes were all directed to the shops, its roofs and the street itself.

When a person walked over the street, at least two SEALs were monitoring it warily, their hands on their hidden weapons.

Harry and Ginny were walking towards the Flourish and Blotts, the bookshop so popular with Hermione Granger. Suddenly Harry and Ginny heard short bursts of gunfire next to them. When Harry looked to the direction of the gunfire, he saw the four SEALs on his right firing their weapons on a group of at least thirty figures in black and with white masks.

"Death Eaters," Ginny exclaimed.

The group of Death Eaters were already decimated by half, the half that were still alive were panicking. They had no idea what was happening with them.

The three other SEALs pulled their weapons as well, and added their firepower to their already firing unit members. One of the SEALs pulled a small ball and threw it to the Death Eaters, where it exploded. That was a hand grenade, Harry realized.

The effect of the hand grenade was devastating for the Death Eaters. At least ten of them fell down, mortally wounded. The rest of the Death Eaters were killed by the bursts from the machine pistols.

The whole fight lasted only thirty seconds and the thirty death eaters were all killed or were mortally wounded. The Sergeant grabbed the back of Harry and Ginny and hurried to the bookshop. There were two SEALs left and right from them when they entered the Flourish and Blotts, two SEALs were guarding the entrance of the bookshop, and two SEALs were checking up the Death Eaters.

Harry heard short bursts of gunfire. "What are they doing, Sergeant?"

"Sir, they are killing the wounded terrorists, Sir."

Harry was upset. How could they do that, they are wounded, he thought. Ginny saw his face and laid her hand on his shoulder. "It is better this way, Harry. When they are wounded, they might kill or hurt others still."

The Sergeant looked at Ginny appreciatively.

"Madam, that is right. A dead terrorist is a good terrorist, Madam."

Harry nodded. He realized that it was true ... when a Death Eater was still able to fire curses, they would do serious damage. However, killing them ... he wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do. However, Harry also realized that he didn't mind that they were killed.

Harry and Ginny were looking outside. The shop clerks that were standing next to Ginny were looking outside as well. They saw the two black dressed SEALs moving swiftly towards the shop, their weapons at ready and in position, pointing to a group of people who was approaching the shop.

Harry saw several people appearing in that group of people and he could recognize the tall, white bearded figure of an Albus Dumbledore.

"That is the Order of Phoenix approaching. Those people are not to be attacked unless they are attacking, Sergeant."

"Sir, Yes Sir."

The clerks looked strangely to Harry and the group of black dressed SEALs.

"Who are they?" asked one of the shopping clerks.

"None of your business," Ginny snapped.

The SEALs were surrounding Harry and Ginny and were waiting for the things to come, their weapons ready.

In the mean time, the Order members stood in front of the shop. Two of the Order members, Tonks and Remus Lupin, were approaching the dead Death Eaters. They looked, and came back immediately. They were obviously reporting to Dumbledore.

"Mr. Potter Sir, I advise to move out the shop now, otherwise we are at a strategically disadvantage, Sir," the Sergeant said, looking tense to the Order members in front of the shop.

"Ok, what shall we do?" Harry asked.

"Sir, that is our job, Sir," the Sergeant said.

The SEALs surrounded the duo, and moved them through the door of the shop towards the members of the Order. Dumbledore looked up and studied for a moment the group of approaching black dressed men, until he recognized Harry and Ginny. His eyebrows went momentary up, and grabbed his wand tightly.

"Harry and Ginny, come to me immediately. And who are those men?" he shouted, pointing to the SEALs.

Harry and Ginny said nothing, and the SEALs started to move to the right, in the direction of Gringotts. Harry saw Dumbledore lift up his wand, and Harry reacted immediately.

"Halt!" he screamed. "When you fire one curse, what ever it is, in our direction, you are dead meat."

He pointed to the death eaters. "You see them? To kill them all took only thirty seconds. You stupid Order stand much too close together; you will all be dead within ten seconds when you try to attack us. So back off."

Everyone from the Order had a stunned expression on his or her faces. Ginny could recognize Bill and Charlie between the Order.

"I don't think they will listen, Harry," Ginny whispered.

Harry turned to the Sergeant. "Sergeant, shoot them all in the legs, don't kill them if you can avoid it."

Ginny was grinning. "Go get them, boys," she said. The SEALs were briefly looking at her, and their expressions became predatory.

In one smooth movement, they started to fire at the Order. All fifteen members of the Order fell on the ground, screaming in pain and grabbing their legs. Professor Dumbledore laid on the ground, and pointed his wand to Harry ... he heard a sharp click behind him ... he felt a pressure of cold steel against the back of his neck.

"One movement with your little stick and you're gone," a raspy voice came from behind him. Dumbledore froze ... and before he could think, his wand was taken from him. When he became aware what was going on, he discovered that the all of the Order members were disarmed and surrounded by men in black clothing and strange weapons pointing at them.

Harry and Ginny were watching the Order. Harry had a contemplative expression on his face, but Ginny's expression was simply mocking.

"Professor Dimple, listen to me very carefully, because I am going to say this only one time." Ginny loved the expression on the old man's face. The man was clearly flabbergasted.

"It only took seven of our men to bring down thirty Death Eaters in thirty seconds and it took about two or three seconds to bring down fifteen Order members. The next time we will probably kill you.

"Stay away from us, and we will stay away from you.

"If you, Professor Dimple, start to hunt us, we will completely destroy the magical world.

"That is all. Have a nice day."

Harry, Ginny, and the SEALs moved swiftly and smoothly towards Gringotts, and there was the expected reaction of screaming and wailing of the wounded. Curse words were being shouted, but no spell was fired.

They were about twenty meters from the Gringotts bank, before the group could hear the popping sound from apparitions from behind their back. The group turned and they saw the ministry Aurors apparating in. The Aurors were wearing their typical red cloaks, and they immediately spread out.

"At least they are more professional," the Sergeant said dryly.

He turned to his men. "Use grenade launchers, ten meters before targets."

He waved towards the Aurors, who pulled already their wands.

The SEALs took their short grenade launchers and pointed them to the approaching Aurors.

"Fire," the Sergeant yelled.

Six grenades exploded in front of the Aurors with loud noise and flying dirt and stones. All the Aurors fell to the ground; some of them flew some meters in the air, before the fell on the ground as well.

"Quick March to the bank," the Sergeant yelled.

The group, including Harry and Ginny marched towards the bank in a high tempo. When they reached the bank, and looked back, they saw disorder on the street. The Aurors were probably in panic, and Order members were screaming for medical help. Harry could see several medical witches walking towards the Order members, and several Aurors were trying to form a security cordon.


Harry and Ginny were waiting for Ba'ar. Harry sat on a chair and Ginny sat very close next to him.

"Gin, what do you mean, killing the magical world?"

Ginny grimaced. "I'm not sure, Harry. I was only bluffing."

Harry looked thoughtfully. "Well ... what you say isn't impossible, you know. When you see how bad the authorities are organized and the quality of the law enforcement groups is bad, there is a very good possibility for a group of twenty or thirty muggle soldiers to destroy them, including the Death Eaters. So it is possible."

Ginny looked at him. "You know, Harry. You might have something here ... maybe that is the thing to kill Voldemort."

Harry nodded. "Yeah, maybe it is."

A figure was approaching the duo. Before the figure ten meters away from them, he was stopped by three black-clothed men. Harry saw something he couldn't. That was Neville!

"Ginny," he said excited. "That is Neville!"

Ginny looked to the person, but hesitated. "I'm not sure, Harry."

Harry stood up and approached the figure. That was indeed Neville.

"Neville, how are you, it is Harry ... and Ginny is here as well!" He pointed to Ginny behind him.

Neville looked up to Harry, but his expression on his face did not change.

"Hi Harry ... Ginny," he said.

"What is wrong, Neville?"

"Wrong? Wrong! That blasted newt of an asshole Draco Malfoy raped Hannah Abbott, and killed her father. And Dumbledore isn't doing anything about it."

Harry was devastated. "How ... when ... how do you know that ..."

"I don't have time for this shit. I am taking all my money and I am going to leave England and go to my uncles in New York. I had it with all that shit here. Let them kill each other."

Neville turned and moved away to one of the cashiers. Ginny placed a hand o his shoulder. "Again a victim, Harry ... let him go, because I have an idea how to destroy the Malfoys and especially Draco Malfoy."

Harry turned swiftly towards Ginny, taking her hand in his. "How," he growled.

Ginny smirked. "You are the head of the family Black, you also carry the title, is that correct?"


"So, Lord Black, by law you are allowed to marry your family members, but you are also allowed to divorce."

"Oh yes?"

Ginny smirked evilly. "Now the best part comes. You can declare an existing marriage null and illegal as well. In that case, Draco Malfoy will be a bastard. He will lose the family name Malfoy ... and will not carry any family name. What about that?"

Harry hugged her tightly. "You are the best! I could kiss you!" Harry was dancing a jiggle, grabbing Ginny's hands and trying to let her join the jig.

Ginny was only looking at him with wide eyes, and did not move.

Harry stopped dancing and looked at her questionably.


"Kiss me, Lord Black?" she asked with an unreadable expression on her face.

Oops. Why did he say that? "Well ... you look kissable."

Harry slammed his hand in front of his mouth. Did he say that aloud in front of Ginny? Oh Merlin, he thought, what did he say? She is going to kill me for that!

He was saved from a fate worse then death by Ba'ar, who was waving them into a room.

"Mr. Potter and Lord Black, you won't get away with that remark," Ginny said loudly. "Tonight in bed we speak about that," she whispered.

Harry gulped.


A/N: Next chapter: Part II of the downfall of Narcissa and Draco Malfoy, enhancing their SEALs fighting force, the 'talk' about relationships ... but in bed, Ginny being expelled from school, Harry and Ginny being declared dark and enemy of the State.

A/N: Beta reader is damantaray
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