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Chapter 09:About 2 more hours...till Hell arrives.

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Lilee has a conversation with the dudes. 2 hours away.

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"Dad?" She asked. "Hello? Damn, he hung up on me." She put her cell down. 'I knew I shouldn't have told him yet.'

Lilee felt sick. The fact that she had a lot on her mind. New York, Her friends, Her boyfriend and her dad. Also...what if nobody liked her at her new school? A huge headache. She searched her bad for so tylenol but found nothing. She sighed.

'Nausea' She thought. To her the room was spinning and she just wanted to sleep. 'Planes are way too noisey' She thought. And it was true.

"Hello passengers. This is your captain speaking. We're only 2 hours away from New York. For all you horror lovers on channel 40 'Texas Chainsaw Massicure' is playing. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your flight."

'2 hours! How am I supposed to wait 2 hours?' She turned on her air and tried to drift off into sleep. "Oh no." She ran to the bathroom.

She didn't know what was causing this behaviour. No fever. She didn't have any history of car, boat or plane sicknesses. She has been to Europe before which is a way longer flight. Maybe it was something she ate.

When she got back to her seat she noticed her phone buzzing like crazy.

"Hello?" She asked.
Lilee laughed. "Hey."
"It's not only him." Brendon said. "You're on speaker phone."

Lilee:"Oh, hey guys."
Ryan:"How's your flight?"
Lilee:"Ugh, stressfull."
Jon:"Why? You're first class."
Lilee:"I just haven't been feeling to well."
Brendon:"Why? Are you okay?"
Lilee:"Yeah, I don't know why I'm like this. I threw up."
Brendon:"Oh, I wish I was there to hold you."
Lilee:"I wish you were here to hold me."
Brendon:"Oh shut up."
Spencer:"Make me."
Brendon:"Oh you just wa-"
Lilee:"Stop it! Brendon's just showing how much he misses me. You guys don't make it too convincing."
Ryan:"We all do, right Spencer?"
Lilee:"Hey Kara!"
Kara:"I miss you so much. I'm the only girl in the house again...which sucks."
Lilee:"Aww....4 years. I'll be here on holidays."
Kara:"Yeah but it won't be the same."
Brendon:"Holidays every month."
Ryan:"Or something special."
Jon:"Yeah. Like, our birthdays? Hint, hint."
Lilee:"Of course I'll be there for your birthdays."
Brendon:"So yeah. You know April you'll have to stay the whole month."
Lilee:"I'm off pretty much the whole month. It's Spring break!"
Spencer:"screams OH YEAH! WOOO!!!!"
Ryan:"Most funnest part of the year!!"
Jon:"Is funnest even a word?"
Ryan:"Cry me a river. Dictionary's don't exsist in my world."
Lilee:"I'm getting strange looks from the other people. I think that's my signal to hang up."
Jon:"We'll miss you."
Lilee:"I love you all!"
Brendon:"Especially me!"

She hung up. Oh how she missed them already.

"This is your captain speaking. Our flight will be coming to a land in about 15 minutes. Please turn off all electronics and buckle up! Thank you."

She had been on the phone for about 2 hours? Whoa. How time flys.

The flight attendant was walking around showing people what do to. Lilee had another surge of nausea but forced herself to get over it.

She shook her head and put her seat belt on. Whatever was in store for her in New York, she wasn't looking foward too. She wondered who was waiting for her.

"I miss her so much." Brendon said.

Everyone looked at him. "Thanksgiving's only a few weeks away...then we have Christmas." Ryan said.

"Yeah, there's a holiday every month if you haven't noticed." Jon said.

"Yeah but..."

"It's not the same." Kara sighed.

"I miss the heat of her body already."

Everyone staired at Brendon wide eyed.

"I KNEW IT!" Spencer exclaimed.

Brendon rolled his eyes. "It was her decision."
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