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2 Favors

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What happens when Achilles asks Hera to come to the living world and Achilles falls madly in love with Atlanta? What will Archie do to his new roommate? Read to find out. ArchiexAtlantaxAchilles Mo...

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Hey this is my second story. I hope that you like it. It will be once again a huge AxA story as I am a huge ArchiexAtlanta fan.

Disclaimer: don't own


Chapter One:

Persephone and Hera were taking their annual visit to the underworld. Every month they would go down to Elysian Fields and talk to and visit the dead heroes from past times. They would chat about the progress of the decendants and how the afterlife was going.

But that day something happened as Hera and Persephone were leaving the fields; Achilles had stopped them to ask a favor.

"Queen Hera and Mrs. Persephone may you please hold up," called Achilles.

"Yes Achilles," answered Persephone.

"May I ask you two lovely women for a favor?"

The two 'lovely women' exchanged glances.

"Why sure you may Achilles. What is it that you want to ask as a favor?" asked Hera.

"I wish to ask to come back to the normal world. Just a little while; to see what has changed and meet this new found decendant, Archie you speak of,"

Persephone and Hera talked it over for a moment or two. Then they decided that it would be a good idea. The decendants could meet a hero from the past and the dead heroes could use an update on what the living world was like.

"That would be a marvelous idea Achilles. We will come tomorrow with Hecate. She will bring you to the world of the living,"

"Then tomorrow it shall' be. I will disrupt you no longer Queen Hera and Mrs. Persephone,"

He took a bow and turned around and left down the path whistling a song of some sort. Which left the two goddesses to talk.

'We shall' tell the Jay and the others about their new visitor tonight after dinner,"

Persephone nodded in agreement to Hera's statement. The two goddesses left Elysian fields to go back to the living world.

When they got back they had a meetig with the gods and goddesses at the school. They told them about the arrival of a new visitor and about their visit at Elysian Fields.

That evening they went to find Hecate. Hecate sat with her demon dogs with a book of dark poetry in a garden she had planted in her room. Her room was very dark and candle-lit. It had spooky statues and pictures covering the walls and shelves.

They knocked on the door three times and waited for Hecate to answer.

"What do you want?" asked Hecate rudely.

"It is I and Persephone. We come to ask for a favor which I think you will very much enjoy,"

"And what might that be?" asked Hecate allowing Hera and Persephone into her room.

"We ask you if you will allow Achilles to be alive for a week or two so that he may visit the real world," explained Persephone.

"Well what would be in it for me if I let him live?"

"Ah yes Hecate, always with the bargains. How about three cakes from the best chef in New Olympia?" Hera offered knowing Hecate's strong obsession with cakes.

"That will be plenty enough. When would you like me to bring him to life?"

"Tomorrow. We will go to the underworld again tomorrow and fetch him," said Persephone.

"Right now we must tell the decendants about their new roommate,"

Hera and Persephone left Hecate and called the seven teenagers to the school right away. In minutes Herry's red truck appeared in the parking lot and seven teenagers jumped out and ran into the school building. They walked into Hera's room and took a seat on the two couches in the center of the room.


And that is chapter one. Thank you for reading. Read and Review and because I've had problems with this before I will tell you know.

"if you do not like it don't read it and don't bother to review either!"

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