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Something About You

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As Sokka sits in the house in Ba Sing Se, he analyzes each of his companions. [Sokka/Toph] written for Avatar Flashfic over at livejournal.

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Being over analytical, the young water tribe warrior had always taken the time to analyze how each and every one of his travel companions had been affected after something major happened. The Fire Nation drill had been stopped and Ba Sing Se was safe. And as he sat in the corner of their temporary living quarters, he took the time to discreetly study his friends as they busied themselves with things around the room. He looked over at Aang, who was in the kitchen with Katara.

Aang seemed perpetually carefree despite having the fate of the world resting on his shoulders. He so very rarely seemed sad or nothing ever looked out of place with him and Sokka couldn't help but wonder if Aang really was fit to be the Avatar. But in getting to know the young Air Bender, Sokka realized that Aang's free spirit was what kept him focused. And with out it, Aang would be rather boring he had concluded, simply put.

Katara's light laugh pulled Sokka from his thoughts back into reality. He looked over at them and smiled. The two seemed very cozy together and Sokka made a note to tease Aang about it later. Shifting his gaze to his sister, he became lost in thought once more.

His opinion of Katara had changed so many times, Sokka couldn't quite pin down what he thought of his younger sibling. His respect for her as a warrior had grown since he finally understood that women could fight as fiercely as a man could. And though he still felt the need to protect her, he knew she was quite capable of protecting herself. She had grown so much and Sokka would proudly tell anyone she's his sister.

Another noise pulled him into reality once more. This time the noise came from the young Earthbender changing positions. She lay sprawled out on the floor, one foot planted firmly against the wooden floor and a leg was draped across her knee. Her hands were clasped behind her head and her eyes were pasted to the ceiling. And as Sokka stared, he returned to his thoughts.

There was something about Toph he couldn't quite figure out and this really bothered him. When the two first met, he had simply dismissed her as a novice Earthbender, who couldn't tell a rock from a dirt clod. And yet she proved him wrong. After that, Sokka had always found Toph to be intriguing. He would often catch himself staring at her and would foolishly turn away when she would turn her head toward him, forgetting that she was blind. But the moments he did remember, he couldn't take his eyes away from her and honestly, he didn't know why. He wondered about the way his heart fluttered whenever he looked at the feisty girl. He found he became tongue-tied if he tried speaking to her without any sarcasm or insults. "...I just don't get it..." he thought, lowering his gaze when he thought Katara was watching, "What is it about her that makes me feel this way?"

"You guys want some tea?" Katara asked, moving toward them with tray. Sokka looked up from his boomerang lying across his lap and simply shook his head. Toph scooted over to the table and immediately caught his gaze. And like so many times before, he found his mind asking the same question. "What is it about you?"

Author's Notes: All right this is my first Sokka/Toph fic. Well actually this is my first Avatar fic all together. I like the way this one ended and I look forward to writing more.
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