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Chapter 7- The Date

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Category: Fall Out Boy - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Crossover, Humor, Romance - Characters:  - Published: 2006/12/18 - Updated: 2006/12/19 - 1360 words


  • Tourbus Trauma

    (#) xImRadx 2006-12-19 07:39:15 PM

    First Review!! Woohoo! Review Virginity!


    ANYWAYS...Aww Cute! Ryan and her are cute together, but I still miss Pete, haha. Call me a bad person its okay, I know already. Jk.

    This chpater was longer! Woohoo, I didnt have to cry this time! Lol. That little girl was cute.

    (She was a shy-looking brunette, with light mocha skin with big brown eyes. She looked 12.)

    Thats like, what I look like, expect ya know, for the shy part, and the fact that im not twelve.

    GREAT chapter (As tony the tiger would say) I liked all your little authors notes haha. Yes there are still dairy queens by the way. If I was in that story, I'd so just like, pick up Brendon on re-bound. I wanna be with him...-sad-

    Well enough of my sobbing over Brendon, I luff ya like always! I'll look foward to new chapters and of course keep reviewing.

    Much luff to you!
    -Radical Kim (Or just ya know, Kim XD)

    Author's response

    hahah... i was waiting for a review on the newest one! I swear, i only saw your review on the other chapter and i thought that was for the newest one. sorry, i don't check my e-mail until long periods of time. oh, and in case you didn't know that little girl is me. except, i REALLY am not that shy,most the time. Probably if I met fricking Ryan Ross , then i would be. As for the age, i'll let you and the other ppl that read this to decide on what my age really is. I won't say. :D
    Luff back to ya!
  • Tourbus Trauma

    (#) xImRadx 2006-12-20 04:28:09 PM

    Ima guess you really are twelve...I dunno. Just a wild guess. I wish I was in a story talking to a hot guy haha...that would be so cool! Lol. -Kim isnt cool enough to be in a story and she will never be with Brendon, Kim is sad- Haha...anyways...ya I dunno how old you are but ima say either twelve or like, alot older then twelve. I'm 17 (close to eighteen, one year away from Brendon!! Lol)

    Well, much luff to you of course!
    Cant wait for a new chpater! I have got to be your biggest fan lol.
    You love it I know you do! Haha love ya Amanda!

    Author's response

    hell yes you're my biggest fan! We really have to stop talking lyk this!!! I really need to update and do my homework for the break. Can you believe our teachers gave us fucking homework to do during the break? Jeez, what a GREAT Christmas gift. Good God. Arrghh, better get to it then!
    Much love back, Kim. I will do hard to get you into the story, I swear. Any other choices in the two bands? Just tell me, I will put you two together in a second!
  • Tourbus Trauma

    (#) xImRadx 2006-12-21 12:36:19 PM

    Haha Aww Amanda! I didnt meen you had to write me into your story, I was just rambling. Lol...ya we need to stop communicating through comments. Do you have an email or a screen name? If so, Mines xImRadxxo (pretty simmilar to my user name right? lol) My email is I hope to hear from you! Also, homework and teachers to suck ass. I got a HUGE project to do over break. it for bands...I like alot of Bands...Panic! At Disco and Fall Out Boy of course! (Brendon! Lol...sorry...and Pete is a cutie to..) I also like alot of other bands...but ya. Lol so ya, message me so I dont have to keep taking up all your comments kay?

    Much luff to you of course Amanda!!

    Author's response

    Yes, please. Thank you for all the reviews, but I think it's taking up TOO much space!!! Hahaha. I will message you, thanks! I have to go now, I really need to do that chapter, so I can post it today, Christmas eve, or tomorrow, CHRISTMAS!!!

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