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A Happy Ending

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Chapter Nine

Hera called Achilles to the school. When he arrived the seven teens were forced to sit down by their mentors. At one point Herry and Archie had almost broken free. Atlanta was taken out of the room. Achilles scanned the room for Atlanta.

"What happened to Atlanta?" he asked

They all gasped and started to yell all at once. A couple of "How could you," 's and "Oh yeah, act like you don't know," 's were heard.

"Quiet!" silenced Hera.

She turned to Achilles.

"As you have violated a member of this team I believe you have worn out your welcome. You will return to the underworld tonight,"

Achilles sighed guiltily. He knew what he had done was wrong. He slowly approached Archie,

"I'm sorry for for what I have done Archie, I know what I have done was wrong. She was just so like Breseis. I am so sorry. I am a horrible ancestor and I understand if you never forgive me,"

He bowed his head in disgrace.

"Nothing could ever make me forgive you for what you have done. Sorries don't even cut it. They don't even count as a millionth of an appology. How could you do something like that. I will never be like that! Leave!"

Achilles left the school that night and went back to the underworld. Everybody had stopped crying and Atlanta had stopped hurting. Archie was even more protective of Atlanta. He spent hours finding ways to protect her until a certain memory came back to him; "He'll ask her to marry him one day,". His mind clicked. If he ever wanted to keep her safe and away from trouble that's what he would have to do. Marry her. He didn't know what she would say but he had to try. He was determined.

The next morning...

The next morning when Theressa returned from the doctors with Atlanta and they had figured out she was not pregnate he went to Theressa's room.


"Yeah Archie?"

"Can you help me with something?"

"Sure Archie what is it?"

"Can you come with me to help me pick out something from the mall?"

"What do you need?"

"A ring,"

"A ring for what?"

'Did she always ask so many questions?' he thought.

"I'm going to ask Atlanta to marry me,"

Theressa made a huge squeaky scream.

"SHHH Theressa!"

"Sorry. Oh my gosh really!" Theressa whispered.

"Yes now will you help me?"

"Of coarse,"

The two headed out to the mall. They stopped at a jewelry store and looked at all of the rings. Theressa automaticly started to search for a certain ring that Atlanta had picked out when she was at the mall the previous week with Theressa.

"Here it is!"

"Here what is?"

"The ring Atlanta liked the best when we came here last week,"

Theressa asked the woman to take the ring out of the case for Archie to look at.

"If that's what she wants then she can have it,"

It was a simple silver band with a single diomand on it. Like the ones you find at the dentist only real. Archie purchased the ring and went home and started to plan his speech. He planned to ask her tonight. When he was done he read it over one last time and went to Theressa's room to let her double check it. He knocked on the door.

"Come in,"

But when he looked up he saw Atlanta sitting beside Theressa on her bed. He quickly hid the paper in his hoodie pocket but Atlanta had seen him.

"Whatcha' hiding Arch?" she asked.

"Uh nothing. What makes you think I'm hiding anything?"

Atlanta approached him. She faked right but went left and grabbed the paper out of his pocket. She jumped up onto the bed out of Archie's reach and started to read the note aloud. But she quieted down at the end.

"Dear Atlanta, I've known you for a long time. A year actually. Do you believe in love at first sight? I do. Ever since the first time I met you I thought you were beautiful and smart and kind..."

She read the whole paper and tears of happiness filled her eyes and dropped down her cheeks. She jumped off of the bed and ran up to Archie. She hugged him and told him she would.

"I'd love to Archie,"

Archie slipped the ring onto her finger and kissed her. Archie had waited for this moment all his life. They wouldn't be getting married for another four years but atleast he got to marry her. Now he could keep her out of harms way. The old couple was right. One day he would ask her to marry him and he was thankful to that couple. He would be sure to thank them and invite them to the wedding ceremony.

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