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Two years went by and...

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Two years went by since Simple Plan's first presentation but some things seems to never change...until now

Category: Simple Plan - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Chuck Comeau, David Desrosiers, Jeff Stinco, Pierre Bouvier, Sebastien Lefebvre - Published: 2006-12-18 - Updated: 2006-12-18 - 1260 words

What I told so far is pretty much of all the important things that happened in my high school years. I told how I returned to Canada and how I ended up loving this place, I told how I met the guys and how we became friends and a band and I told how Jessie and I started dating. That was practically an introduction of how everything began to happen in my life, but things start happening for real from now on.
Ever since we made that opening act, we started playing in small shows and festivals. We made our own inscription in most of them; there were really few exceptions of places that actually called us to play. In a few, we started recording demonstration albums and sending it to as much of labels as possible. We even stopped people in the street to try to show them our CD, but most of them just went always from us. We did everything that we could possibly do, but nothing seemed to be worth at all. No label had ever minded to phone us back. In the beginning, we just kept trying and trying, giving it all of our energy but, soon, 3 weeks went by, those 3 weeks became 3 months, that became 6 months, that became 1 year, 1 year and a half, 2 years...and we accomplished nothing.
Two years went by and we were nothing. Simple Plan was still nothing and we were getting tired of it. I was already 18 and had nothing but a crappy job in a restaurant and a non-successful band that was consuming all of the money we ever made. Simple Plan was making us lose more money than we could ever dream of making and, although it was hurting to even consider that, we were about to quit it. We had promised ourselves that Simple Plan would have just two more months, if nothing really surprisingly happened to get the band somewhere, we would just...stop with that whole band thing. It would be for the best of all of us. Soon, most of us would be going to college and we would have no much time to spend with a band or...or even with each other.
We were really sure that we were just one step closer of going apart, but we had no idea of what that afternoon was saving for us. There was 10 minutes left for our rehearsal to be over and for us to leave that house and went back home. All of us would have to go work in around one hour. When we thought that things couldn't go more ordinary, we heard someone opening that door really violently. It scared us a lot but, soon, we've got to see Jessie coming in.

"Gosh, Jessie, what was that for?" asked David
"Sorry, guys. I was too rush to get here and I think I opened the door a little bit strongly than I wanted to. I didn't mean to scare any of you." She said apologizing
"It's okay. Neither of us had a heart attack, so we're good." Replied Seb in a playful tone "Just...never do that again, okay?"
"Yeah, sure thing." She said relieved "Hey, Pierre."
"Hey there, beautiful." I greeted her soon taking her in my arms and kissing her "So, why were you so rush to see us?"
"Because I couldn't wait to tell you guys about the phone call I just got. It was from Lava Music Records."
"Lava Music Records?" questioned Chuck "We never sent any demonstration album to this label, we didn't have money for anymore copies. How have they heard about us? And why have they called you and not us?"
"Well, I thought it would be worth a try to send it to Lava so I used my money and made a copy of the album you gave me, then, I sent it to Lava. That happened around 2 weeks ago and I gave them my phone and my address." She explained "Anyway, let's go straight to the most important part. They called me a while ago and they said they want to give Simple Plan a try."
"YEAH!!!" we screamed out loud
"Jessie, you're the best!" I said cheerfully hugging her as tight as I could
"I know I am." She said laughing "Just kidding. Anyway, they sent me a mail. It's for you guys, it arrived this morning." She said that taking a letter out of her backpack and handing me over
"Okay, let's see..." I said opening the envelope and reading it out loud " `Simple Plan, Lava Music Records heard your demonstration album and we were looking for a band just like that. We liked the songs and the lyrics will have some importance to the teenager public. That's the reason why we wanted to sign a contract with the band. If you're interested to hear our proposition, we'll be waiting for you on Monday at 3 o'clock p.m. in the address written behind the letter, in Lava Music Records' building. The company is in Toronto, so you'll find some airplane tickets in the envelope. Thanks for taking your time.' Then, he signs as Jason Stevenson."
"Jason Stevenson?" said Jessie as if she knew that name
"Yeah. Do you know him?" I asked
"No, I guess I don't. This lastname just...looks really familiar. Just don't know why."
"Okay. Anyway, guys, the label is not in Montreal, but this is the only label that wants us. We're giving it a try, aren't we?" I asked them
"Are you kidding me? This chance won't happen twice." Replied Seb "We're going Toronto and we'll see what happens."
"I wish you guys good luck." Said Jessie
"Guess, after all, we're already lucky `cause you decided to help us." I replied her "Thanks a lot, Jessie. If it weren't for you..."
"Pierre, as you said, I just helped you. If it weren't for you to be such a good band, it wouldn't matter that I wanted to help you out." She answered me "Congratulations, guys. Hope you can make it."

Monday came and we went to Toronto, straight to Lava. We talked to that guy named Jason Stevenson. He offered us a contract, to record our debut album and a tour. All we had to do would be stay in Toronto from Monday to Friday until we had the album recorded. We would only be allowed to go back to Montreal in the weekends once the recording process was started. Still, they would pay for our every single travel and they would allow us to take some company to the tour. Of course we accepted those conditions, we had much more things to win than to lose but before signing any contract...

"Before signing any contract, I wanted you to meet your manager." Said Mr. Stevenson "He's my son and this is going to be his very first time as the manager of a band but I hope this isn't going to be any problem. I have many years in the profession so I'll help him out if any problem happens to the band."
"That's not going to be any problem at all." Said Jeff; although I think he just said that because he was desperate to get the contract
"That's good. He's also around your age, so I guess you can even become friends." He finished that standing up and leaving us for a while, soon returning with his son "Simple Plan, I'd like to present you your manager. His name is..."
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