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Never Going To Say Good-Bye...again...

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Temari is hurt...the girl she loves wont talk to her... what will happen when they see each other again?

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama, Erotica, Fantasy, Romance - Characters: Temari - Warnings: [V] [X] [Y] - Published: 2006/12/18 - Updated: 2006/12/19 - 1328 words - Complete

I smirked as Mizukage explained to me that I would be going to Konohagakure no sato.(Village hidden in the leaf)
"Do you understand what is going on then Ai?" I nodded, not really listening.

"Yes sir I do"

"Good, then pack your things, you leave tonight, the mist shall hide you all night, and so you will make no un-needed stops" He looked into my red eyes. I stared back before turning and leaving.

"Ai, please be careful, the Sand siblings will be there, you know how much KazeKage hates the mist" The guards told me at the gate, I merrily nodded and walked out of Kirigakure no Sato (Village hidden in the Mist). My mist head band hanging loosely around my waist, bouncing slightly as I ran. The mist around me hid me from any ANBU out on missions, from other countries.

"Did you see that?" I heard one whisper, looking at the spot I was a moment ago.

"Youre paranoid" Another one mumbled. I shook my head 'No hes not' I thought.

A couple hours later, just as the sun was rising, and the mist was leaving, I arrived in Konoha, walking threw the gates, ignoring the ANBU trying to ask me my purpose there. I walked right into the hokage's office.

"Ai, I was sent by Mizukage" Tsunade looked up from her pile of paperwork.

"Your last name?" She asked with her eyebrow raised. I stared back at her, emotionless.

"None of your business." I replied. She nodded unhappily.

"Your here to make sure the Chuunin exams go correctly I am assuming" I nodded, staring at her, searching her eyes for the lie that I had just been told.

"Good, they start in 10 minutes; I suggest you go to the meeting room then? I'll come with you, and introduce you to the Jounin that are here" I just stared at her, before nodded and walking out of her office, her following closely behind me.

As we walked into the room they all sat around it, my eyes landed on Baki. He smirked, seeing me.

"Nice to see you again Ai here to see..." He was cut off by my hand making contact with the side of his face, a small growl escaping my lips.

"Actually, I am here to see if the exams run smoothly." I muttered. He smirked, knowing there was another reason.

Tsunade stared at the 2 of us for a moment before introducing me to everyone.

"This is Ai, she is here from the village hidden in the mist, show her the respect she deserves, she out ranks even me" With that Tsunade left. Everyone turned to me, mouths hung open.

"What are you starring at" I snapped. Then turned away.

When the exam was over I headed over to where Baki was meeting his team. I sighed, racking my brain as to what might happen.

"You all did well" He boomed at the Genin. I walked up beside Baki, nodding to them all. My eyes stopped on Temari, she was staring back, she didnt look to happy with me.

"Hello Temari-hime" I mumbled, my eyes shooting towards the ground. Soon a hand reached up and pushed the black hair out of my face. I looked up and came face to face with Temari. I felt a blush creeping onto my cheeks.

"I missed you" She whispered, her hot breath on my neck.

"I missed you too" I whispered back. A moment later my face was burning, slowly, I raised a hand to the right side of my face. She had slapped me. I looked at her; she had fire burning in her eyes.

"What was that for" I snapped.

"Not doing jack all about coming to visit" She yelled back. We had begun to draw a crowd.

"Its not my fault Mizukage was pilling me with missions" I mumbled back before walking away.

"Were do you think your going? I wasn't finished." She yelled at my back. I stopped, not turning around. I felt everyones eyes on me, awaiting my reply.

"Well, I dont want to hear it, meet me for tea, and then you can finish, I have had a long trip, so, I need to rest" I said and walked out of the crowd. Kankuro ran up beside me.

"She said that she would meet you at 5:00 at the sushi bar" I nodded.

"Kankuro, what is wrong with her? I am truly sorry that I never got to see her, I feel so bad, I truly hurt so much each passing day, why cant she see that?" I asked him, stopping, to hear what he had to say. He looked at me, sorrow in his eyes.

"She really loves you Ai, it hurt her that you never came to see her. She never slept for the past month, because she was crying over you. She missed you so much, it almost killed her..." He never finished. Upon hearing those words I ran, I ran fast towards the hotel I was staying at. A stray tear falling down my cheek.

Once 5:00 rolled around I pushed myself off the bed and ran towards the sushi bar. I saw Temari, standing there, looking down. I walked over to the flower store next door, buying a rose.

"Hello" I mumbled, walking up next to her. She turned and looked at me, my eyes glued to my feet.

"Why didnt you come see me?" She half yelled, causing people to begin to crowd again. I didnt answer, only passed her the rose from behind my back. I heard her gasp, causing me to bring my eyes up to her face. I saw a stray tear roll down her cheek, I raised my thumb up to wipe it away.

"Temari, I tried I really did, but Mizukage wouldn't give me anytime off. He had me on the go for a month straight. I hurt more and more each passing day, I missed you so much, I thought about you every night" I told her, a ghost of a smile on my lips. She smiled back.

"I missed you too, I guess I over reacted. I'm sorry I slapped you, I was hurt." She replied, brushing some hair out of my eyes. I smirked.

"Dinner Temari-hime?" She blushed faintly as we walked into the sushi bar. Later that night, she brought me back to the hotel that her, Gaara and Kankuro were staying in.

"Please spend the night?" She asked, giving me puppy dog eyes. I sighed, I hated those eyes, I always fell for them.

"Ok, but just for you." She smiled and opened the door. Kankuro looked up from his game of cards. He smirked as Temari wrapped her arms around my neck. I glared at him before wrapping my arms around her waist, planting an innocent kiss on her lips. She pouted as I pulled away. I smirked; this was always a fun game to play.

"What the hell? This is hot" Kankuro whispered to an attentive Gaara. I shook my head as Temari glared at them. I smirked as I began to walk Temari towards her bed, slowly kissing her wind capped lips. Soon we were lying down on her bed, making out. I could still feel Gaara and Kankuros eyes on us, but that didnt stop me.

Temari broke the kiss and move downwards. I gasped, 'is she doing what I think shes doing?' My thoughts were answered as I felt my shorts yanked off and my legs separated. I heard Kankuro gasp in shock to what was happening.

Around an hour later I was tired. I snuggled down next to Temari, wrapping her in my arms.

"Good night Temari-hime" I smiled a ghostly one.

"Good Night Ai" She kissed my lips softly, I gladly returned it.

"I love you Ai" She said before closing her eyes.

"I love you to Temari, I love you To" I replied before falling asleep.
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