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Chapter 2

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Essence's miserable lives on. She goes to school for a day,though she would rather be dead then to go there. She has a little chat with the administration and has a little fight with one of the gir...

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Chapter 2
Essence stirred and opened her eyes to find her room semi lit. She groaned as she reached for her watch on the table near her. 7:53am. She didn't care if she was late for school and neither did her parents. She pulled back her blankets and searched for something decent to wear for the day. She looked at her appearance in the mirror and saw a bruise forming on her cheek from the previous night. She lightly touched it and pain went through her body. She flung her hair back and opened the door. She walked down the stairs and quietly exited through the back door so she wouldn't have to deal with her father again. This was a normal everyday routine. She walked down the lonely streets with her head down. She was walking the opposite way from the school when she stopped in the middle of the street. She was considering of going today since she didn't even bother to go the previous week. She sighed and turned around to walk to school. As soon as she got to the front doors the bell rang. She shrugged as she entered and walked to her locker. The halls were as empty as her heart. She crammed her stuff in and grabbed the right binder for the right class. She climbed the stairs to the 2nd floor. She caught a glimpse of the principal and prayed that he didn't see her.
"Essence? May I speak with you please?"
His loud booming voice bellowed. She cursed to herself silently. She walked toward the office and had a seat in the princiapl's office. He walked into the office and took a seat at his desk.
"How are this at home Essence?"
Mr.Coburn asked
She mumbled not making eye contact with him. Mr Coburn cleared his throat.
"The reason I ask is because you've had many absences and lates and I was just curious."
He replied calmly. She still did not make eye contact.
"Are you sure you are okay? I have been recieving some comments from your teachers telling me that they are worried for you both in a school aspect and personal. I just want to let you know that there are people you can talk to here if you ever need someone okay?"
He suggested.
"Can I be dismissed now?"
She finally looked at his eyes. He nodded. She quickly got up and left the office and headed to her class. Her teacher,Miss Uniden,was in the middle of a lesson.
"Ahh miss Marcelle. How nice of you to join us."
Her voice was filled with sarcasm. Essence made her way to her seat and she felt all the 'good looking' people stare at her.
"What gives her any right to walk in this classroom a half an hour late?"
One of them commented. Essence shut her eyes tight and prayed this was all a dream. She reopened them and saw Miss Uniden writing on the chalkboard.
"She looked as if she hasn't showered in like a week."
Another ditzy blonde commented. Essence's heart began to race. This was the exact reason why she hated going.
"I know eh. Seriously hunny,if you want to look like us you gotta bathe."
One girl named Serenity patted her arm as she commented. Essence pulled her arm away from her touch.
Her friend,Brianna,raised her tone.
"No wonder she has no friends. She couldn't have a decent converstation with them even if she tried."
Serenity said to Brianna. Brianna chuckled. Essence took a deep breath and tried to concentrate on the board and what was being taught.
"Oohh what is that mark on your face? Someone hit you? Awww hunny,you should really hang with us. We can clear that like nothing."
Brianna leaned closer to get a closer look. Brianna looked in her purse and took out her conceler. She dabbed some on a sponge and leaned closer to Essence. She touched the bruise lightly and Essence got startled. She turned her focus to the two girls. By this point Brianna was still putting conceler on her face. Essence raised her hand and knocked her hand off her face. Essence got to her feet and so did Brianna.
"Why are you such a rude bitch?"
Brianna said getting closer to Essence's face. Essence just kept her stare on her. Brianna grabbed the conceler again.
"All I was trying to do was clear up the bruise."
She neared her hand to the bruise and that was when Essence grabbed her hand in a firm grip.
"OW! Your hurting me!"
Brianna yelled. At this time,everyone in the class was looking. Essence loosened her grip and went to sit back down again but before she did that she slapped Brianna so hard on the face that it made her hand sting.
Miss Unidad yelled. Essence took one last look at Brianna holding her face where she hit her and smiled.
"No Miss. I won't be going to the office. Im out of here!"
She grabbed her books and she was out of that room so fast. She ran down the stairs and ran by the office and out the doors. It was pouring down rain and as soon as she hit outside she was drenched. She threw her books on the ground and she ran. Ran away from everything,family,friends,school. Everything. She could barely see where she was running because of the rain in her eyes,but she didn't care. She wanted to get away. She stopped running because she ran out of breath and she took a look around at the surroundings. She was lost. Well not really lost,she knew how to get back home...not that she wanted to go back at the moment or even ever. She took a glance at what was over across the street and saw an abandoned park. She carefully crossed the road and walked through the muddy grass to sit on the swing. She sat there for the longest time,lost in her thoughts. Her focus looked up to the sky and saw that it was getting dark. She brought herself to her feet and walked all the way back home which was an hour and a half walk. She got to her walkway to her house. She stared at the house and saw that there was one light on. Which meant someone was waiting up for her. She took a deep breath and entered the house. The first sight she saw was of her father sitting in his chair with a bottle of whiskey in his hand. Her heart started to race as she closed the door.
"Where were you?"
His cold tone asked.
"I went out for a little walk after school."
Essence replied hoping she can get away with that. She started to walk up the stairs to go to her room when her father spoke again.
"Don't be thinking you are going anywhere missy. Get down here."
Essence's body shivered as she stepped down the few steps she got up to and walked toward her father.
"Sit down."
He replied coldly.
"So what happened at school today Essence?"
He asked as he took another sip of the whiskey.
"Nothing. Had a normal,miserable day as usual."
She replied shuddering.
Her father jumped out of his chair and scared Essence with his loud booming voice.
"How much do you know?"
She asked with her shaking voice.
"I know you that you slapped some girl in your class and now she has a mark on her face."
He said loudly.
"Well guess who taught me how to do that?!"
She replied in a tone.
He picked her up by the shoulders and slapped her hard again on the face. She bite her lip to stop the tears.
"Look,she was touching the bruise that YOU gave me so what was I suppose to do? Have a girl that I don't even socialize with touch my face? No!"
She fought back. This was unlike her.
"How dare you speak to me like that!"
He pushed her forcefully and she hit the floor hitting her head on the hard floor like the previous night. Her father pounced on top of her taking his two hands and placing them on her neck and squeezing. She tried to grab as much air as she could. She kept kicking her legs for struggle.
"You will learn to respect me. Do you understand you little slut!"
He grunted as his two thumbs pressed on her throat. Her eyes started to roll to the back of her head. She tried to kick him so he could get off her but no such luck. All she could manage was a slight nod to know that she understood what he said.
"Good little baby. Now get the fuck out of my sight!"
He let go of her neck and got off from being on top of her. As soon as she knew her father wasnt anywhere near her she rubbed the place where he held pressure on her neck. She would know that it would be all bruised by tomorrow morning. Just thought of her going back to school made her want to be sick.
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