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Sometimes sleep is the perfect time to watch someone. Drabble one shot written for a community on Livejournal. [Seymour x Yuna]

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"I'll go with you to Zanarkand..." Yuna's words still echoed in Seymour's mind. He shifted his gaze from Bevelle Temple's ceiling to his young bride lying beside him. Her eyes were clenched shut, as if she was trying to will herself to sleep. He smiled; together they would free Spira from its pain. The muscles in Yuna's face began to relax as sleep crept through her body and eventually her breathing steadied. He continued staring at her, studying her features. He wanted to remember her just the way she was. The way she was before he would take the very life from her and become the next Sin.

Besides he had no intentions of caring for this girl. "Maybe it's a good thing she will die..." Seymour mused, silently. Once she served her purpose in Zanarkand, she would no longer be of any use to him. Power was what he truly craved. Yes, death was the best thing for her.

Yuna shifted under the blanket and he couldn't help but wonder if she was dreaming. Dreaming about him...or possibly about that one guardian she so obviously cared for. Seymour couldn't help but feel a bit jealous when he saw the way she looked at the blonde as they parted ways. "What was his name?" Seymour's mind pondered. But then he figured it didn't matter. Yuna was his now. Seymour smiled again at that thought.

Yuna was control and to kill when the time came. He reached over and touched her porcelain face. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked at her husband. Her innocent eyes compelled the Maester to lean closer to her. So he did, brushing his lips against hers gently, inducing a tender kiss between the two. He couldn't explain this new feeling. After all, he had no intentions of caring for this girl...right?
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