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The guys notice Lipsstick smudged on Gerard's lips after he gets back to the hotel room,and they figure out what was going on.Gerard went on a date!What will be their reaction?

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When Gerard got back to the hotel room he was pounced on by Mikey.
"Where the hell have you been,Gerard?!You had me worried sick!"Mikey said,pinning Gerard down onto the floor.Gerard gasped for breath,and Mikey let go of him.
"Relax,Mikey!I was out in the town!I-"he started,but he didn't want them to know about his date with Nicole yet."I had coffe,and I walked through the park.It was huge!I had almost got lost in it a few times,but atleast I'm here,right?"he told him,lying about him almost getting lost.
"Well,if you;re going to be gone so long let me know,next time!Okay?"Mikey snapped,and Gerard noddded and got up.
Then Gerard bumped into Ray and Frank.Literally.All three of them fell to the floor after colliding with eachother.
"Sorry,guys!"he said while Mikey laughed at them,and he shot his Brother a deadly look,and he shut up.
Then,they all noticed the smudge of lipstick on Gerard's lips.They gaped at him."What?"he said.The three of the boys looking at Gerard exchanged glances."What,Dammit!What?"he said,getting impatient.
"Who is she and when did you meet?"Frank asked him,and Gerard froze.They couldn't be talking about Nicole,could they?Then,he licked his lips,and tasted lipstick on them.
"Crap."he said."Okay,her name is Nicole,and we met in a coffee shop.I asked her out on a short date,and she's the one who kissed me,not the other way around."he told Frank,Ray,and Mikey.They smirked at him.
"What happened?"Bob asked out of nowhere.Buty before Gerard could answer him,Ray answered him for him.
"Gerard was making out with a girl while he was away!"he said with a smirk.
"I was not!She kissed me first!"Gerard said,getting annoyed by this conversation."I'm ginna change into some different clothes and watch some t.v. okay?Don't bug me about my date anymore."he told them,and grabbed some clothes out of his bag.
He changed into a pair of regular pants and a white t-shirt,turned on the t.v. and flipped through the channels.
He got to a channel and he saw their music video The Black Parade being played on MTV2.He smiled as they said it was on the top ten list,and continued flipping through the channels,and settled for a movie that started about ten minutes earlier.He flopped onto the couch and suddenly jumped as the woman screamed at the top of her lungs.'A horror movie?It'll have to do.'he thought,and shrugged.

This chapter is finished...sorry that it's short,but its all i could think of for this chapter...
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