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Chapter 1- Supermarket Sweep

by MMMramen 3 Reviews

Charlie is a single mother of two. After losing her husband, she is unwilling and seemingly unable to let herself love again. Might a certain, hat wielding lead singer change that? Probably.

Category: Fall Out Boy - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance - Characters:  - Published: 2006/12/02 - Updated: 2006/12/02 - 1885 words


  • Rock The Cradle of Love

    (#) pixied_secrets 2006-12-02 07:11:23 PM

    i can tell by your author's note at the beginning that you aren't one-hundred percent secure with this story. let me be the one to reassure you that it is fucking amazing. so amazing, in fact, that i am going to use my second to last rating point on it. you like those apples?

    here's a list for you:

    1.)/Heroin? I didn't write that...and I certainly wouldn't come here for my narcotics. / hahahaha. i love your sense of humor, and how it shines through on your characters.

    2.)/After the attack on Aisle 8, yielding no survivors, I headed for the produce section. It somewhat balanced out my sweet tooth./ you are terribly witty and i love you for it.

    3.)/"Taco Vender Turns Tiny UFO Into Alien Sombrero. Fascinating." / hahaha. the's fantastic.

    4.)the interaction between Jocelyn and Charlie is very realistic. her way of mothering her daughter, and playing along with her. i loved it. not to mention the did her husband die?

    you better continue with this story, otherwise the DoJ will get medieval on your ass.

    Author's response

    And I shall reward your generous rating point by...rating your review. I'm not sure how the "point system" works and I know there is an explanation of it on the site, but instead of reading it, I took a nap. But yeah, thanks for the review. I was getting a little discouraged, but I knew you'd get around to reviewing. And I hate to say this, but "Taco Vendor Turns Tiny UFO into Alien Sombrero was an actual article in one of the those corny magazines. I always remembered it and vowed to put it in a story. Anyway, yeah, I'm a little insecure about this story, but I know the DoJ will help me through if I needed it.
  • Rock The Cradle of Love

    (#) howshesews 2006-12-02 07:28:28 PM

    you genius.

    no, really. how about we update and make sarah very happy, hmmm?

    i love how patrick is totally loving the older women. i can see that. i also love the little girl. she's full of personality, and not a lot of people realize kids are more than peeing and pooping and cheerios...and runny noses.

    way to go. i have a rating to give you...

    Author's response

    Ah, the always alluring MILF. How can Patrick resist? An update is under way, but only if Meg stops messing around with that filthy Peter. OK, I wouldn't do that...actually, I'm kind of digging the drama. I'm glad you like the little girl. She's loosely based on my niece, who is an absolute gem. I only wish I had shat her from my womb...ew, that was gross. Once again, I don't understand the rating thing, but I'll take that as I compliment.
  • Rock The Cradle of Love

    (#) MusicxisxHearts 2006-12-02 08:11:10 PM

    Awww...I love this!

    Author's response

    Thank you. I appreciate the review. I was starting to think this story sucked because it wasn't getting any feedback. That's a load off my mind.
  • Rock The Cradle of Love

    (#) whatkatydid 2006-12-03 02:41:33 AM


    You have NO idea how much I am smiling at this very moment! Now you said you were in labour with another story but - hot damn! - girl??? This is the most amazing thing.

    Thanks for kidnapping my last rating point....


    Author's response

    Oh Katy, you never cease to make me choke on my saliva with your reviews. Sorry for stealing your review point, I need it to save the world from Creed.
  • Rock The Cradle of Love

    (#) duckapple 2006-12-03 07:25:51 PM

    You madame are amazing and I demand that we reproduce at once.

    Author's response

    As long as you're willing to squeeze out our young, that's fine with me.
  • Rock The Cradle of Love

    (#) FrostedGlass 2006-12-04 03:42:57 AM

    Shameless self-promotion is plonktastic. -> Now, would it have HURT you to include a footnote here, alluding to my stories? I think not.

    California was definitely not conducive for those of us cursed with curls. No amount of hair spray or de-frizzers would save me now. -> The curse of the curls. Those two words don’t sound so similar for nothing. Curls are great for comic effect. Yes, really.

    A goofy trucker hat sat upon his light brown tresses, allowing a few wisps of hair to peak out from under it. A set of full, pink lips sat just under a distinguished nose. His pale blue shirt cascaded over his slightly rounded stomach and resided over his snug black pants. -> Hm, I thought it was Pete… ;)

    “Taco Vender Turns Tiny UFO Into Alien Sombrero. Fascinating." -> Is that from the “High On Infinity” CD? Sounds like Wentz’s lyrics to me.

    If you married me I would be Alexandra Alexander. I think that’s reason enough to propose, Ma’am.
    This story swells DoJ’s chest with proudness. (I can throw away the Kleenexes now… no wait, stupid Katy gave me her cold.)

    The rating point is a given.

    Author's response

    Sorry, sorry, sorry. I thought using your word would be cute. If you look now, I put a footnote for you.

    Taco Vendor Turns Tiny UFO Into Alien Sombrero is an actual cover story for one of those cheesy magazines that you read in the check out line. Sad, huh?

    I'm not sure how Emma would feel if I proposed. She's your mistress, no? Besides, I can't share you with someone else. You know that :o
  • Rock The Cradle of Love

    (#) LOVELA 2007-05-09 09:44:15 PM

    Hey! Really horrible member of the DOJ signing in to grovel. Apparently I had it in my head that I was going to wait to read this story...not really sure why, but who knows where thoughts come from really. They just appear. So now you can expect many late reviews! I hope you enjoy them. First and foremost: You had actaully made me consider to do some grocery shopping, since it is one thing that I loath, if I am going to meet a scrumptious boy such as the buscuit. Your words amaze me. Smooches!

    Author's response

    Oh my. CeCe, you've flooded my email box with "New Review at FicWad" messages. It made me unusually giddy to see. Actually, the "Author Alert: New Story by LOVELA" was what made me truly giddy.
  • Rock The Cradle of Love

    (#) drowsygrrl 2007-05-27 12:15:23 PM

    So. Awesome.

    I've been looking for a good Patrick fic for I don't know how long. This def looks like it's gunna hit the spot ;). You have good articulation and diction, but don't get too carried away with it to the point where you lose a sense of style. The heroin and preschool marriage were very nice touches. I'm so excited for the 4 year old to meet Patrick lol. I think they'll get along nicely. Btw, thanks for ur review of my one shot ;).

    Author's response

    Happy to quench your Patrick fic thirst. Thank you very much for your honesty. Sometimes I do lose my point, but I'm working on it :)
  • Rock The Cradle of Love

    (#) xxACoalminexx 2007-08-15 07:42:50 PM

    I'm at a loss for words...

    Author's response

    Sorry, love. Once Ficwad gets its act together, I'll probably post again. Until then, go to

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