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Chapter Fourteen

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sorry this one is short... and took a while to post. things are pretty crazy at school now with exams and everything, but i'm trying!

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"Come on Em, let's go home..." Ryan whispered. Emily stood quietly at the foot of her father's hospital bed, totally unsure of how to react to the events that had unfolded. She wished that she could have had that last chance to talk to her dad, even though he probably didn't deserve it after all the shit that he had caused for her and her mother. Emily silently followed Ryan outside. Ryan reached out and took her hand in his. She smiled at him.
"Can we just go for a walk? I don't feel like going home just yet." Emily said.
"Of course." Ryan kissed her on the forehead as they walked down the street. "What are you thinking about?" Emily sighed heavily.
"Everything... I just don't know what to feel. I am so confused." Emily exclaimed, becoming frustrated. "I mean, I wish that I could not be upset by this... my father deserved this for all the years that he wasn't around and when he was around he was hitting my mother and screaming at us. For some reason, I'm really sad."
"I know exactly what you mean sweetie. I felt the same way when my dad passed away."
"Ry, I am so sorry that I was around when you were going through that." Emily said sincerely. Ryan didn't say anything. He simply pulled her into a tight embrace. "I love you Ryan."
"I love you too Emily." Ryan kissed her softly. "I have to get home. We have a concert tonight. Are you up for coming?"
"Of course. It will be great to do something to get my mind off all of this."


Emily and her roommate Danielle pulled into the parking lot outside of the Orleans Theater, in Vegas. Emily was surprised to see that a few dozen fans had already lined up. The doors weren't opening for another four hours!
"Here Dani, put this on." Emily said, passing Danielle an all-access pass. They both pulled the passes around their necks as the approached the door, past all the waiting fans. "Hey Zach!" Emily said, happily hugging the security guard. "This is my roommate and friend Danielle. Danielle, this is Zach, the guys' security guard."
"Nice to meet you." Zach said, shaking Danielle's hand. "The guys are just about to do their sound check, so go on in!"He quickly opened the doors and let the girls inside. Neither one of the girls were exactly sure where to go. Emily jumped a little bit when someone grabbed her waist. She laughed when she saw Brendon standing behind her.
"Hey stranger!" Brendon exclaimed, hugging her, which made her laugh again.
"Hey Bren. Zach told us that you guys were sound checking right now."
"On the way... we're running a bit behind." Brendon explained.
"Ah, got ya! Well, I would like to introduce you to my roommate and friend Danielle. Danielle, this is Brendon."
"We've met briefly before." Danielle said shyly, shaking Brendon's hand. Emily couldn't help but laugh as Brendon was practically pushed to the stage by one of the many people that were running around. Emily and Danielle followed closely behind. Emily noticed the huge smile that spread across Ryan's face as she entered the room. "So Em, are you and Ryan back together?" Danielle questioned, apparently noticing the smile too.
"Yeah, we are as of this morning actually." Emily grinned. A few minutes later, the boys were done their sound check and met up with the girls backstage. "Guys, I'd like you all to meet my friend Danielle. Danielle, this is Brendon, who you met earlier, Spencer, Jon, and Ryan." Everyone was busy talking to Danielle, so they didn't notice when Emily took Ryan's hand and disappeared. She threw him against the wall and kissed him passionately. He was clearly very surprised but her actions, but didn't object. He responded by running his hands through her hair.
"What did I do to deserve that?" Ryan asked breathlessly after she had pulled away from him. Emily giggled and shrugged her shoulders. Ryan smiled and kissed her quickly. "We should probably get back before everyone starts to get suspicious." Emily agreed and linked hands with Ryan as he led her to the dressing room where everyone was now sitting on the couches, talking about movies. Ryan flopped on the couch beside Brendon and Spencer and pulled Emily onto his lap and kissed her softly.
"I love you." Emily whispered into his ear, noticing that Brendon was rolling his eyes.
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