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Chapter 7 - Wentz Spawn

by whatkatydid 7 Reviews


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  • This Isn't What You Wanted.

    (#) FrostedGlass 2006-12-04 01:43:41 PM


    I'm pretty sure. But maybe I will still read it now...
  • This Isn't What You Wanted.

    (#) FrostedGlass 2006-12-04 01:56:52 PM

    Well, it just semi-suck. And that's why you're just getting a semi-rating point. ;)

    My favs:
    Scanned his vitals, scanned his wife, looked back to the charts. -> I like parallel sentence constructions if they actually mean something. Like this one. I love little tidbits like this one. :)

    repetitively stroking his forehead, if he was awake, he surely would've swatted her hand away by now. -> I have the feeling this is Bea thinking. Right? Like she (thinks she) knows Pete better than anyone else.

    Ayla is Pete’s daughter. That is just perfect. For drama, at least. ;)

    I am stunned by your insight into the medical profession. All those tubes and liquids and wiping mouths. ;) It’s great ambiance, Katy!

    Pete had a very “good” and convincing reason to OD. Very good work on the plot, I believe.

    Any chaper that alludes to Pretty Spice and Strange Spice is another milestone for the DoJ.


    Author's response

    ok stop being nice, you know I hated this chapter. Ok, well I might as well say thanks. so..."Thank You Alex" Thanks for picking up on those lines. Be prepared for more angsty drama!
  • This Isn't What You Wanted.

    (#) moocow 2006-12-04 02:29:35 PM

    those two words just made my day.

    tru. dat.

    Author's response

    I don't even know what it means....shrugs
  • This Isn't What You Wanted.

    (#) MMMramen 2006-12-04 02:44:39 PM

    Katy, my dear, this chapter was so not horrible. In fact, you're getting a rating point and you're going to like it.

    I like all the drama being thrown around: The affair with the doctor, the wife, the faux-Pete spawn, the real-Pete spawn, the Patrick. Grey's Anatomy and its vuh-jay-jay ain't got shit on you. Seriously. I mean it. Roofies and blow job face for you :O

    Author's response

    Why Thank you....
  • This Isn't What You Wanted.

    (#) pixied_secrets 2006-12-04 04:51:00 PM

    sarah's a hoebageler. haha.

    i don't know how you come up with dramatic masterpieces like this, but you are pretty much the shit for being amazing enough to do so.

    And when she's sad, she does what he does...she just goes in...into her little world...and you, know where she's a person... i love that Ayla displays one of the most important wentz characteristics. i think this was the best way you could have portrayed that.

    "Samuel's not his...." Patrick said bluntly. i probably breathed the biggest sigh of relief ever. i was cheering from behind my laptop. i probably looked like a douchebag. meh.

    you used "tru dat". i love you. take a rating point, British Spice. you deserve it.

    Author's response

    You're about to become the BIGGEST hoebageler...but I'll do it with class. You are a Doctor's wife after all.......
  • This Isn't What You Wanted.

    (#) LOVELA 2006-12-04 08:43:06 PM

    sighs deeply

    OH this story is just wonderfully wonderful. I stayed up just so I could read it along with your other story. I can not wait! until Pete wakes up.

    From the Grande Dame of Drama-Rama....this is what Drama is all about.

  • This Isn't What You Wanted.

    (#) isuckatlifen 2006-12-19 10:54:37 AM

    wow this story is full of surprise so pete has a kid but its not the kid we thought pete cheated on her and no one knew and now patrick thinks they should get back together. but what about his wife?
    p.s. guess what im reading this story and writing this comment with 4 rolls of duct tape balanced on my head and their not taped down ive got skill but not as much as you've ot skill at writeing

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