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"You will be stopped," the kender hissed, his voice higher than most men's, he didn't show fear or even hate in his eyes; just determination. "Somebody will stop you, sooner or later."

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She stood atop her balcony, staring out beyond her castles stone walls. Her long black hair blowing unruly with the wind, a smile pried at her lips and her deep, black, unholy eyes focused on the raging battle that was being fought below her. She looked to be only seventeen years of age but she was one of the most powerful beings that had ever walked the earth. In her right hand she held a beautiful black staff. It was plain all except for the stone at the top, a small black gem; the staff's full height being from the floor to her shoulder. She caressed the staff with her fingers as she continued to watch the armies fight with great interest and anticipation. Her army was well outnumbered, the enemy's army being three times larger than her own. The elves, humans, dwarfs and many other races had all joined together to fight against her cause. Something that she had not been expecting when her plan had began to pull together after many years. None the less she knew that they stood no chance against her own army or goblins, orks, men and many other creatures and beings that fought for her. She knew that her own army feared her and she was all the more aware that they would betray her if they got a chance to do so. That mattered not to her though. She continued to stand upon the balcony, watching as life after life was lost as the two armies continued to fight; her enemies getting closer and closer to her castle every second that passed. Her line of though was interrupted when a cough was heard from behind her. She turned in agitation to see who had come to interrupt her. When she saw whom it was her features softened and she opened her mouth to talk to the only person she really trusted in the world; the only person that she would entrust her very own life with. He wore a full plate of gleaming black armor, some places stained with what looked to be blood. It would otherwise be plain if not for the engravings in the centre of the chest. It was of a dragon, its head turned so that it almost touched its tail.

"Yes Abaddon?" she asked, her voice rang sweet to the ears of the man who stood before her, her usually cruel and contempt voice set aside for him and him only.

He nodded his head in answer and took a breath before he started to explain why he was with her at the moment and not fighting with the rest of those under her command.

"The enemies are gaining ground quickly and soon they will be upon our walls, the whole army is out fighting now and if they breach our walls there will be no stopping them from destroying the castle," Abaddon stood with his head held high and his arms held behind his back, he was quick to the point and stood awaiting for further orders.

Her eyes started to gleam in what many would think was cruelty but there was more than what met the eye. She smiled once more, this time showing her teeth in a wicked smile that would send many running in fear. Without giving Abaddon any further orders she started to move her hands before herself in many different motions her staff not slowing down her hand movements in the least. An unnatural black hue began to appear around her hands until she uttered a few words and the black disappeared before she too disappeared completely.
Once she was gone Abaddon sighed and he too began to copy what she had done, creases of sorrow wrinkled his brow as he uttered the words that would complete the spell and he too disappeared.


The fighting seemed to momentarily stop as she appeared before both armies. Many heads turned towards her, those of her owns army and the enemy. It started just as quickly as it had stopped though and she held her staff before her with both hands and a tight grip; ready to attack when the time was right. She heard the sound of a sword unsheathing and turned to see Abaddon standing beside her, his Longsword held in a one hand grip. He looked over at her and nodded before charging forwards; letting out a blood churning battle cry of anger. She watched him until he was overcome by the enemy and there was no more to see of him for the time being. She held the staff before her and the gem atop the staff started to gleam as if a flame was caught inside of it. She then pointed in the direction of some elves that were fighting against a few of her own orks. With just a mere thought flesh-eating acid started to shoot forth from the gem towards the three elves. She had no time to watch the end of the elves as she started to turn in a full circle, the acid covering everything in her view of sight that was not fighting for her. There was a roar of excitement from her army when they saw the great advantage that their queen had created for them. Once the roar died down her army charged forward, the sound of screams of pain could be heard every now and again as she made her way forward and towards the front line of her army, as she walked calmly she drew a dagger from her waist and with one hand holding her staff and the other her dagger she cut down all those who apposed her or got in her way. She was almost at the front of her line of fighters when something small jumped at her from the side. She fell to the ground dropping her dagger as she did so. Her grip was still held firmly on her precious staff. She landed with a soft thud on the ground, her attacker trying his best to pin her down. She almost laughed when she saw that it was a mere kender that had attacked her. The little man was only three and a half feet tall at the most. She was about to push the small kender off her when she realized he was trying to pull her staff from her grip. Her wicked smile turned to a face filled with anger and annoyance at the incompetent little kender. She shoved him back, sending him flying forward as he lost his grip on her staff. She stood quickly and made her way towards the little kender, hitting aside a human that had tried to block her path. She stood over the kender and her intimidating smile appeared once more to her face.

"Did you honestly think that you could steal my darkstaff?" she questioned the kender who didn't look as afraid as she had been hoping for.

She had used the full name of her staff, the staff being the reason for the war that was going on all around her; the staff that she had put most of her life's work into creating. The staff that she had been planning on using to transform her permanently into a black dragon so that none would dare defy her. She knew that even she had her limits when she was restricted to her human body. If she were to become a dragon, though, she truly would become the most powerful and feared sorceress in the world.

"You will be stopped," the kender hissed, his voice higher than most men's, he didn't show fear or even hate in his eyes; just determination. "Somebody will stop you, sooner or later."

As he said this she raised her staff and brought it down upon the kender's head only to hear the sound of his skull cracking under the force of the contact. With the kender out of her way she looked around her once more to see Abaddon walking with haste towards her. He cut down all who stood in his way, those that were fighting for and against him. She stood waiting for him to approach her. He was almost to her when an arrow lodged its way under his arm where the armor was weakest. He dropped his Longsword and staggered for a moment. He raised his hands before himself and uttered a few words and separately pointed to a few individuals. Suddenly lightning struck all those that he had pointed towards from the very skies and once again he made his way towards the one he loved. She was fighting with two dwarfs and a human man when he approached her. He used his magic to shoot fire towards those that she had been fighting. With no other opponents nearby at the moment she started to talk.

"I can take care of myself you know," she spat in anger which disappeared almost immediately when she once again was reminded of his wound when she saw the arrow sprouting out of him with blood slowly leaking out of the armor.

"I know perfectly well that you can take care of yourself," Abaddon answered back, gasping afterwards for air, it seemed to take a lot out of him to just talk.

She muttered a few words and beams of black energy were shot toward a large human warrior that had been charging towards them. The human fell to the ground without a sound and she turned her focus back onto Abaddon.

"That is the reason as to why you need to be stopped," Abaddon muttered as he started to move his hands in complicated movements and pointed towards the woman that stood before him. "This is no life you are leading." He muttered as she fell to the ground in a heap, her grip still held tightly around the darkstaff.

"You are worthless, I will win," she whispered before her eyes closed and she knew no more of what was going on around her.

Once more Abaddon started to chant and move his hands he pointed once more at the woman that he knew he wouldn't see again in life. She was soon devoured in a black fog and once it cleared she was nowhere to be seen. All that was left was her darkstaff; it lay motionless on the battlefield.

"I'm sorry," he muttered as he fell to his knees, his life quickly drifting away from him in the blood that ran down his armor, forming a red puddle of blood below him.

His vision started to blur and as he took his last breath he fell to the ground. The last thing he saw way the ground coming closer and closer to him as he made his descent with the floor. Then he closed his eyes and knew it was the end.

If anybody had been watching and the dark queens army hadn't been bust retreating from the elves, dwarfs and humans into the surrounding forest they would have seen white mist rise from the still body of Abaddon. It made its way towards the castle where it would wait. Wait until the awakening of the dark queen and hope that in her new life she could do something more. She could live a happy and peaceful life. Little did he know was that he was just putting off her rule for a while, it was inevitable that she would rise again.


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