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Final Songs

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The big turning point in Hijiri's life. This is the last chapter although maybe one day I shall write a story about him searching for his dad? Please review/rate and I hope that you enjoyed it. --...

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When Hijiri turned twenty-one they made another outing to the local tavern. He was making a small profit from the clothes tailoring and busying himself at the local library trying to find reference to his father.

His mother had been slowly talking through all her concerns to Yashimara about what to do if anything happened to her. Hijiri knew no other family and if anything happened to her he would only be able to go to Mary or himself. Yashimara had promised that no matter what he would keep the young man safe. The house had been entrusted to the merchant upon her death with the express instruction that should the young man be proven able to look after himself. Yashimara had told her that he would happily oblige and they had told Hijiri this to make sure he was aware of it.

When he was at the tavern that night everyone was enjoying their evening. Marianne had come down with a nasty coughing fit. They assumed it was from the taverns smoke but three months later she was still coughing and Hijiri begged that she see a doctor. She was soon given the news that it was not going to be anything to go away. It would in fact get worse and Hijiri was sat beside her as they explained.

The affliction was consumption, far advanced and determined to take her. She would no doubt die from it, now it was just a case of waiting for how long. Hijiri looked down at the floor and tried not to cry. He was a man and should be there and strong for her. He was not to cry...

He was in the tavern when Arimen came over, it had only been five months since he turned twenty-one and his mother's condition was deteriorating rapidly. The wonderful bard beside him told him to go and come back when he was ready. He ran off home to his mother.

She was lying in a pool of sweat and blood with the doctor trying to tend her. She had refused any form of healing from the clerics to try and prolong the inevitable. She had finally asked for her son before she got too weak to talk to him. Hijiri came in nervously to the sound of her coughing again. He knelt beside her and washed her brow with the wet cloth.

"Hey baby." She smiled up at him with tears in her eyes. "I wanted to tell you something before it was too late." Hijiri kissed her cheek and waited for her to speak. "I love you and I want you to be strong. When I die I want you to go to the family and ask them to tend to everything for the funeral. Where your dad's letter is there is a will and some information to help you. You won't be alone."

Hijiri looked at her and his eyes watered. He knew she was going to die and he knew it had been coming but he couldn't help the feeling that it was his fault. He had been born worthless and she hadn't ever tried to better herself because of him. He motioned to her with shaking hands.

'I wish I could speak, I want to tell you I love you too.' She smiled and pulled him closer.

"You just did baby." She told him. He nodded that he understood. He had never made a noise in his life but she heard the slight tension in his throat as he began to cry. It was the only noise he would likely ever make. "I heard that... It's very precious to me. I will be by your side. I promise you."

Hijiri was made to leave when she passed out and headed to get the letters and the flute. He stared at the window as the rain came down. He set to writing a song for his mom. He was going to play it at her funeral and no one was going to stop him. He would prove to them that he had a voice, some sort of voice to be heard even though no words would be formed. Hijiri would make his mother proud and live in the hope that he would one day meet his father.
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