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Ryan P.O.V.

We walked outside of the starbucks and into the blazing sun. Sky changed her glasses to sunglasses and walked along. She took out her keys, but i couldnt guess which car was hers.

"so which is your car?" i asked fealing stupid

"the black, red and white one" she said calmly. It was one of the most amazing cars i had ever seen. An authentic 1959 Chevy Impala in the most amazing condition i had ever seen it.

"wow its amazing" i walked around the car and looked at every inch of it. The inside was in perfect condition too. It had new seats, and a full music system. Wow its super cool!
I sat in beside her.

"so your choice. Where first? And where is your car?" she said turning to me

I thought for a little while. How about picking her sister up and then picking Brendon up. Thats good for now. Oh about my car.

"well my friend dropped me off of here, and he was supposed to pick me up wen i called him. My car died a few days. And we will begin by picking up your sister, than picking up my friend." I said

"ok. Lets go!" she said and drove out. I noticed how everyone was staring at the car. Not only was it an amazing vehicle but also Sky had her music on full blast. Gwen Stefani. Haha. We drove to the university and Sky stopped in front of one of the buildings and took her phone out. It was a blackberry.

"kiki come out now. Yes now. We have guests. Well currently just one but as far as i know there will be more. Yes. Yes he is cute. Ok come out. Good. C u" she said and turned to me.

"shel be out in around 5 minutes. Lets give her around 20. Knowing her shel be late." She said and laughed

She has a pretty laugh.

"how long have u had your braids?" i asked

"well i have had them for a week i think. Il be getting them out in a few days."

"awww that sucks!"

"can i braid ur hair really tight like mine? And then make u wear it like that for a week? Haha no. it hurts lik a bitch sumtimes" she said
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