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chapter 14

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Ashley's POV

I walked up and made some coffee and kissed Quinn goodbye as he headed out. I sat at the kitchen table just thinking about everything that's happened the past couple of days.

"So why are you up so early?", Frankie said rubbing his eyes and leaning against the door frame.

"I should adk you the same thing."

"Yeah but I asked first."

"Quinn left at five so I got up with him."

"Oh he's up?"

"Yeah and gone he's gone on tour today."


"So why are you up?"

"Smelled coffee."

"I thought that's why you were up.", he smilled, the first smile since he's gotten here.

"What thime is it?"

"It's now about six."

"What time does Ihop open?"

"It's open twenty-four hours here."

"Wow, want to go out for some breakfast?"

"Yeah, I would like that.", he had his clothes still in his car. He went outside and got some clothes. When we both got finished dressing we left. There was silence until Frankie broke it.

"So how have you been what did I miss?"

"Well I got out of producing and I'm in a band."

"That's great? what is it called?"

"One Night Stand, Aneesah asked me to sing after the singer quit."


"Yeah, I think so I've met a lot of good people along the way."

"Do you all have a record out?"

"Yeah, Gregg one of my good friends and I helped produce. To tell you the truth that was the last record I came out with."

"I think that's it's amazing how you can help produce your own cd.", I smilled the whole day, which I haven't done in a while, we caught up on everything. People everywhere taking pictures. We went to the mall bought clothes. We was eating lunch and my phone starting to ring.

Incoming call!

Me: Hello.

Gerard: Hey.

Me: What's up.

Gerard: We can't find Frankie.

Me: He's with me.


Me: Gerard calm down.

Gerard: I'm coming over there.

Me: We're not at my house.

Gerard: Where are you?

Me: The mall we'll be home later. Bye.

End of conversation.

Gerard's POV

"She hung up on me.", I can't belive she just hung up on me.


"Ashley just hung up on me because I'm assuming she didn't want to give Frank up yet."

"He's with her?"

"Yeah.", I grabbed my keys and my jacket.

"Where are you going?"

"Don't you me we?", I said grabbing Miranda's arm.

"Wait I haven't done my makeup!"

"I think you look beautiful and besides this is a little more important than your makeup.", I already had her in the car before she spoke.

"Where are we going?"


"In New York!? They take pictures of us there all the time, I really need my makeup."

"Here.", I handed her my makeup bag. I know that sounds gay but I need it, you know, apperences.

"Hey that's where my eyeliner went."

"I needed it, It was an emergency."

"And you call me bad.", we laughed and talked until we finally got there. "Their not here."

"I know, we are going to wait for them, where's that key?, I said looking around the door. I then remembered Ashley saying something about a plant. I know she buried it in the soil by her plant.

"Ah ha!", I said as I found the key.

"You know this is wrong?"

"Yeah, but right now, It feels so right.", she laughed. I opened the door and walked in. Now all we can do is wait.

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