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A New Beginning

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This a story about the children of Yuna and Tidus. the story begins on the island of besaid.oh by the way this is my first fan fic so if u don't like or do please tell and i will try to make the ne...

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It has been 20 years since sin has been destroyed. Oh by the way, I am the son of Tidus and Yuna. My name is Nico. I have a twin sister. Her name is Sooki. We are 18 years old and live on Besaid Island with our family and friends. Yea, I know what your thinking, we live a happy life, but your wrong. My sister and I, at birth were infected by a virus, but a good one. It gave us unbelievable power and strength. At the same time we were being born, so was a great evil. It was the spawn of sin. As we have found out, sin just came out of hiding and is now doing more damage than ever, So me and my sister decide to save spire and get rid of sin's child. We begin our journy by visiting the temple to pray. As we entered the temple, something strange happened. The fire from the lamps began to fly around and then it entered our bodies and then we heard a voice it said.

"Nico,Sooki as promised by prophecy i have you each a unique power. Nico I give you the power of death and Sooki I give you the power of life. The power of death allows you to talk to the dead and sommon the dead. The power of light is very simple give life and take life depending on who it is. Also each temple you travel to will give each of you new abilities to help you fight Sin but before you leave we will test your new powers. You will have to fight me oh yea and if you win then I will show u how to use those powers to make a weapon with them. So lets get started."

I close my eyes and let the darkness take over I then sommon Lord Braska from his grave but he is nothing but bones.

I then yell at Sooki and tell her to use her power and bring him to life. She then held out her arms and took in the light, then sent the light to where Braska was lying and it gave him skin and life it was an amazing site.

As he stood up he said,
"what am i doing here."
we yelled at him to duck as a bolt of lighting came crashing down and almost hit him. We then rush to his side to help him fight. My sister and I look at each other and we decide to use a thunderclash on the spirt while braska shot water at him.

Then the spirit froze the water and the thunderclash and said,"STOP u have provin your selves. I will now tell u how to make a weapon with ur power. Nico you know when you let the darkness in imagine in your head a weapon of any choice the one u choose will be perment so choice carefully. Sooki when you see the light you should do the same as Nico."

So I try first I take and close my eyes and let in the darkness and I let it take the form of Whips. I look over to see if Sooki had I done it and she has in her hands she has a sithe.

The spirit then says good job and then vanishes into then air.

Now we leave the temple and hed to the docks to begin our journy. At the docks we run into our friends Mirika and Chirka they were twins to. They were the daughters of Wakka and Lulu . Mirika is a white mage and Chirka is a black mage. As we walk up to them they ask us what are we doing. we told them what we were doin and they asked if they could go with us.

We told them they could go with us.

Our groups has now gained two people and now we wait for our friends to get there things.


please tell me what can i do to make this better
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