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MEANWHILE [general p.o.v]

Brendon just got in the car he borrowed from the tour manager back to the tour bus with Ryan and John. Brendon told the guys that his sister was sitting in the tour bus because she had a cold. He explained that she would be with them for the whole summer through the whole tour and maybe even for next tours if this works. This was all happening in the car. Ryan was exited to meet the famous girl that Brendon constantly talked about. His twin sister. She must be pretty, if looking how girls drool over Brendon. The car drove up to practically their bus. The got their few things, because most of the stuff was already on the bus and walked to the bus. Brendon walked in first calling for Skkyler. As Ryan was going to walk in Brendon bumps in to him running out. Brendon yelled that Skkyler was missing. Ryan told him to chill, that she was 20 years old. But Brendon didn't listen and went looking for her. Ryan dropped his things, and so did John and they followed Brendon who was already running towards the from first to last bus. There he yelled at sonny, who told Brendon to chill and that Skkyler was probably somewhere walking around. Sonny said to look at the Academy Is merch table. Ryan and John went to tell sonny hello, because they hadn't seen him in a while. Brendon finally ran into the big clearing with forest all around and yelled "SKKYLER MARGO URIE WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU". Ryan turned to John and said that he never knew that Skkyler's middle name was Margaux. Pretty name.

P.O.V. Skkyler

- Ugh, why can't he just understand that i am not 3 years old? - i grunted and got up quietly and steadily and ran behind the tree
- what the hell are you doing, he's gonna kill you, fine im out of here- hissed Pete, who meanwhile was doing the same to get away the back way to his bus
I walked quietly, while Brendon was getting even more pissed, around and walked up behind Ryan and John
- hello gentlemen - i said. Ryan and John jumped up
- what the fucking hell!! - said Ryan as he turned around. He is so gorgeous. I never thought that everything i ever wanted was in one person. He was amazing. John was hot too but not my type.
I could see Brendon running up.
- SKKYLER WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT!!! PREPARE TO DIE!!! - he ran to me. I ran away and yelled at him
And i ran to the other side of the clearing with Brendon chasing after me and Ryan and John running after him. I ran all the way to the tour bus without stopping, i was on the track team, and just as i was about to get on the bus i was trampled by brendon, who tactidly fell on me and i was ther squished under him not able to breathe
- dumb ass i cant breathe!
- Too bad. Now please meet Ryan and John - who were already standing next to us
- I would if i could see them!
- Ugh fine - he got off of me and helped me up. And i had to sneeze right there and then.
- This is Ryan - he said pointing to the gorgeous one
- And this is john - he said pointing to the other one
- Everyone meet Skkyler, my twin
- Hi everybody! - i said giving each one a hug. I really only did it to give Ryan a hug but then i couldn't be mean and not give John a hug.
- Yea this year is going to be one interesting summer - said Ryan smiling. Wow he has a gorgeous smile!
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