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Theresa talks with Atlanta about this

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Theresa woke up with burning red eyes as she slipped out of bed. The sun shone on New Olympia perfectly as Theresa gazed out from her window. At least one thing was happy.

She'd been crying all night but was also thinking if she had been silly...Jay didn't have to like her...but he made her think so, so much. It was almost obvious, all this time dreaming about that.

Theresa starred madly at her diamond necklace Jay had given to her at Christmas.

What was up with the necklace then?

She picked it up.

How could he give her such a gift...and not feel that way about her?

She shoved it away from her mind when someone knocked on her door. She hoped it wasn't Jay.

She slowly walked towards it and held on the cold metal knob. She closed her eyes and sighed as she swung it open.

It was Atlanta.
Thank goodness!

"Theresa?" Atlanta asked shyly. She knew how upset her friend was but she didn't know what was the matter. She had to ask. She put her hands behind her back, nervous to see if she will talk.

"Theresa, can I come in?" Atlanta asked hopefully.

"Yeah, sure." She wanted to speak with her best friend...she couldn't say no...

"Okay." Atlanta said with relief. Theresa quietly closed the door as Atlanta took a seat on her bed and swung both legs up in a comfortable position.

Theresa sat in front of her, smoothing her bed sheets this way and that.

"Theresa I have to speak to you about something." Atlanta titled her head forward.
Theresa looked up at her friend. "Shoot."

Atlanta bit her lip. "I don't know what's going on, but you and Jay right now don't seem to be getting along. What's going on?"

Theresa looked down again.

"Come on...Theresa you can tell me anything. And if I know you like I think I do, you need someone to talk to." Atlanta put both hands on both of Theresa's shoulders.

Theresa felt watery tear fell.

"Hey, look it's okay." Atlanta came beside her. She put an arm around her.

Theresa put both legs in front and held them with her hands clenching into her PJ's with her nails. She put her head on Atlanta's shoulder. She felt safe.

Atlanta put both arms around her. Atlanta saw one tear fall. She got her sleeve and wiped it away.

" can tell me anything." She repeated.

"Atlanta...I-" She didn't want to mention she liked Jay...she'd make a fool out of herself.

She looked in Atlanta's sweet eyes.

She sighed. "Atlanta...I like Jay...A LOT!"

"Okay." Atlanta leaned in closer; she must have been really hurt if she LIKED him.

"I really thought he liked me back...remember that necklace he gave me for Christmas?"

" was one heck of a rock!"

Theresa giggled a bit through tears.

Atlanta felt a warm tiny smile come on her face.

"Well, why would he give that to me, if he didn't like me?"

"He doesn't like you? It seemed so...A lot too..."Atlanta thought.

"I know...well I totally thought he liked me, Lan, and I've been dreaming. I hate that, cause then I feel stupid."

"Your not stupid Theresa."

"Yes, I am."

Atlanta raised a brow.

"Well...I was suppose to meet him at my locker after school yesterday...but I overheard him talking with Archie..."


"Archie was teasing him about him liking me, Jay sounded grossed out and made it clear he DID NOT like me..."

"But there's so many signs!!!"

I know...Theresa thought.

"Where did you go yesterday? After school I mean."

"Oh...I just...had to run...away somewhere."

"It was were gone for awhile."

"You know that neighbour? Two doors down?"

"Yeah, what about her."

"She saw me trip in the mud and kindly brought me in for hot tea and clothes to change in."

"Wow, why is she so mysterious though? Her house is so beautiful...what's it like?"
Atlanta crossed her legs.

"Amazing! The stairs are like a cinnamon bun with chocolate swirls. The lights look like they're from the sky in heaven..."


"Yeah I know, eh? She's so mysterious because she had a daughter and a husband who died..."

"Ohhh..." Atlanta said sadly. "What happened?"

"Car accident."

They were silent for a while.

"Maybe I'll come visit her with you some day."

Theresa smiled. "She's like that Lan."
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