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One - Waiting

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Set in a perfect,loving suburb of New Jersey, this is a story about trying to find a hand to hold onto in the dark. Full of mystery & horror & MAYBE a little romance..... [mainly a frank fic]

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hey, thank you for reading thiss :)
i'd just like to state i'm not a fan of undeveloped stories, therefore i'm going to develop my characters and their situations in depth, so please keep that in mind!
I'd also like to state that i'm not into clichés & i like to add unexpected twists!

SO...sit back & enjoy! :]


It wasn't often that Frank was awake during the late afternoon period, infact, it was extremely rare. It was fall, so it wasn't hot outside. The weather was incredibly dull and melancholy, something which Frank liked. The wind whistled through the enormous trees that stood outside his large house. The wind was violent, so violent that it sounded like the branches had
fingers, and were repeatedly tapping on his window. He had his shutters open for once, as it was strangely dark, like dusk. He was sat on the window ledge, staring out of the glass panes which were crying with rain. Through the blurry glass he could see the streetlamps glistening, like orange beacons.

His room was idyllic. He had clean, crisp white bed sheets on his bed, which had a romantic French frame, full of intricate curves and rose-shaped twists. The space was large, with an empty part right in the middle. The walls were also white, but there were various posters, maps and documents stuck on. Some were neatly done but others were wonky, miss-hung.
There were two windows in his room, one by the top of his bed and the other situated right in the corner of the room on the left, where he was sat.

He checked his watch and sighed. He knew it wasn't long until he could escape and do what he had to do. He had told his parents that he worked as a security guard at the parking lot, which was, of course, a lie. But that was what Frank Iero did best, lie.

Again, he checked his watch. It was obvious he was anxious, nervous. The time was drawing closer and it started to get darker and darker. Something inside him told him that he didn't want to do this. Despite everything that he had done, he wished that he could just turn the clock back instead of creating misery. But what was done, was done and he could not change anything.

He leant over to his desk and moved his hands under a few papers, pulling out his cell phone. He stared at it, the green light illuminating his perfectly shaped face. He looked the personification of his job. His eyes were heavily decorated with eyeliner, framing his almond shaped pupils. His lips were deceivingly seductive, however they looked as if the truth would melt upon touching them. The black hair that swept across his face served as a reminder that he was no angel.

There were no missed calls, no text messages, nothing. Frank started to grind his teeth, indicating his anger. He dropped the cell onto the desk, causing it to make a loud banging noise. He was organised. He had his black bag with him containing everything he needed. His black hoodie was hanging, like a convict from the noose, on the door handle, waiting to be worn.

He continued to stare out of the window, until he saw a black car approach his suburban house. He instantly knew who it was. His stomach turned as he leapt off the window ledge onto his white carpet. He grabbed his cell, causing a few papers to glide off his desk. He put the cell in his bag, and unhooked his hoodie, putting in on. The dark hood fell over his face, covering his glance from the world. He quickly paced down the stairs until he was faced with the large front door. Taking a deep breath, he exited the house, slamming the door, signifying to his parents that he had left for work.

He felt the sharp chill of the New Jersey air and the rain tapped his shoulders like an impatient child. The car was parked on the drive, it's giant, shining headlights penetrating the distance and illuminating the raindrops. He opened the car door and got inside. Taking off his hood, he smiled to the driver.


did you like?
i hope you all bear with me as it takes quite a while for the story to build up!
keep reading :]
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