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In the bathroom

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chapter five

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Next chapter. Previous chapter word count-1021 words long. Ooooh Achilles you beta back of Atlanta or I will kill you! Who will get Atlanta?

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Chapter Five

In the bathroom...

Theressa waited outside of the boys bathroom. Archie slammed the door when he went into the bathroom. He smashed his fist into the sink counter and then ran his hands through his hair.

Jay, Herry, Odie and Neil ran into the bathroom. They left the door open a crack for Theressa to hear and talk.

"Whoa, you okay man?" asked Jay.

"Yeah, You looked kind of crack-ish," said Herry stupidly.

"You took that pretty well Arch," congratuelated Odie.

"Yeah, I thought you would have cracked at the handshake 'nice to meet you' thing,"

"I'm trying to handle myself guys but then he started the whole starring thing and smiling thing and it was driving me crazy!" (A/N: I know Archie is a little OOC)

His anger began to rise again and he started to sweat. They all knew how protective Archie was over Atlanta and how much he cared for her. He started to ball his fists and grip tightly onto his Hephaestus whip. Tighter and tighter.

Theressa could feel her friends anger and knew he would explode any moment. She ran into the boys bathroom. The guys were a little surprised at first but they knew it was for safety reasons. She slowly walked up to Archie who was on the verge of smashing something or someone at any minute.

"Archie calm. Breathe. Breathe," she tried to calm him down.

Theressa put her hand on Archies back and sat him down on the counter.

"Easy there Archie," she calmed him once again.

Archie took a couple deep breaths and was calm again.

"Archie we all know how you feel about Atlanta but you can't just storm out of the room whenever a guy stares at her or comes in contact wiht her," Jay told Archie.

"Yeah Archie because one day Atlanta will fall in love with someone that might not be you and you're going to have to deal with it and be happy for her." Odie told him.

"I guess, but this is Achilles! He'll be gone in a month and then Atlanta will neveer see him agian. She'll be broken hearted. I don't want her to get hurt because if she does she'll come crying to me or Theressa and it will just make me want to re-kill Achilles for making her cry," Archie explained.

"Well maybe it's time you tell her how you feel. It's now or never," said Theressa.

"No way!"

"Why not?" asked Herry as if it wasn't that hard.

But it wasn't as easy as Herry thought it was.

"Because what if I tell her and she doesn't feel the same way? What if it ruins our friendship? What if she never speaks to me again?"

"Well those are the chances you have to take for someone that you love Archie," said Jay.

"Yeah but what if?"

"I don't know Archie. But we've been in her for awhile now. We better get out soon,"



Achilles and Atlanta were talking. Achilles was still starring into Atlanta's eyes. As they talked he just smiled. Then Atlanta did something totally unsuspected.

She twirled her fiery red hair and giggled. A really girly giggle that is. (A/N:OOC)

'What am I doing? I can't like Achilles and flirt with him. We just met and hes dead. He'll be leaving in a month. He reminds me of someone but I can't think of who it is...' thought Atlanta.

Theressa tiptoed into the room to see if it was okay for Archie to come in. When she saw what Atlanta was doing she stopped and turned around.

"Wait a minute guys,"

She walked very quickly and smiled as she walked into the room as if nothing was happening. Then she sat down beside Atlanta and elbowed her in the arm. She smiled at Atlanta.

"Oh I'm sorry Atlanta," she elbowed her again.

"No Theressa thats okay," Atlanta said elbowing her back.

"What!?" Atlanta said between her teeth.

"Your flirting with a dead guy!" said Theressa in the same manner.

The guys came in and they sat down agian to talk. This time Archie and Theressa sat beside Atlanta and Theressa would elbow her whenever she did something flirtish. Which meant Atlanta got elbowed alot because whenever Atlanta or Achilles said something the other would do something flirty and it was clearly driving him insane. He tensed up and started to shake with anger and Atlanta could feel him trembling.

About an hour later they left the school to go back to the dorm. Archie did his best to keep calm. When they arrived back at the dorm they all brought Achilles to Archie's room.


End. Hehe. I don't know why but I thought that I'd just say hehe. Next chapter coming up.

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